Are you passionate about basketball and want to start a basketball related business? If YES, here are top 10 small business ideas for basketball lovers in 2020.

Being a business man or woman is all about generating business ideas from virtually any aspect of life or in any area that is of interest to you. If you are a lover of basketball and you have a knack for business, then you can make loads of cash by starting businesses that revolves around basketball.

Basketball is a sport that is loved not just in the united states of America alone, but all over the world. The fact that it is one of the major Olympic team games makes it a popular sport on a global scale. Great basketball icons like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson are widely celebrated all around the world and loads of people strive to be like them.

Some of the richest sportsmen in America are basketball players; little wonder countless number of youths in America will do anything legal and within their powers to be drafted into NBA. So, if you live in the US or in any country that with appreciable numbers of basketball enthusiast, then you should think towards starting a business that revolves around basketball.

As a matter of fact, there are several basketball related business ideas that start and you will sure make good returns on your investment. Now, let us quickly consider 10 profitable basketball related business ideas an entrepreneur can successfully start;

Top 10 Small Business ideas for Basketball Lovers in 2020

1. A Basketball One Stop Shop

One of the easy to start basketball related business ideas that an entrepreneur can start in any part of the world is a basketball one stop shop. This is a place where people can purchase all their basketball wares and materials, i.e. basketballs, jerseys, sport shoes, hand bands, headbands basketball videos and basketball souvenirs, and all what not. Just ensure that you choose a good location for your basketball sport shop and you won’t struggle to make daily sales.

2. Basketball Academy

Another basketball related business idea that you can start is opening a basketball academy; a place where young people can be groomed to become professional basketball players. The truth is that if your basketball academy is well recognized, you are likely to attract students from all part of the world. Please note that you would need a license before you can be allowed to legally operate a basketball academy in the US.

3. Production of Basketball Video / Computer Games

If you are a programmer, one of the basketball related business ideas that you can successfully state is the production of basketball video / computer games. It is a cool way of making cash if you know how to push your product in the market place.

4. Production of Basketball Cartoons

Production of basketball cartoons is yet another basketball related business ideas that a graphic artist can successfully state. The truth is that, if you produce a cartoon movie that has top basketball players as characters then you are likely not going to struggle to get people to accept and purchase it.

5. Basketball Reality Show

If you are an event organizer and also a basketball enthusiast, then you can consider starting your own basketball reality show. If the program is well organized and you are able to secure good sponsorship, then the reality show will likely become an annual show if you want it to be so.

6. Production and Sale of Basketball Toys

Another profitable basketball related business idea that an entrepreneur can successfully start is the production and sale of basketball toys. Just ensure that you produce toys that represent favorite basketball stars and you wouldn’t struggle to get people to purchase them. Besides selling the toys for children’s use, you can also produce key holders and adults will sure buy and make use of it.

7. Basketball Kids Club

You can start a program / club with the aim of catching future basketball players from an early age. Starting a basketball kids club is yet another profitable business idea that an entrepreneur can start. Just ensure that you create basketball events with the aim of teaching kids the rudiments of basketball.

You can target schools and parents to enroll their wards in your basketball kids club. You will be required to register the business and obtain a license before you can be permitted to operate this type of business.

8. Construction and Maintenance of Basketball Courts

If you are a civil engineer, then you can consider specializing in the construction and maintenance of basketball courts. There are schools, clubs, and even individual who would like to build their own basketball courts but they don’t know how to go about it.

So, all you need to do is to register your business, and employ good promotion strategy. No doubt, there are some basketball enthusiasts that will makeup their mind to build their own private basketball court in their compound if they know that it is something that won’t cost them a fortune.

9. Training School and Empowerment Centre for Basketball Coaches and Umpires

One of the advance basketball related business ideas that an entrepreneur can start is to open a training school and empowerment centre for basketball coaches and Umpires. A place where these coaches and umpires can attend refresher courses, and acquire special skills training amongst others.

You would need robust experience and advance certifications before you can open and operate this type of school. You would also need accreditation from relevant authorities before you can be allowed to run this type of business. It is capital intensive, but you can be rest assured that you will make good returns on your investment.

10. Basketball Talk – Show on Radio and TV

If you are a journalist, one of the basketball related business ideas that you can start is to start a basketball talk – show on radio and TV. If you have rich contents, you will definitely get good sponsors and endorsement and that will surely translate to cool cash for you.

This is just to mention a few as there are still an avalanche of business ideas that can be wrought around the basket ball game.