Do you love dogs? Do you want to start a business from your passion for dogs but you don’t really know what to do or how to go about it? Then read on as i share with you 17 lucrative dog business ideas and opportunities you can start in 2019 with little or no money.

When it comes to starting a dog related business, most people are only familiar with dog breeding, dog grooming and dog walking. But in this article, i will be opening your eyes to other opportunities that exist in the dog industry. So without wasting your time, below are 17 dog related businesses you can start today.

Top 17 Lucrative Business ideas for Dog Lovers in 2020

  • Pet Sitting

You can start a pet sitting business because it is universally needed. For example, if you are living in suitable environment out of town, you can run a pet sitting business as a kennel operation with people bringing their pets to you and dropping them off.

Aside that, you can as well operate a pet sitting business where you go to people’s houses and look after their pets’ needs. You can also combine a pet sitting business with a home sitting business and look after people’s houses as well when they are away.

As the need to take care of dogs while away at work increases, you can position yourself as a dog care specialist by setting up a dog daycare center. This business operates like the normal child daycare but this time, you will be dealing with dogs and other pets.

There are a lot of people out there who do not have enough time/skill or both to train their dog properly but still own a dog and now need someone to train it for them. If you can actually do this and do it very well, you can probably write your check. Venue is not necessarily the problem; because facilities to run it can be rented or better still, you can run this business from home.

  • Skilled Pet Training

If you are a skilled animal trainer, you can set up a business specializing in training animals for film, TV and media companies.

  • Pet Finding Business

People misplace their pets especially during events or while shopping. If you are the kind of person that enjoys puzzles, and you have even thought of being detective at some point. You can put your skills to work towards running a pet finding business. You can assist distraught pet owners to get their pets back and make money too.

This another dog-related service that busy owners require. They want to have their dogs walked regularly. The key to prosper with this business is proper time management. You would definitely require getting enough clients so that you can take a good number of dogs out for a walk at a time, instead of just walking one and then returning it to its owner.

This is another popular pet business as it is one of those chores related to dog ownership that many people would instead pay someone else to do rather than do themselves.

As we are on the subject of chores related to dog ownership that many persons would instead pay someone else to do rather than do it themselves, do not forget poop scooping. This aspect of pet business includes visiting customers’ properties on a weekly base and collecting and disposing of dog’s faeces.

Truly, it is a dirty, messy work but this is one of the things people engage in to make money. On the pro side, there is no special training or equipment required and you can simply operate this business from home.

  • Dog Bathing

You can operate a dog bathing business as a standalone business or as an adjunct to a pet grooming business. You can also run it as a do-it-yourself business, where all you do is to provide the facilities and the equipments.

This is the practice of mating chosen dogs with the intention to maintain or produce a particular quality and characteristics. When dogs reproduce with no such intervention, their offspring’s characteristics are determined by natural selection while dog breeding refers particularly to the artificial selection in which dogs are intentionally bred by it’s owners.

One who intentionally mates dogs in order to produce puppies is known as dog breeder and breeding lies on the science of genetics, so the breeder with full knowledge of canine genetics, intended use for the dogs and health attempts to breed good and suitable dogs.

  • Dog Food retailing and supplies

Dog food and supplies refers to food specifically made for dogs’ consumption. Dogs have sharp, point teeth, technically carnivorous, and have short gastrointestinal tracts better suited for meat consumption. Despite this natural carnivorous design, dogs still have managed to evolve over thousands of years to survive on non meat, meat scraps and left over human resources, so they can thrive on variety of foods.

  • Sell dog accessories

You can also start a business selling dogs accessories, whether online or offline. Examples of the accessories are, dog food, carriers, crates and kennels, dog beds, dog steps and Ramps, apparel, harnesses and leashes, dog toys etc.

  • Become a dog health expert

You can become a dog health expert by taking advice on dog nutrition, healthcare, cleaning, grooming and more. Also you can become a health expert of dogs by knowing things about vaccines, medical conditions, and senior dogs as well as to know how to control the obesity and dental care etc.

I believe this business is self explanatory. If you think you know so much about dogs and you are current with industrial trends, then why not start a dog blog and make money from advertisers.

  • Start a sports-competition company for dogs

If you have the capital, you can set up a facility completely dedicated to dogs and their owners. Then you can offer wide range of services such as dog agility training, canine freestyle, conformation, disc dogs, dock jumping, flyball, herding trials, lure coursing, rally obedience and tracking, etc .

  • Start a membership club for dog owners

You can also start a membership club for dog owners. Your aim here is to create an atmosphere where dog owners can meet, network together, get products on a discount and get information on the latest industry trend. You can also take it a step further by organizing a dog event show.

In conclusion, the above information, are the ten basic dog/pet business ideas that can fetch you a good living. However, it is important that you always do your research and prepare a business plan, because it will help you in the long run.