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7 Pest Control Franchise Opportunities in Australia and Their Cost

Pest control franchises are becoming more popular in recent years as they are considered a safe and relatively cheap franchise to start up. Owing to the current expectations of safety and cleanliness rising each year, it may come as no surprise that demand for pest control services has also increased.

Indeed choosing to start a franchise has its own benefits. A pest control franchisee can feel safe that overall demand for services in their market will continue to be strong for the foreseeable future, no matter the economic performance of the country.

This is because pests do not care about how well a country is doing, they only want to thrive and reproduce and if given the opportunity, they can achieve this. Pest will always be something that businesses and home owners need to remove from their property as it can cause an infestation.

Infestations at a place of work will mean expensive pest control bills, potential loss of operational time and negative brand confidence if it goes public. In homes, an infestation will lead to safety concerns for your family and again expensive pest control bills.

Buying into a pest control franchise requires considerably less investment than a lot of other franchise sectors due to the requirements needed to set up a new franchise. You don’t need a fixed premise, large costly equipment or a large number of experienced or skilled employees.

Also note that you can get started with your own van which you can take around as your portable place of work, servicing people by yourself. The fact that it’s a low investment cost franchise to start up means it can appeal to more people and that you can also expect to see profits sooner.

Pest control is essential even in places you might consider as too clean to harbor such pests. If you choose to invest in this industry, here are top franchises to consider.

  1. The Local Guys – $44,950

Have it in mind that becoming a Local Guys Franchise Partner will allow you to create a more flexible and balanced lifestyle. You are your own boss and you can work from home when you are not physically out at jobs. You will be provided with all the equipment that will enable you to get up and running, including personal business cards, marketing materials & full sign writing on your vehicle, plus any of the equipment required to perform the work in whichever division you choose.

On top of all of this, included in the initial fee is all the training that you require as well. This course will give you all the information you need to understand and operate your business to ensure success.


  • Franchise Investment: $44,950
  1. Safe Pest Management – $26,950 + GST

Note that by joining the Safe Pest Management team, you will have the opportunity to build a highly successful business with plenty of room for your career to grow and develop. A Safe Pest Management franchise comes with full training and licensing. Each franchise is a complete package opportunity including initial equipment and chemicals.

With users now on social media and online platforms more than ever, Safe Pest Management utilises this area as an important marketing and brand awareness tool to boost the exposure of its network. All Safe Pest Management franchisees are provided with individual WebPages for their area and Facebook pages to allow them to reach clients quickly and efficiently to grow their customer base.


  • Franchise Investment: $26,950 + GST
  1. Pest Control Australia

Pest Control Australia is a team of professionals dedicated to providing each customer with an unparalleled level of service. Note that with an emphasis on quality and safety, they provide strong leadership and a steadfast commitment to excellent service.

Pest Control Australia takes pride in the reliability and capability of all service professionals and strives to establish a supportive and safe working environment. With a strong culture of ensuring improvement through innovation and review, this allows them to grow with the times and continuously make internal enhancements that guarantee customers get the best pest control services Australia can offer.


  • Not available
  1. Fantastic Pest Control – from $10,300

This chain offers you a franchise business opportunity with minimum risk of investment. From day one, you will experience their innovative approach to franchising by being introduced to easy-to-use business management software systems and applications, which will allow you to operate your enterprise from anywhere.

They will also give you the tools to expand and grow your pest control franchise business, build your own team and enjoy the flexibility of creating a weekly schedule that suits your personal circumstances and turnover targets.

Also note that the company specialises in rodent control (mice and rats), termite treatment, insect extermination, bird control and proofing, as well as possum removal services. And when you invest in the franchise, you will have the option to specialize and provide any of the services from their range, depending on your equipment and qualifications.


  • Franchise Investment: from $10,300
  1. Jim’s Termite & Pest Control – $30,000

Jim’s Group is a very strong and powerful brand and in 2011 Jim’s moved into the Pest Control Industry. Currently, they are now regarded as a leader in this field with their training and support of franchisee businesses being highly regarded. They currently offer opportunities in every state of Australia.

Unlike other franchises systems, a Jim’s Termite & Pest Control franchise means you will have access to your Regional Franchisor, 7 days a week. These Franchisors are very experienced Pest Controllers and will be able to give you the back up and support you need to help you in the day to day running of your Business.

Jim’s Termite & Pest Control also has experts in the field continually working on marketing, websites and SEO to generate work for franchisees and send tens of thousands of dollars on this monthly, but the franchisees simply pay a small fixed monthly advertising fee.


  • Franchise Investment: $30,000
  1. Hitman – $30,000

Hitman franchises are definitely unique. The big difference between Hitman and other franchises is that the bulk of the clients are sourced by head office. It simply means that the onus is not on you to find work. However, if you do source your own clients your income will be substantially higher.

A Hitman franchise is also seasonal which is great for anyone who likes to work hard for 9 months of the year and take it easy for 3 months. Hitman’s expertise is not only in the treatment of pests but also in its ability to acquire clients and retain them. Donna Ross-Teigan co-founder of Hitman with her husband Niels has an extensive background in marketing which has been extremely beneficial to Hitman and its franchisees.

All Hitman franchisees earn in excess of $95,000 net of expenses in their first year assuming they do all work allocated to them. Hitman’s retention rate of clients is 80% which means that the bulk of clients is retained by the office and reallocated to the franchisee.


  • Franchise Investment: $30,000
  1. Creepy Crawly Pest Control – $30,000

This is a large family-run Australian Owned Pest Control Company that operates in Queensland and New South Wales. They offer pest control services for commercial and residential clients ranging from Insect/Pest and rodent Control to Preconstruction termite barriers and Pre-purchase termite inspections/ and Existing Building Termite Control.


  • Franchise Investment: $30,000

The Australian pest control franchise market has been doing well because of several influencing factors, some of which cannot be blamed on anything more than a natural human trend. Most times, the rise of pests is because humans create an environment for which they can prosper.

It also means that the natural human trend of population growth will directly influence the amount of trash and therefore the number of rats we see. You can leverage any of the franchises above to join this ever growing industry.