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How to Get Australian Visa from UAE in 6 Steps

If you intend to move to Australia from UAE, note that it is indeed a valid decision especially since Australia is a wonderful place to live and work. Australia is known to welcome thousands of skilled professionals from different countries who intend to start a new career and life in the country.

The country offers a perfectly organized immigration system and visa categories, a reliable economy, a stable political system, high standards of living, and well-defined rights and social security benefits. Australia is very beautiful in every ramification. They are known to serve some of the best seafood and wines to attract foodies and connoisseurs.

Although a good part of the population can be found on the East Coast, the country boasts of a wide array of landscapes and personalities that will warm your heart. Applying for an Australian visa can be a tasking process, and there is a possibility to qualify for an on-arrival visa, but this will depend on your country of origin.

If your passport originates from certain countries, then you may not apply for a visa. But if you are a UAE national or from a country that is not eligible for an on-arrival visa, then you have to apply for pre-arrival visa. Once you apply, the Australian authorities will notify you in writing (email or post) whether you’ve received a visa or not.

Steps to Apply for an Australian Visa from UAE

There are steps to apply for a pre-arrival visa to Australia from UAE. These steps include;

  1. Select the Visa Type

There are several Australian visa types available for anyone seeking to apply from UAE. These will mostly vary on the reason for your visit, but they most often include:

  • Tourism: This type of visa is for tourists who intend to visit Australia from UAE for leisure purposes. It is also suitable for individuals visiting family or friends residing in Australia.
  • Business: This visa is meant for entrepreneurs, investors, and businessmen who intend to visit Australia from UAE for business purposes.
  • Airport transit: This is meant for travelers having a layover or transit in Australia en route to the final destination.
  • Cultural/ Sport/ researching: these visas are for sports persons, researchers, or individuals who intend to visit Australia for sports events or some type of research.
  • Study and training visas. This category includes visas for international students, trainees, as well as parents or guardians of underage international students
  • Work visas. These types of visas allow the holder to work in Australia legally.
  1. Sign up for an ImmiAccount

Note that you will be expected to open an individual online account at the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs (ImmiAccount). This account is free of charge and all you have to do is fill in your personal information, set up a password, and confirm your account via email.

According to reports, this online service helps you manage your application, attach your documents and follow the reviewing process for your visa. Aside from this online service, you can choose to leverage other options that include:

  • A migration agent
  • From an organization
  • From a sponsoring company.
  1. Fill out the Application Form

Once you are done with creating the account, you will receive a confirmation via email. You will be asked to click on the link and follow the instructions. Ensure to provide all the information noted on the form. If you can’t fill out the form, you can always save it for later. You mustn’t submit it until the form is filled out.

  1. Attach Supporting Documents/Requirements

While this will mostly depend on the case of each applicant, supporting documents you may need to apply for an Australian visa from the UAE include;

  • Original Passport: Issued within 10 years having a minimum of 2 blank pages and a minimum validity period of 6 months from the expected date of return.
  • UAE Residence visa: Having 3 months validity from the date of expected return (for expatriates residing in the UAE)
  • 2 passport-size photographs: With white background (not older than six months)
  • Valid Emirates ID: Original and a copy
  • 6 months bank statement: Original or stamped by the bank
  • Confirmed hotel reservation (depending on visa type)
  • Confirmed air ticket, Including return ticket (depending on visa type)
  • Travel insurance: For the duration of stay in Australia
  • Original NOC letter: This letter is from a company and it outlines the applicant’s designation, monthly salary, the employment start date of employment, and that the company has no objection to the travel. Also, note that this letter will have to be stamped with the company seal on the company letterhead.
  1. Pay the Application Fee

Have in mind that the cost of an Australian visa will most often vary based on the applicant’s age and the type of visa you intend to apply for. This visa fee is a must and will not be refunded under any conditions, even if your visa has been rejected by the embassy. Coupled with the visa fee, working with an agent will warrant an additional service fee for their assistance and thus may take your total cost to AED 800.

  1. Submit Yourself For Biometrics

After the payment, you will get an email instructing you to submit yourself to the nearest Visa Centre to provide your personal identifiers (biometrics). While there is no interview for applicants from UAE, it is recommended you dress well and look presentable to leave a good impression because at this stage your visa is still pending approval. The location of the Australian embassy/consulate in UAE is;

Australian Visa Application Centre

Wafi Mall, 3rd Floor

Falcon, Phase 2

Umm Hurair 2

Dubai, U.A.E.

At this point, you will just have to wait for the approval notice to land in the email, and no further action is required at this stage. Note that they will not send you any updates and it might take a few days or even weeks before you get a reply to your application. According to reports, 75% of applications are processed in 17 days for short nationalities. 90% of applications are processed in 29 days for long nationalities.


Indeed Australia is very beautiful in every ramification; however, the visa application process can be quite tasking. If you choose to apply for a visa in Australia from UAE through a reliable and efficient Australia Immigration Consultant, your chances of succeeding will be high. However, ensure to only work with a registered and well-known Visa Consultancy Company when looking to move to Australia from UAE.