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How to Set Up a Market Stall Selling Clothes in Australia

Starting a market stall is often the very first route to self-employment that a good number of people take. Sampling goods and selling at markets is also a way to test the viability of your products, and see if there’s a substantial demand and opportunity to make money from the product.

A market stall is a booth or stalls where people can sample goods for sale. These goods may include artisan produce, food, antiques, clothes, and much more. A good number of these markets are permanent fixtures. Also note that there are open-air markets, farmers’ markets, street markets, and even car-boot sales.

Have it in mind that no two markets are the same, therefore before you start selling, take your time to note their trading requirements, stall fees, and eligibility criteria. One primary benefit of these markets is that if you don’t get a lot of buyers, you may not be committed to an ongoing expense.

Most often, you only pay a stallholder’s fee on the days you show up, not on an ongoing basis. While you might be expected to obtain a permit for car boot sales and swap meet style markets, it is unlikely you will need a permit to sell things. Casual stallholders are almost always welcome at the markets.

Steps to Set Up a Market Stall Selling Clothes in Australia

Before you start thinking that setting up market stalls is easy, have it in mind that if you get it wrong and the audience is not the one you wished for, you can end up standing around for hours without making any sales.

  1. Understand Your Motives

Right before you start investing in knowing your customer, it is imperative you first know yourself. What are you looking to achieve with this market stall? Are you just seeking ways to earn some side income, or do you see it as an opportunity to launch your brand into the world? Note that your answer will more or less determine whether a neighborhood market would meet your needs, or a bigger, more amply designed fair.

  1. Research Your Market

After you must have noted what your intentions and visions are, the next step is to work out whether the audience is the right fit for your brand. Before you can be successful selling clothes from a market stall, you need to ensure that visitors to the market are of the right age, demographic, shared interests, and most importantly be willing to spend.

In addition, you will need to look at market locations and decide from where you are based: How far you are willing to travel? Which day/s of the week suits you best and the costs of travel to and from a market location?

  1. Choose what to Sell

Once you have decided to set up a market stall and have chosen your preferred market, the next step is to decide what you’re going to sell. If you do not intend to sell secondhand clothes from your wardrobe, then you may have to find the right suppliers and this is genuinely one of the hardest parts of starting a stall.

Have it in mind that your success as a trader will depend on the product line you select, therefore it is imperative you find a product line that has not been over-exposed in your particular market.

  1. Secure Your Stall

After you must have decided on what you’re going to sell and you’ve sourced the products, you need to get your hands on a market stall. A good number of markets supply stalls but not all. Since you intend on selling clothing, you will prefer a walk-in stall that allows you to put up dress rails. When starting, you should go for a secondhand stall, however, be sure that whatever you buy would last and not fall apart as soon as you put it up.

  1. Acquire the Necessary Kit

If you have been to a market stall before, you will likely see a vast range of tools, props, and marketing tools that help to promote their products. Indeed, successful traders are known to make a simple wooden stand look outstanding, helping to infuse trust and buttress the quality of their brand.

When you start selling, it is doubtful you will immediately realize what you need. Start by visiting stalls and researching online to get firsthand insight into how you would like to style your stall. Howbeit, to sell clothing in an outdoor market, you will need:

  • 3x3m Gazebo
  • Weights or pegs to hold the gazebo down and in place
  • Tables
  • Chair
  • Table cloths
  • Accessories to decorate your stall
  • Mirror
  • Moneybox and plenty of change for your float
  • Bags

Don’t forget to come along with warm clothing during winter or cooler clothing during summer. Also, consider bringing plenty of water to keep you hydrated throughout the day or a flask in the cooler months.

  1. Start Selling Your Clothes

If you have carried out all the steps noted above, then it is time to invest in your presentation and the color scheme of your market stall. Consider what props and stands would highlight your products and draw the attention of your clients.

You should carry out a mock setup of your stall in the lead-up to your first market. This can easily be done in your back garden and it will help you have a clear understanding of what looks best and where to position products. Remember to get your friends and family involved, as they might be able to note something you can’t!

This mock setup will also help you understand precisely how long it will take you to set up your market stall and eradicate much of the stress you have to contend with on the morning of your first market setup.

Popular Markets to Set up a Market Stall Selling Clothes in Australia

Just as was noted above, market stalls are a good way to make some extra money or even generate a steady income. However, to attain success in this endeavor, you need to know the right market to sample and sell your clothes. Below are some of the locations where you can set up a market stall selling clothes in Australia.

  1. Point Clare Car Boot Market

This is one of the top markets to consider when setting up a market stall to sell clothes in Australia. At this market, you can sell your hand-me-downs and unwanted household items and also benefit from its massive foot traffic.

  • Website:
  • Location: Fairhaven Central Coast 209 Brisbane Water Drive Point Clare
  1. Petticoat Lane Market NSW

Businesses in these markets are known to sample and sell homewares, clothing, accessories, artisan food, vintage, and much more.

  • Website:
  • Location: The Impact Centre, 19 Chetwynd Road, Erina (opp. McDonald’s).
  1. Umina Beach Markets

According to reports, this market is home to numerous unique and attractive stalls, where people get the opportunity to explore their creative and eccentric sides. At this market, you can find stalls sampling visual arts, live buskers, delicious foods, and vegan meal options.

  • Website:
  • Location: Peninsula Recreational Precinct near Umina Beach Surf Life Saving Club
  1. The Entrance Market

This Market contains around 20–25 stalls selling clothes, jewelry, pet products, and food.

  • Website:
  • Location: Memorial Park – The Entrance
  1. Avoca Beachside Markets

With over 120 stalls of mind-blowing arts and crafts, jewelry, and textiles, Avoca Beachside Markets remains a top choice for willing entrepreneurs. At this market, you can also choose to offer organic and fresh produce and international food.

  • Website:
  • Location: Heazlett Park, Avoca Beach
  1. Terrigal Beach Markets

This market is renowned in Australia for offering substantial support to local makers, craftsmen, artists, designers, musicians & the do-it-yourself-ers on the attractive foreshore of Terrigal Beach.

  • Website:
  • Location: Terrigal Esplanade next to the beach, Terrigal
  1. Shelly Beach Markets

This market is home to over 100+ talented boutique stallholders. Businesses in this market are known to regularly demonstrate pride in their work by only making original creations of very top quality. Have it in mind that the fascinating eclectic mix of textures, materials, and colors make up the wide array of individually designed products.

  • Website:
  • Location: Cnr Central Coast Highway and Yakalla Street, Shelly Beach
  1. Terrigal Antique & Vintage Fair

This is a top market to consider especially since it comprises well-designed stalls that sell antiques, vintage, retro, shabby chic, industrial, up-cycled vintage, vintage clothes, old wares, collectibles, rustic relics, and more.

  • Website:
  • Location: Terrigal Scout Hall, Cnr Willoughby Rd &TerrigalDr, Terrigal


Setting up a stall at a market in Australia is not only a sure way to sell clothes; it’s also a very exciting and lucrative way to spend your day. However, you mustn’t get discouraged if you don’t have success straight away. Have in mind that there are so many variables that may influence how successful or not your day is.

As you get more experienced, you will genuinely discover how to design a market stall and attain better results. Watch what people are picking up the most. Be open to feedback from customers and other stallholders, and then consider making adjustments and giving it another go.