Are you about starting a food truck business? If YES, here are 50 catchy creative food truck name ideas you can use for effective brand identity creation.

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We will consider what it takes to come up with a brand-able business name for your food truck.

The name you give to your business has a lot to do with the way people might perceive the kind of business you run and what they are to expect when they patronize your services. It is for this reason that you have to critically look at the choice of names that you have, when you are looking to choose a name.

Catchy Food Truck Business Name ideas

When it comes to naming your business, the rule of thumb is to follow the trend in the industry. If you are in the food truck industry, your business name should sound like a company in the industry, and not like a hotel or a retail shop. These are some of the catchy names that you can give to your food truck business;

  • On The Go Foods
  • City Wide Foods
  • Hunger Fighters
  • Neighborhood Food Truck Company
  • Mac and Mary Mobile Food Outlet

List of Popular Food Truck Names in the United States to Help you Get More ideas for your Own Name

  • Don Chow Tacos food truck
  • A Kogi Korean BBQ food truck
  • Big Gay Ice Cream Truck – New York City
  • Chef Jeremiah – Miami, Florida
  • Chi’Lantro BBQ – Texas (Austin, Fort Hood, Houston)
  • Clover Food Lab – Boston, Massachusetts
  • Coolhaus – Southern California, New York City, Austin, and Dallas
  • Template: Jersey Dogs – Los Angeles and Ventura county California
  • Don Chow Tacos – Los Angeles, California
  • Grease Trucks – Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
  • The Halal Guys – New York City
  • Honeysuckle Gelato – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Kelvin Natural Slush Co. – New York, New York
  • KIND Movement – tours the United States
  • Kogi Korean BBQ – Los Angeles, California
  • Korilla BBQ – New York City
  • Maximus/Minimus – Seattle, Washington
  • Pincho Man – Miami, Florida
  • Taco Bus – Tampa, Florida
  • The Grilled Cheese Truck – Southwest United States

Intellectual Property Protections for your Food Truck Brand

Choosing a catchy business name for your food truck is not enough, you also need to go the extra mile to protect your food truck name and business from abuse and piracy using vehicles such as trademark, tradename, copyright.

Generally, food truck businesses does not require intellectual property protections. This is so because of the nature of the business. The only case where food truck business can seek for intellectual property protection is when they have a unique recipe and they want to monopolize it. It is rare though, but food truck business owners can file for intellectual property protection when they want to protect their brand name and logo.