Are you about writing a business plan to start a beauty care business? If YES, here are 100+ sample beauty care business plans & templates for FREE download.

The beauty industry is one of the biggest industries in the world today. This is because of the inherent gene in man that propels him towards beautiful things, whether for heath or for aesthetic purposes. The beauty industry profits greatly from this need that can never die off. The global cosmetic products market was valued at USD 532.43 billion in 2017, and is expected to reach a market value of USD 805.61 billion by 2023, registering a CAGR of 7.14% during 2018-2023.

One can say that the beauty industry is indeed saturated when counting the number of cosmetic stores and beauty products you can see on the shelves today. But this assertion is indeed false because the beauty industry revolves on a daily basis with new ideas popping out and making waves.

If you want to get into the beauty industry, but you are scared that all the niches are saturated, then you had better take a good look at these numerous beauty business plans to see if one can fly in your community.

100+ Sample Beauty Care Business Plans & Templates

  1. Hair & Beauty Salon Business Plans

In general, a beauty salon can be referred to as a place where people come to get prettied up. Most of these salons provide a variety of services that may include, hair making, lash fixing, nail care, and some can even offer spa services. You can equally sell hair products if you can afford to. This is indeed a vast and far reaching business to go into, but it is indeed profitable.

  1. Nail Polish Line Business Plan

Starting a manufacturing company that deals in the production of nail colors and polishes is yet another business in the beauty industry that can guarantee good profit. All that is needed to be done is to first of all get the training, certifications, as well as licenses that would be needed in the business.

In starting this business, you have to first be certain about the source of raising a startup fund. Some of the ways through which you can raise funds include; from savings, loans from the bank, angel investors, as well as family and friends.

  1. Soap Making Business Plan

One basic body cleanser is soap, and everybody bathes with one or more as the case may be. This is why soap making would make a great business idea despite the number of people already into the business. You can get creative with your ideas as they are varieties of soap you can make.

Asides from making and selling the soap itself, yet another way you can get into the soap making business is to teach people how to make soap. Of course you know you can only do this if you are already specialized in different forms of soap making.

You can focus your classes on different methods of soap making and the different kinds of soap. Note that you should only offer to teach what you are quite conversant with. You can market your teaching classes effectively both online and offline so as to get clients. Be sure to focus your attempts mostly on soap making forums online.

  1. Hair Extension Selling Business Plan

Natural/human hair extensions are the rave now. Women have discovered that synthetic hair goes bad very quickly and they are limited in styling. This is why human hair extensions have been embraced aggressively. Their allure goes beyond the fact that they stay years in active usage, but that the person who wears it gets to have some bragging rights.

Africans are usually the highest consumers of human hair extensions, and they buy them regardless of the price. The hairs usually come from Asian countries where some people are known to give up their hair either for a price or for religious reasons. You can go buy these hairs and process them for sale around your area. This is another great beauty related business idea.

  1. Makeup Line Business Plan

There are lots of people who are already making good money from this art. You too can join other train by starting your own makeup line. If you are conversant with colors and you can play around with the technicalities of creating makeup, you may be on your way to a great business. You may consider starting with marketing well-known makeup brands first; this is so that your clients can relate with your business. Thereafter you can join your own brand to it.

Do note that you will need a good website designer to help you out. This is so that you can have an attractive site for your customers to visit. You have to have a professional photographer who would always be on ground to capture your products on image.

  1. Beard Oil Production Business Plan

Beard oil is a product specially made for the beard. It is believed that having a dry scalp can cause irritation and itchiness, and the same goes with the skin underneath the beard. Just like the human scalp, the skin under the facial hair is sensitive and can have similar problems as the scalp. The market is still in search of the perfect beard oil. It could be that men are waiting for your product to hit the market.

  1. Body Scrub Business Plan

A body scrub is a popular body treatment that is basically a facial for the body. It exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft. A body scrub is done with an abrasive material—usually sea salt or sugar—mixed with some kind of massage oil and an aromatic like essential oils.

A scrub works in a few ways: As you massage it over your body, the exfoliating granules help to slough off dead skin, and the rubbing action itself boosts circulation and helps drain your lymph nodes, by increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface. You can make organic body scrubs for the market.

  1. Eyelash Extension Store Business Plan

A lot of women today have fallen for the eyelash extension trend. They go for the straight, curly, extra long, etc. Some prefer to patronize brand names while others look more to quality and pricing. If you have the knowledge and skills about eyelashes, then you have stepped into a very profitable business.

It is easy to spread the word about this business, as you can start by selling a few high quality lashes. If people come back to you asking for more, then know that you have carved a niche for yourself.

  1. Barbershop Business Plan

It is true that haircuts are synonymous with the male folks, but the females are also wearing a haircut these days. This means that when you do start your barbers shop business, you can be sure to have both the male and females as customers.

This isn’t a difficult business to set up as it only requires that you garner the required knowledge. Barbing salon business is one of the fastest growing businesses all over the globe. When you start off, be sure to tastefully structure and furnish your business so that it can be attractive to people.

  1. Laser Tattoo Removal Business Plan

There are people who try all they can to get rid of their tattoo marks. This is what has informed people to start the laser tattoo removal business. Laser treatment is one of the very few, if not the only method that clean off tattoos satisfactorily.

You can set up a laser tattoo removal business where you get to help people get rid of their tattoo regrets. It is very important that you note that you will be required to undergo some trainings before you set up your business, if not, you will not be given a license.

  1. Tattoo Shop Business Plan

Tattoos came into limelight some decades ago, and they are still going strong. People always want to get inked for one reason or the other. For this reason, we have a lot of people who are specialists in tattoo drawing. These people have gone through some training and are now specialists.

If you think you like such an art and would want to build a business around it, then you may want to consider starting a tattoo inking business. This would require you to get trained too for you to start the business. There are even online tutorials that can teach you how to get the right tattoo on.

  1. Booth Rental Business Plan

Booth rental salon business is operated or owned by a person known as booth renter. Their responsibility is to lease space from a large salon or a suite of small salons to hairstylists, barbers and similar businesses who may not want to shoulder the responsibilities of owning a standard salon facility.

The booth rental method simplifies the financial aspect of owning a salon. All you need to do to run this business is to provide the space and charge each stylist a set amount for rent. If you have some stores under your care, this is a good business to look into.

  1. Lip Gloss Line Business Plan

A lip gloss line business is just like the lipstick production line business which involves preparing, blending, compounding and packaging both cosmetic and therapeutic lip products. Lip gloss production is slightly different though as you need to focus on the healing properties of your lip gloss and balm. Ladies cannot do without soft moistened lips especially in the harsh weather of winter and summer. This is a good business to go into as it is mostly uncomplicated.

  1. Beauty Supply Store Business Plan

Many people shop locally for their beauty products, so there is a high chance that starting up a beauty supply store in your area would be a good business idea. Beauty supply businesses stock different types of hair, skin and cosmetic products. If you are interested in beauty supply products, learning how to start a beauty supply business can be a potentially lucrative idea for you.

  1. Laser Hair Removal Business Plan

There are folks who find it really depressing to have to go through the chore of removing their own hair, and would not mind paying an expert to help them out. If you think you might be interested in doing this; then you can start a laser hair removal service.

Some of the services you will provide include; removing unwanted hair from legs, arms or the general body. You cannot start this business without first being trained in the art. There are beauty schools where you can comfortably learn this, as well as online tutorials.

  1. Hair Lice Removal Business

Getting head lice is almost seen as a rite of passage for most schoolchildren. In the US alone, as many as 12 million kids per year get an infestation, according to the federal public health body, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Another survey found that one third of under-16s in the UK had caught head lice in the previous 12 months. Head lice infestation is mostly dealt with using over the counter pesticides, but it has been discovered over the past few decades that many of the insects have built up resistance to many of the available pesticide treatments.

The only remedy is to visit professional hair lice removal businesses, which use various techniques to tackle the infestation. If you have gotten this training, you can set up your own hair lice removal business and make profits from helping out pre-teens and teens with this problem.

  1. Spray Tanning Business Plan

Spray tanning which also known as sunless tanning, UV – free tanning, fake tanning or self-tanning business is a beauty therapy business that involves the application of chemicals (makeup) to the skin to produce a suntan effect. It is a lucrative business that anybody including students and employees can easily start without much stress.

The Tanning Products Market is projected to reach nearly US$ 5.5 Bn by 2024, and this is a very staggering figure that shows that the industry is still healthy. You can dig in now.

  1. Barber School Business Plan

There are countless number of people out there who are trying to acquire barbing skills that will enable them put food on their table, pay their bills and ultimately become their own boss, and a barber school is just an ideal place they can get the journey started.

If you have been in the barbing industry for a very long time and you feel you have gathered enough knowledge to impart to people, then you can go ahead and start your own barbing school. Know that finance maybe one problem you may have to face, but there are ways to go around that.

  1. Freelance Makeup Artist Business Plan

A freelance makeup artist is an individual who performs makeup on clients on a freelance basis rather than working for a beauty salon on a permanent employment basis. It is a fact that most makeup artists now prefer to go freelance and work on their own terms.

If you are a makeup artist, this is a good way to set up your own business. Good enough, you don’t need any startup capital to go freelance, you only need money to buy your basic tools and you are in business.

  1. Skin Care Products Business Plan

Skin care products are something people use on a daily basis, and some people can use as much as seven different products in one day. This is why the market for skin care products is very vast and you are sure to make sales no matter where you are situated. You only need to know the needs of the area where you are located so you can stock products that will appeal to them.

To keep business startup costs to a minimum, you can initially start with basic skin care products like cleansers, toners and moisturizers, and expand your skin care product line from there. You can promote your products online particularly on social media, but your best advertising will likely be word-of-mouth referrals.

  1. Cosmetics Manufacturing Business Plan

Instead of selling other brands of cosmetics, one way you can get into the cosmetics business is by actually making your own. Think Kylie cosmetics. Yes, if you can craft it, you can take it to a company that can help you with mass production. And know that you must not go all out on your first try. Start small and refine your skills till you are ready for the wider market.

  1. Cosmetics Line Business Plan

The demand for all types of cosmetic products is ever increasing from varied sections of population. This is because from the bath soap you use, down to the cream, deodorant, sprays, and don’t get me started on makeup. This would give you an idea of how big this industry is.

The U.S cosmetic market is estimated to have generated a revenue close to $62 billion in 2016. The global cosmetic market is expected to garner $429.8 billion by 2022. You can have some slice of this cake if you are bold enough to start your own cosmetic line.

  1. Makeup Artist Business Plan

Make up artistry is one business that never goes into extinction. As a matter of fact, it is one trade that continues to be on the increase. You too can cash in on the goodies that the industry has to offer by becoming a makeup artist and helping people to look good. You can start by offering your services to people around you. You can then progress to offering makeup services to brides, celebrities, for photoshoots, and the likes.

  1. Cosmetics Retail Shop Business Plan

A cosmetic retail shop sells anything from hair care and shower products, cosmetics, skin care products, fragrances, nail care products, deodorant and shaving products, sun care, baby care and other products. Because you need to start by stocking up on a lot of products, you need to have adequate capital before you can start up this business. But one thing you have to know is that this is a profitable business that would make you profits if started in the right location.

  1. Hair Extension Production Business Plan

We have to start first by letting you know that hair extension is not just for the women, as men also have a need for hair extensions. This is a profitable beauty related business you can start from anywhere. If your factory is located in an area where you have low sales and patronage, there is always room to export it to countries that have a need for it. You only need to work through the technicalities of starting the business.

  1. Cosmetology School Business Plan

There are loads of people out there who need the skills of beautifying people. If you have this knowledge and skills, you can make money out of it by starting a school where you can train people on cosmetics and cosmetology. There are loads of opportunities to be tapped in here, but if you are able to kick off, you can not get it wrong.