Do you want to know what the best small business opportunities in Adelaide, Australia are? Are you considering starting a business in Adelaide but you simply lack ideas on what business to start? If YES, then I advice you read on as this article will help solve this problem.

Business is like fraternity. Yes, I know exactly what I am saying when I say that. Business is like a secret society; some have learnt the secret, keep it to themselves and use it to their advantage. The other categories of people are those who do not belong to the fraternity.

They have not learnt the secrets, they stand on the outside and wonder how other people are able to succeed when all that they have been able to record is failure or at best, a fluctuation in performance with some records of success and some of failure. Is this you? Do you belong to the other group? Do you often wonder if perhaps other business owners have some secret ‘ingredients’ which they are not telling you about?

Then you have to belong to the ‘fraternity’. I don’t mean you should join a secret cult. What I mean is that you have to learn the secrets of success in any business you decide to engage in. You have to learn, learn and never be content with learning; that’s one of the ways to belong to the business fraternity.

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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Adelaide, AU

1. Cooking Gas Retail-: Cooking gas is an essential item in most homes in Adelaide and apart from individuals who make use of gas cookers for preparing their meals, corporate establishments like catering companies, fast food outlets, restaurants and hotels make use of cooking gas to serve their numerous customers.

This is why you stand to make a lot of profit from selling cooking gas in Adelaide. Cooking gas retail business is quite easy and affordable to start. You would just need some training on safety and of course a license from regulatory agencies.

2. Driving School-: It is illegal to drive in Adelaide without a government issued driving license. And to obtain this license, you have to undergo some driving test which of course you would have to pass before you get a license. There are a lot of people migrating into Adelaide every year who need driving licenses, a lot of young adults who just reached the legal age for driving or people who just bought their first cars and are only just learning how to drive.

All of these people need the services of an expert to put them through and teach them how to drive perfectly. The good thing about setting up a driving school is that there are no limits to the number of new clients you can get. As long as you offer good services, you would always get new clients especially through recommendations.

3. Repossession Business-: ‘Repo’ business like some would call it involves helping companies repossess items from loan defaulters.

For instance, if someone obtains a car loan or gets a rental car and refuses to meet up with his/her obligations, the company would need to reposes the vehicle back but a lot of companies would rather hire third-party companies to do the ’dirty’ work for them because most of them do not want to scare off other customers or probably because they are too busy managing their business to be running after defaulters. Whatever their reasons, you can cash in on it and start a repossession business.

4. Pet Feed Production-: Pets are lovely creatures and very good to have in the home. A lot of people in Adelaide have pets in if you walk into most grocery stores, you would find a section for pet feed and supply. Pet feed is really easy to make and there isn’t too much competition for it. It is a very viable business opportunity that I can recommend to anyone.

5. Scrap metal sales-: Scrap metals are trash to some but a goldmine to others. A lot of companies pay top dollar for recycled metals which are used to produce some other items like iron and roofing sheets.

There are two ways to start this business; it’s either you own a scrap metal depot where scrap collectors can come and sell their items to you while you sell in large quantities to the companies that need them or you become a scrap metal collector yourself. The former is capital intensive while the latter is not.

6. Online tutoring-: The internet has made some things that would rather have been deemed impossible, possible. Things like online tutoring would have been impossible 25 years ago but it is now and a lot of people are embracing it.

Students can now sit behind their computers for after-school lessons, home-work help, and project assistance among other services. When you start an online tutoring business, you would not only serve residents of Adelaide, you can serve people from all over the world.

7. Juice bar-: People are now more health conscious and instance of a bottle of soda, they would rather pick up a cup of juice. Starting a juice bar is a really good idea and a very profitable one considering the percentage of profit to sales.

8. Mobile Coffee Cart-: Many residents of Adelaide don’t joke with their morning coffee and really, not everyone has the time to make their own coffee at home or even walk down to a coffee shop. A mobile coffee cart is always a welcome experience for coffee lovers.

9. Herbal soap making-: Herbal products are becoming even more popular amongst consumers. It is believed that herbal products are safer and would prevent diseases caused by toxins such as cancer. One of the products making waves in the herbal products industry is herbal soaps. With a number of herbal ingredients, you can start your own herbal soap making business.

10. Spa Resort-: A little bit of relaxation never hurt anyone. Life can sometimes get very stressful and it’s no news that stress is bad for the body. A spa resort offers people the opportunity to relax, revitalize and recharge.