Americans—like the rest of the world—are going more mobile than ever, which explains why almost everyone now prefers doing about anything on the move. From simple calculations to monitoring business operations, people now want to achieve anything with their smartphones and tablets.

Mobile devices make people’s life better due to the various applications they can run. There are now hundreds of thousands of apps for various purposes that people can easily install on their smartphones and tablets. This huge demand for apps has turned app development into big business.

In fact, the mobile app industry in the united states is presently worth several billions of dollars. If you are a programmer looking to develop your own app or an entrepreneur looking to invest in an app idea, here are 10 hot app ideas that are suitable for the US market.

10 Best Hot-in-demand App Business ideas for the US Market

1. Weight loss diet recipes

With a significant fraction of the United States population looking to shed excess weight, there is huge demand for recipes for various weight loss diets—vegetarian, paleo, etc. And Americans are ready to download any information available online that offers this information—even if that means dropping some bucks.

So, you can develop a mobile app loaded with hundreds of weight loss diet recipes. You can either include recipes for all the popular types of weight loss diets or focus on just one diet.

2. Cheap travel deals

Millions of Americans travel by air every week for purposes such as business, conferences, vacation tourism, and so on. And most air travelers are always looking to save some cash by opting for low-cost flights. However, finding these flights is usually cumbersome and difficult for most Americans. A mobile app that aggregates the best flight deals available over all airline operators in the United States will be much coveted by air travelers in the country.

3. Gift ideas

People exchange gifts with their loved ones on special occasions and holidays–weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and so on. However, many Americans feel completely at sea when it comes to coming up with gift ideas. So, a mobile app that offers hundreds of unique gift ideas for various occasions and holidays will most likely go viral and fetch huge profits in the long term.

4. Jokes

We all like jokes because they keep us refreshed and make us forget our worries—at least for the mean time. This explains why funny cartoons, funny TV shows, funny newspaper columns, and joke websites/blogs enjoy massive followership. An app that shares unique and rib-cracking jokes will equally attract massive followership.

5. Symptom checker

Americans are becoming more and more health aware. Even before most patients report at the doctor’s office, they would have conducted some research into the symptoms they are experiencing to have an idea what their problem is. A great idea for a mobile app is a symptom checker.

The app will ask the patient for the symptoms they are feeling and then suggest likely diagnoses. While such an app will not replace the need for professional medical attention, it will keep patients informed about their health.

6. Home remedies

Due to the effects of drugs and other solutions offered by orthodox medicine, more and more Americans are now turning towards alternative therapy, which uses less harmful natural medications to treat ailments and diseases. However, many people get stuck when it comes to knowing what natural remedy cures what. So, a mobile app that lists ailments and their natural remedies will be widely accepted in the United States.

7. Debt management assistant

Virtually every household in the United States has at least one member who has piled up some debt. This explains why millions of Americans will greatly appreciate a mobile app that helps them monitor their expenses and income and offers them proven tips on how to reduce and pay off their debts.

8. Adventure games

Chances are that you have heard about or even played games like Temple Run and Clash of Clans. Both games and many other adventure games have raked in millions of dollars for their developers. And this is because Americans are crazy about adventure games—interesting and challenging ones. If you can brainstorm for ideas for adventure games, you can be on your way to creating the next widely played adventure game.

9. Book collections

Americans love it when they can have books by the favorite authors or books in their field of interest in one place. A good way to compile books this way is to develop mobile apps for that. So, medical students can be able to download and use a “medical books library” app, and lovers of James Hadley Chase’s books will be able to have all the books together on one app.

10 Hot-in-demand App Ideas for the Nigerian Market

As with people in other parts of the world, Nigerians are going more and more mobile; they want to be able to do virtually everything while on the move. This explains why smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices that run fascinating apps are now in huge demand, not only in Nigeria but also other African countries.

Because Nigerians are sure to massively download any mobile app that promises to simplify any complex or strenuous task, the mobile app industry in the country is booming, leaving a huge wealth of opportunities for programmers and investors who are into app development.

Whether you are a programmer or an entrepreneur looking to invest in a lucrative app idea that will appeal to the Nigerian market or any other African country, here are 10 cool ideas you should consider:

a. News aggregator

Nigerians are always searching the web for latest news and reports on happenings in the country. This explains why websites like,, and others attract massive traffic. To keep abreast of the latest news, most people visit these websites one after the other.

However, with an app that aggregates the latest news across all major news websites in Nigeria, people will no longer have to joggle between multiple news websites. Rather, they can read all the news in one resource, making things much easier for them.

b. Celebrity gist/entertainment news aggregator

More than half of Nigerian internet users follow happenings in the entertainment industry closely by frequently visiting celebrity news websites and blogs. Little wonder, blogs like Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, YNaija, and 360 Nobs are among the most visited Nigerian blogs.

A smart idea is to come up with an app that aggregates latest celebrity gist and other entertainment news from all these blogs. Such an app will spare Nigerians from having to visit one blog after the other.

c. Free calls and SMS

Nigerians love to get things for free—no matter how cheap those things ordinarily cost. Since millions of calls and SMS messages are exchanged within the country on a daily basis, chances are there will be widespread acceptance of a mobile app that allows calls and SMS to be made over the internet at no cost except for internet data, which most Nigerian telecom operators now give out free.

d. Traffic report

In certain parts of Nigeria, people face the problem of heavy traffic on a daily basis. Lagos, Abuja, and other metropolitan cities in the countries are particularly notorious for this. People living in these areas will greatly appreciate a mobile app that will “leak” traffic updates. This app will help them save a lot of time by avoiding heavy traffic routes.

e. Job vacancy aggregator

Nigeria abounds with unemployed graduates. And this explains why websites and blogs that display information about latest job vacancies in the country attract massive traffic. To ensure that they don’t miss out on any opportunities, most Nigerian job seekers joggle between multiple job vacancy websites.

However, things will be made much easier for them by a mobile app that aggregates latest job vacancies from these websites. So, job seekers won’t have to scour on website after another.

f. Property finder

From apartments and office space for lease to land and houses for sale, there is constant demand in Nigeria for various types of property. Finding property within a desired location is one of the commonest difficulties Nigerian have when they need property. This explains why a mobile app that shares information about property available for sale or lease in various locations in the country will most likely go viral.

g. Jokes

Nigerians love reading jokes, as it keeps them refreshed. However, there are very few Nigerian jokes blogs. This opens a door of opportunities for a mobile app that shares rib-cracking jokes with Nigerians on a daily basis.

h. Best deals

People like to get things for cheap when they have the opportunity. Nigerians are no exception; they always want to save as much as possible on their purchases without compromising quality. This is true regardless of the product or service they want to buy. So, a mobile app that reveals current promos, bonuses, discounts, and limited-time offers will be greatly appreciated by Nigerians.

i. Funds transfer

With the annoying queues seen in most Nigerian banks these days, Nigerians are in dire need of solutions that will help them transfer funds right from the comfort of their homes and without having to wait for hours. A mobile app that offers this advantage will surely go viral in Nigeria.

Ajaero Tony Martins