Are you about writing a business plan to start a consulting business? If YES, here are 100+ sample consulting business plans & templates for FREE download.

Look around you and you will find experts in diverse fields. These people are solely responsible for guiding their clients through. In most cases these clients are folks who may not know much in the field in which they are vast in. These professionals as the case may be have gone ahead to build businesses around the knowledge and expertise which they possess.

We understand the fact that writing a business plan from scratch can be a herculean task and hiring a consultant to prepare a business plan is a NO-NO as most startups are usually operating on a shoestring budget. This is the sole reason we created these FREE sample consulting business plan templates.

100+ Sample Consulting Business Plans & Templates

1. Business Consulting Firm Business Plan – When we talk about consulting services, we are perhaps talking about getting practical advice from expects. The consulting industry is indeed a broad industry that covers a wide range of services such as management consulting, strategy consulting technological consulting, marketing consulting, human resource consulting, training consulting, tax consulting, and any other business activities that involves giving advice et al.

In essence, consulting firms are hired to proffer solutions to the challenges that organizations faces. Organizations don’t just hire consultants for the sake of hiring consultants, but they do so simply because they expect them to help tackle their business challenges and deliver solutions as required.

2. IT Consulting Business Plan – The IT Consulting industry comprises of businesses that offers IT related consulting services such as writing, testing and supporting custom software; planning and designing integrated hardware, software and communication infrastructure; and on-site management of computer systems and data processing facilities.

Players in this industry may also go the extra mile to offer services such as packaging software and off-site data processing and hosting services.

3. Social Media Consulting Business Plan – Social media consulting falls under social media marketing. Players in this industry provide internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) consultancy services. SEO and internet marketing consultants provide expert advice and assistance in the fields of website search, web display and user functionality, social media development and integration and internet campaigns.

The growing trend which makes it easier for people to spend more time on the internet especially on social networking sites is a major boost in the revenue generated by social networking marketing companies. It is common to find companies in this industry generating an increasing amount of advertising revenue per user by developing targeted advertising platforms and tools to measure the effectiveness of advertising.

4. Security Consulting Business Plan – Security service companies that security consulting firm is a part of provide security advisory and consulting services that will help improve security for their clients.

They offer a wide range of services such as high-level political analysis, global due diligence, risk avoidance, corporate investigations, financial investigations, political risk assessments and business intelligence, security, threat, and vulnerability mitigation services for companies in a wide range of sectors.

5. Wedding Consulting Business Plan – Wedding consulting or wedding planning as it is popularly called organize and design marriage ceremonies and receptions. A wedding consultant assists the bride and groom with everything from a timeline to the choice of flowers, wedding location, musicians, caterers, even the cut of the groom’s tuxedo.

The wedding consultant is not only responsible for making sure all the details of the wedding ceremony pan out as expected, but also for absorbing the stress of planning so that the bride and groom can enjoy the experience of getting married.

6. Engineering Consulting Business Plan – Engineering consulting firms are part of the engineering consulting services industry and firms in this industry provide engineering consulting services, which characteristically relate to the design, development and utilization of infrastructure projects, machinery, processes and systems.

Engineering consulting firms offer advisory services, feasibility studies, preparation of preliminary and final plans and design, technical services during project construction, and inspection and evaluation of construction and engineering projects. It is important to state that the industry does not manage or organize construction projects.

7. Environmental Consulting Business Plan – The environmental consulting industry is made up of firms that offer advice to businesses and federal governments on environmental issues such as controlling environmental contamination. Environmental consultants identify problems, measure and evaluate risks and recommend solutions. A standard environmental consulting firm employs a multi – disciplined staff of scientists, engineers and other technicians.

8. Computer Consulting Business Plan – If you are skilled in ICT cum computers, it means you can successfully start a business in the ICT industry. As a matter of fact, if you are serious in starting a computer consulting business or any computer related business and you don’t have the skills or certifications, you can indeed acquire these skills from accredited ICT training centers either online of offline.

9. Immigration Consulting Business Plan – If you are a lawyer or someone who has a background in immigration matters, and you yet are thinking about starting your business, then you should consider starting your own immigration consulting firm.

There are many migrants who are trapped simply because they don’t know who to talk to when they have challenges with immigration issues that is why it is important to set up your own immigration attorney agency.

Statistics has it that in the United States of America alone, there are about 6,171 registered and licensed immigration consulting firm scattered all across the United States responsible for employing about 39,677 and the industry rakes in a whooping sum of $6 billion annually.

10. Education Consulting Business Plan – If you are an educationist or someone who has background in education matters, and you intend starting your business, then you should consider starting your own education consulting firm.

There are many would – be international students and students aspiring to go to colleges / universities who are trapped simply because they don’t know who to talk to when they have challenges with testing and educational related issues that is why it is important to set up your own education consulting firm.

11. Project Management Consulting Business Plan – Project management consulting is a niche idea in the Management Consulting industry and management consultants advise businesses, nonprofits and public-sector agencies in the following areas: organizational design, human resources, corporate strategy, information technology strategy, marketing and sales, finances and logistics.

It is important to note that firms that are involved in providing day-to-day administrative services and establishments that are concentrated in recruitment, training, public relations, market research, engineering design, computer systems design and investment advice et al are not considered as part of the management consulting industry.

12. Corporate Image Consulting Business Plan – If you are a brand enthusiast or someone who has background in advertising and branding matters, and you intend starting your business, then you should consider starting your own corporate image consulting firm. There are many corporate organizations, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and even startups that will be more than willing to patronize your services.

13. Nutrition Consulting Business Plan – A close study of the Nutritionists & Dietitians industry shows that the industry is truly thriving in the United States because loads of Americans are facing a critical obesity problem, with skyrocketing levels of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases.

As a result, demand for the Nutritionists and Dietitians industry has increased and is expected to continue to rise significantly. Wellness and disease prevention have become some of the buzzwords circulating among people who are becoming increasingly concerned about what they eat and how it affects their health.

Why Start a Consulting Business?

One of the reasons why the consulting business wouldn’t be too saturated no matter how much people delve into it is the fact that the sky is too large for two birds to collide. This means that there are a myriad of people who want to venture into businesses and other unknown fields, and will require the services of a consultant.

If you are looking to start a consulting business, it is very expedient that you master the areas in which you would want to be known as a veteran. There are several fields which one can look to start out from. From the sports angle, to events management, and to other areas. It is however no doubt that you will need to first of all have a rich knowledge of the area that you are looking to commence business from.

The consulting industry is a high-paying industry especially if you have been able to cut your teeth in a particular area of specialization. It gives you the opportunity to work with high and low profile clients and if you are able to proffer solutions to business challenges you will be greatly rewarded. In most cases, if you are lucky to be among the few experts in the industry, you will have the privilege of choosing who to work for and the amount you want to charge.

Generally, consultants are skilled at conducting research and of course analyzing the results they got from the research. Consultants go as far as gathering any related data that will help them come up with workable solutions for the organization they are working for; they ensure that they identify behavioral patterns, production bottle – necks, the market trends and of course customers preference.