Do you love children? Do you have passion for taking care of children? Or you simply want to run a business that caters for children or kids? Then below are the top ten profitable small business ideas aimed at children.

Children are special and cute; that is why parents are always ready to pay anyone who can make their kids comfortable and happy. So, if you love children, then you can make a lot of money by starting a business that caters to them. There are many businesses aimed at children. Most of these businesses are very lucrative, and starting them requires very little money and experience.

Frankly, if you are not very passionate about kids, you may have a hard time coping with any business that caters to them. But if you really love kids, there’s no limit to the profit you can make from businesses targeted at them. Below are 10 of such businesses that are highly profitable.

Top 10 Profitable Small Business Ideas Aimed at Children or Kids

1. Day-care service

This is one of the first businesses that would come to mind when thinking of starting a children-oriented business. One nice fact about this option is that you can run it inside your own home. You will help busy mothers take care of their children, and you will get paid for doing just that.

However, you may need a license, depending on your state or country laws. And aside a room, you would need an open area where kids can play. This could be your yard or a park around you; and it goes without saying that your environment must be kept clean and safe for children.

2. Tutoring service

If you were a wiz in math or English or in some other core subject when you were in school, it may just be time to turn that knowledge into a money-spinner. You can make money by teaching students who need help in those subjects.

For every core subject, you will find students who need help. And their parents are willing to pay you to ensure that these children get good grades. So, you have huge opportunities. This business may not make you rich, but you will make some extra cash helping children with one or more of their school subjects.

3. Kids party planning service

We all know that kids love to party. And since their parents are ready to pay any amount to make them happy, you can make lots of profit organizing children’s parties; such as birthday parties, tea parties, sweet 16 parties, spa parties, holiday parties, and so on.

To start this business, you will need to hone your organizational skills and connect with caterers, rental stores, kid entertainers, and party supply stores around you. If you deliver superior services by throwing up perfect parties for your clients, word would spread very fast about your business and you will make more money, too.

4. Kids entertainment service

If more-than-countable people have told you that you are a darn funny clown, then you can make some money off of that talent. Can you make kids laugh? Can you play tricks that will amuse them? Can you make them happy for hours? If you gave a “yes” answer to each of these questions, then this business is really for you.

To get yourself into business, try to hook up with party planners, schools, and daycare centers. If you are really able to put up great shows as a clown, acrobat, magician, or mascot, you will have a blast while making a decent living.

5. Kids’ clothing sales

If a bell rings in you when you hear names like Baby Naartjie, Lulu, Baby Gassy Gooma, and Chicken Noodle, chances are that you are into kids clothing or you know much about the business. A good way to make money is to resell gently used baby and kids’ clothing. This business is very lucrative, and it requires very little capital. You can sell to customers both offline and online (through Ebay and Craigslist).

6. Toy kiosk

Selling children’s toys is another profitable business that caters to children. You can make a living selling toys and games in a small kiosk to kids and parents passing by. Better yet, you can sell toys at children fairs and events. You may choose to specialize in a single toy, such as Styrofoam gliders or teddy bears, or you may offer a wide variety of toys and games, from tiny remote control cars to educational lines.

7. Kids taxi service

Children engage in many activities; such as learning at school, playing soccer, cheerleading, dancing, and taking vocational lessons. This only casts a huge burden on parents; bringing their kids to and from these activities every day. You can make a living helping such parents by offering a kid’s taxi service for their kids.

To start this business, you will need a van, and you will need to get a license. You must also be very comfortable with children. If you can meet all these requirements, then you have a large market to cater to.

8. Amusement rentals

Can you remember those inflatable slides, bounce houses, and castles you see at children fairs and festivals, and kids’ parties? You can start a great rental business that offers those items. You can even add a cotton candy machine, dunk booth, or hotdog cart to your rental repertoire and you have got a bigger business; and all you have to do is deliver and pick up.

Another moneymaking opportunity lies in sticking around as an attendant.  This business is easy to start because most of these pieces are not that expensive. And unless you have very many of them, all these items will fit in your garage.

9. Instructional classes

Kids are always excited whenever they have the chance to learn new things. And because they have strong brains, they learn new things pretty quickly. There are many skills and vocations that children can learn.

Examples include cooking, painting, craft, scrapbook, swimming, cheerleading, dancing, martial arts, and so on. If you have a knack for any of these, then you can turn that into real business.

10. Snacks

We all know it. Children love to have something popping in their mouths all the time. And this explains why they are always demanding for candies, cookies, chocolates, and other snacks. You can make a lot of profit by starting a business that makes or sells children’s snacks.