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50 Best Business ideas You Can Start in Australia

Do you want to start a business in Australia? If YES, here are 50 best most profitable small business ideas & investment opportunities in Australia. There are loads of facts and figures that make Australia exciting.

Since it’s a tourist centre, it is not surprising that people throng the states to do one form of business or the other there. This is because of the human and capital resources that the country possesses. As there are a lot of opportunities, the security of lives and properties are guaranteed and even though the population is not much, there are a lot of untapped potentials therein.

The tourism aspect of the country is also a sight to behold, and definitely doing business here cannot be compared with doing business in some other countries. Here are some very lucrative business ideas to look at;

Best Small Business ideas and Opportunities in Australia

  1. Online Business

The World Wide Web has grown into a huge market and it is continuously growing especially in this century that we are in. Therefore for families who have a love for website/graphic designing or any skill whatsoever, then it’s time to get your family online because this can prove to be a rewarding venture.

With just a small capital, a little space at home, a good plan and careful delegation of duties among family members; the business will indeed soar than ever envisaged.

  1. Rental Business

A rental business is easy to start and does not require you to continuously create/purchase and sell products. You can choose to rent out anything from vehicles, equipment and camping gear to party supplies, instruments and photo booths for events.

When running this type of business with your family, it’s important to establish roles and dedicate someone to manage all the office and administrative tasks, a different person to handle the marketing, and someone else to deal with your customers face-to-face and drop the rentals off to them.

  1. Catering Business

Is your family full of great cooks? You may want to start a catering business together. Each person can offer something special and tasty to create a dynamic and diverse menu to offer clients.

Operating a catering business with your family has its’ perks because you know their abilities and what their strengths and weaknesses are in the kitchen. Even if some family members don’t want to actively participate in the business, they can invest in it and act as a silent partner to help get things of the ground.

  1. Specialty Service Business

If your family has always specialized in a particular trade or service, instead of simply working in that field you can try to start your own business together. There are tons of family-owned handyman, construction, auto-repair and landscape businesses and room for plenty more. Customers are more likely to purchase products and services from local family-owned businesses because they are usually more authentic.

  1. Brick and Mortar Business

Buying and selling various different items at a physical store location has worked out well for some families. There are so many diverse duties involved with running a brick and mortar business that each of your family members can play an important role in making sure everything runs smoothly.

Running a storefront comes with lots of responsibilities like choosing an ideal location, maintaining and securing the property, and earning enough profit to pay all the bills.

  1. Restaurant Business

Running a restaurant with your family is quite different from running a catering business. There’s so much time, money and effort that goes into running a restaurant compared to many of the others types of businesses but if it’s your dream you shouldn’t let the challenge derail you from pursuing this type of business.

  1. Food Retail

One of the top family business ideas has to do with food, because food is very important and everybody eats no matter how dire the economic situation is. This is one of the top-notch business ideas that have lesser risk of going wrong. Also, several successful food businesses run by family members are moving fine without any hitch.

  1. Cleaning Business

The laundry business as it is called is another money spinner and good business idea that a family can venture into. Though this kind of business may not be exactly glamorous but it is undeniable that there’s definitely money in the industry.

  • Tutorial Centre

Tutoring is simply all about teaching or sharing your knowledge with an individual or group of individuals. Thus, a tutoring business is simply the act of sharing your knowledge in return for a fee or profit. To start a tutoring business, one prerequisite you must possess is passion.

  1. Event Planning

Event planning is simply the process of researching, planning and ensuring the smooth organization or flow of an event. The process of a full scale event planning and management service include: Conducting initial research, Creating an event design and concept, Finding a good location, Making arrangement for food from caterers, Doing the interior décor, Organizing the entertainment needs, Sending invitations to attendees etc.

  1. Network Marketing

Taking advantage of the internet popularity, you can also consider network marketing as part of the top family business ideas. You can put your tech, sales and marketing skills to practice and operate online. In fact, network marketing is the perfect family business because you tend to work together as a family, grow together and the entry barrier is very low, as it even creates more bond, and the dissemination of ideas among members of a family.

  1. Livestock farming

Livestock farming or animal husbandry is simply the process of breeding animals for consumption purpose. But in this article, we will be looking at the profit or business side of livestock farming. It is a known fact that as long as humans exist, there will always be need for food and the two major sources of food for mankind are crops and animals.

  1. Computer design services

In this age and time, people are always in need of services especially on a computer. These services includes but not limited to printing, photocopying, laminating, graphics designing etc. Thus, a family can specialise in this type of business and offer these services to clients for a fee. The return from this type of business especially if it is run by a family is very high.

  1. Biscuit/sweet making

Homemade biscuits and confectionery can be a great seller, this is because it tends to be more nutritious and is well prepared than the ones made in a factory. A family good in this type of making, can turn their home into one, Bake and package them well, and try reselling through a local gift shop. In fact People in your social network may buy batches for special occasions too.

  1. Cake making/decorating

People, clubs, organisations, clique of friends etc. are usually in need of cakes especially for special occasions and events. The making/decoration of cakes is indeed the business for this period.

As a family, with members who are very good in this type of business, you can set up a cake making business that will be operated by members of the family. This business though might be looked down upon by many families, but it is indeed a business that should be considered when looking for a family business.

  1. Child Care

Though it sounds strange, but it’s a business that a family can venture into. There’s great potential to earn extra money from looking after kids, but you’ll need to adore children (not just your own), have boundless energy and patience and in many cases must satisfy some criteria.

  1. Computer repair/troubleshooting

In this century, many persons are mostly in need of repairs/troubleshooting for their computers/laptops. A family understanding this need can set up a computer repair/troubleshooting centre. This service and many more can be offered to many people who still find computers complicated to maintain and terrifying if they go wrong.

  1. Dog grooming

Dog grooming refers to both the hygienic care and cleaning of a dog, as well as a process by which a dog’s physical appearance is enhanced for showing or other types of competition. This is a very vital part of the healthiness and wellbeing of a dog which increases its lifespan.

  1. Veterinary care

This career idea is hinged on the basis of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in non-human animals. The scope of veterinary medicine is wide, covering all animal species, both domesticated, and wild, with a wide range of conditions which can affect different species especially the pets.

  1. Dog Walking

This is both a pastime and a profession involving the act of a person walking with a dog, typically from the dog’s residence and then returning. This constitutes part of the daily exercise regime needed to keep a dog healthy. It also provides exercise and companionship for the walker.

  1. Pet Groomer

This is an evolving career idea in the pet industry, which ensures that its practitioners and professionals groom pets especially dogs on their day-day lives and activities. This involves teaching the pet all that it is supposed to know from eating, drinking, playing, socialising etc.

  1. Pet Care Blogger-:  In this era of computer age and technological developments; many pet owners are in constant need of information, guidance and training on how best they can take good care of their pets.
  1. Pet Insurance

Pet insurance pays, partly or in total, for veterinary treatment of the insured person’s ill or injured pet. Some policies will pay out when the pet dies, or if the pet is lost or stolen. As veterinary medicine is increasingly employing expensive medical techniques and drugs, and owners have higher expectations for their pets’ health care and standard of living than previously, the market for pet insurance has increased.

  1. Canine Behaviour Counsellor

This is one career path where a strong love for canines is a necessary prerequisite. Because, you’ll be spending much of your day interacting with dogs of all shapes and sizes, and many of them with very challenging behavioural problems such as biting, incessant barking, inability to be potty trained, etc. If dogs could speak, it could make it a lot easier to diagnose what’s bothering them.

  1. Feline Behaviour Counsellor

It’s an entirely great idea in the pet industry whereby the counsellor is concerned about cats and their behaviours. Basically this is a career field where a love for felines is a primary prerequisite. Many “cat counsellors” feel like they have the best job they could ever find, as they get to spend their days interacting with cats of all types.

  1. Dog Breeding

With so many breeds of dogs, and many breeding lines that can produce a wide variety of traits within those lines, professional dog breeding is a complex and inexact science. It’s not a simple as paring up two purebred dogs of opposite sex and the same breed and letting nature take its course

  1. Dog Trainer

It is a fact that without some basic training, most dogs are just plain and hard to live with. And without the help of professional trainers, many dog owners simply don’t have the skills or knowledge to manage their dogs. These Trainers teach tricks, family manners, show-ring exercises, and various skills.

  1. Pet Photography

Too many people, their pets are members of the family, and so they want to have photographs of them just like any other family member. And to others they want a memento of their beloved pet once the animal passes away, this is due to the fact that animals just don’t live as long as people, and so they’re often here and gone before you know it

  1. Mobile Petting Zoo

This is a new idea in the pet industry zoo, and as the name implies it is a zoo that’s mobile from one place to the other, and it contains pets only. It is specifically meant for kids it gives kids a memorable, fun, and educational experience for birthday parties, company picnics, school events, graduations, photo shoots, or any events where you want to entertain and excite children.

  1. Dog-show career

It is a fact that once in a while, pet owners especially dog owners usually want to display their dogs for people to see. A career in dog-showing ensures that the professional organises these shows in cities, towns etc. and also ensure that participants conform to the rules and regulations of the game. This career idea is nice especially with the fact that many persons are patronising dogs these days.

  1. Pet boarding service

Pet Just as the name implies, pet boarding service is a type of service in which the professionals in the career take care of the pets in their boarding facilities. They take full care of the pets and transfer them to the owners or “would-be” owners of the pets when ready. This service is a very nice career idea and the professionals will be better off for it.

  1. Ostrich dude ranch career

These professionals in this career, are typically who are in-charge of taking care of ostriches in the ranch. This career path ensures that the professional takes good care of the ostriches in the ranch. This is a career path that can be explored because of the opportunities inherent in it.

  1. Security dogs training service

Many families opt to use their pets especially the dogs for security purposes. Dogs for this purpose need specialised training. Thus, a career in security dogs training ensures that the dogs are well groomed and trained on how to detect, secure, and protect the families from intruders. This career is apt in this era as many families, homes and even companies need security dogs.

  1. Dog Obedience Training service-: Dogs which are one of the most popular pets in the world need training on obedience. This is because without obedience, the dogs will misbehave and might even harm the owners too.
  1. Welder

Welding is an aspect that cannot be left unattended to in the oil and gas industry, in fact this can gulp up the bulk of more than half of what is been done in the industry. Thus, a welder Cuts, shapes and joins sections of metal, alloys or other materials using specialist welding methods.

  1. Commercial Manager

Every industry has a commercial team, likewise the oil and gas industry is also not an exception in this regard. Therefore, the commercial manager in this industry manages the Commercial Team and plans, develops and implements the Company’s commercial plans for commercial and business development activities.

  1. Customer Service

“Customers are always right”, it is said, and the ultimate goal of any industry or company is the satisfaction of its teeming customers. This is because without the customers, the industry or company will cease to exist. Therefore a career in the customer service aspect ensures the provision of a timely support to customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the product or service and ensures that any complaints and queries are dealt with promptly.

  1. Publication of oil and gas magazines

There are several careers that an entrepreneur can launch in the value chain of oil and gas industry and one of them is to start publishing oil and gas magazines. Information is key in any industry and all you need to do to be able to gain ground with this type of career is to ensure that you have relevant contents in your magazine per time.

  1. Production of Lubricants

Another highly regarded, profitable and thriving career or business in the oil and gas business value chain that an entrepreneur who is looking to start a business should consider starting is a lubricant production company. There is a large market for lubricants products and it is a business that is open to entrepreneurs who are ready to compete in the industry.

  1. Servicing of Gas Plants

If you are an accredited investor or even a non-accredited investor, wishing to have a career in this aspect, you can organize group of friends that have the financial muscles to join you in starting a Gas Plant Servicing Company. Most big companies that are involved in the exploration and production of natural gas usually contract some of the jobs that they consider as not the core of their operations to servicing firms.

  1. Natural Gas marketing

Over time, natural gas marketers have become an important component in this industry because of the role they play between natural gas producers and the available market for natural gas. They could serve as the middle man between the producer and the direct end users or between the producers and retailers or other distribution companies.

  1. Auditor

This career perspective in the oil and gas industry provides the professional the responsibility for auditing compliance against well-defined company or industry standards in either technical/ engineering/ health and safety. The standards may relate to process, competence or information recording for example.

  1. Chef

Yes, in any industry and most especially in the oil and gas industry, cooking is a prominent aspect that cannot be left unattended to. Therefore, this is a career in the industry too, as the chef ensures that he/she provides a quality catering service, usually on an offshore installation, or may be based in a plant or corporate headquarters of the industry.

  1. Crane Operator

In an oil and gas industry, the crane is one of the equipment that is mostly used. These professionals lift and transport heavy materials using mobile, tower or overhead cranes. In the oil and gas industry, they Operates pedestal cranes mainly for offshore purposes while also not leaving behind onshore purposes in yards, marine bases, etc.

  1. Diver

In the oil and gas industry, it is also true that the professionals do not work on land alone. Therefore, whenever they are working onshore, the importance of the divers now come into play, as divers typically carry out a variety of subsea tasks and responsibilities including welding or carrying out inspections.

  1. Health and Safety Advisor

Working in the oil and gas industry is not only risky, but involves a lot of health hazards. Therefore, the health and well-being of professionals cannot be joked with, for this reason, the health and safety advisor not only advise workers on field about what they should do best, but also provide advice and guidance to the Company to help prevent accidents, injuries and health issues in the workplace and promote safe working practices on and offshore.

  1. Marine Engineer

Engineering is one of the careers that is mostly associated with the oil and gas industry. Marine engineering is in fact more prominent and important, as they are responsible for operating the propulsion plants and support systems on board crews, passengers and cargo vessels. These professionals are so critical and important in the oil and gas industry especially for onshore purposes.

  1. Materials Controller

The oil and gas industry gulps a lot of materials. In the sense that due to the nature of the industry, there are lots of materials that are usually utilised before/during/after operations. Therefore, the materials controller in the industry takes care of that and ensures that all materials that are used before the operations are properly put in place, and even after operations.

  1. Legal Services-: As a lawyer, if you are looking towards looking having a career in any country, then one of your best options in Australia as you can specialize in any field and you will thrive there.
  1. Online trading

The world today is a global village, and it is now easy to trade online (i.e. buying and selling). A family can venture into this type of business and trade their stocks on offer to people on an online platform. Sites such as eBay and Amazon make it easy for people to dabble in e-commerce.

If you start to sell other goods, focus on things you can get hold of easily, or are passionate about. And have an eye on the Christmas market: think about what will be selling well in a few months’ time. This is also a business idea for families to dabble into.