Are you interested in starting a cloud based business? If yes, then below are the top ten cloud based business ideas you can start from home in 2020.

Wikipedia defines cloud computing as “internet-based computing whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand.”

Given the explanation above, popular platforms like Slideshare, Skype, Gmail, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Amazon AWS and Cloudfront, Dropbox and WordPress can reasonably be included in a list of cloud applications; because they all hold your data (presentation slides, emails, videos, blog posts, etc), so you don’t have to worry about them.

Cloud computing provides a much more reliable alternative to keeping files on your own computer; a mode of storage that has been rendered insecure due to the emergence of various types of viruses and other threats to information security.

On the surface, cloud computing has many advantages over traditional methods of data storage. For example, if you store your data in a cloud-based retrieval system, you will be able to get back your data from any location that has internet access.

And you wouldn’t need to carry around your physical storage device or use the same computer to save and retrieve your information. In fact, in the absence of security concerns, you could even allow other people to access the data, thereby turning a personal project into collaborative effort.

Like any other innovation that offers huge solutions for individuals and businesses, cloud computing has created huge opportunities for entrepreneurs who have a knack for computers and ICT.

If you have a solid background in ICT and in-depth knowledge of cloud computing, then starting a cloud-based business might just be a life-changing business move for you. Without wasting time, below are 10 cloud-based business ideas that you can exploit for long-term income:

Top 10 Cloud-Based & Cloud Computing Business ideas in 2020

1. Cloud computing consulting

Many individuals and businesses are becoming aware of the benefits of cloud computing and its advantages over traditional storage methods. But most people feel completely at sea when it comes to understanding how to move their systems and files onto the cloud storage platform. You can make a lot of money helping such individuals and businesses migrate to the cloud.

2. Tutoring

For security and other reasons, many individuals and businesses would fret at the idea of hiring a freelance contractor to help them with their migration to cloud. Rather, such individuals would prefer to learn how it works, so that they can handle the migration themselves.

Similarly, many businesses would prefer hiring you to train their in-house staff on the application of cloud computing. So, you can make a lot of money from just teaching people how to apply cloud computing to their businesses.

3. File hosting

If you have the required background and expertise, then you can make a lot of money by setting up your own platform for helping people hold their files in the cloud. That is, you can set up a cloud storage solution like Dropbox, Google Doc, Amazon AWS and Evernote, and charge people for helping them hold their files.

4. Cloud platform engineering

With a solid background in software or systems engineering, you can make money working as a cloud platform engineer. This position goes beyond helping individuals and businesses migrate to cloud; it also involves actually handling all of the technicalities and intricacies involved. After the initial setup process, you would be called on at intervals for maintenance and routine checks. And of course, you will get paid each time.

5. Cloud computing technologist

This involves working with companies that provide cloud-computing solutions. As a cloud-computing technologist, you will work with the company’s engineers to set up the company’s platform and packages. You will also help to set a user-friendly interface for their customers.

6. Cloud OS developer

A cloud OS developer analyzes, designs, programs, debugs, and modifies software enhancements and/or new products used in local, networked, or internet-related computer programs, primarily for end users.

As a cloud OS developer, you will also be required to test applications and interact with users to define system requirements and necessary modifications. You will earn a lot of money working for companies as an independent contractor. And there is no limit to the number of companies you can work with.

7. Cloud automation engineering

Working as an automation engineer, you will be responsible for deep automation of cloud services that will enable the company’s software development team to rapidly prototype, build, and deploy product offering to their customers. You will need to deeply understand cloud architectures and arrangements.

8. Cloud software engineering – This simply involves developing software that will ease the use of the cloud platform.

9. Web hosting

Yes, the popular web hosting is an application of cloud computing, since you will help individuals and businesses hold their web files and keep the secure. So you can set up you  own web hosting company and make money.

10. Blogging (on cloud)

Because many people are yet to fully understand how cloud works, you can make a lot of money in the long term by starting a blog that discusses everything about cloud computing.

Ajaero Tony Martins