As Christians all over the world prepare to celebrate Easter, which signifies the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; smart entrepreneurs like me are already positioned to make some cool extra cash this Easter. Below are ten clever business ideas you can capitalize on to make money this Easter season.

If you are anything like the smart entrepreneurs, you would spend most of your time brainstorming for ideas on how to make money from anything; occasions and holidays, problems people face, things people need, etc. The Easter season offers great opportunities for making lots of money while people continue with the celebrations.

All you need to tap into these opportunities is a little money and some marketing skills. Without wasting time, here are ten small business ideas to make money with during the Easter season:

10 Best Business ideas to Make Quick Money in Easter for 2021

1. Baked snacks

Start by coming up with great recipes. If you have stellar baking skills, and you have an oven, you can bake cookies, cakes, and other delicacies that will easily sell among your neighbors and other celebrating Christians after the Easter service.

If you need recipe ideas, look for the most current ones on the internet and make your presentations irresistible. You can also collaborate with local shops and restaurants, so that they stock up some of the items and help you earn more money.

2. Gift baskets

You can gather several items that make good gifts and put them together in gift baskets that are suitable for various ages and genders. For example, a basket containing a variety of chocolates and candies plus one of the latest books about Easter can be a perfect gift for a lady of between 15 and 30 years of age.

In the same thoughtful way, make other baskets that are suitable for teenagers, young adults, kids, baby boomers, corporate people, business men and women, retirees and seniors. Be careful not to include too many things in each basket, or people won’t be able to afford the cost.

3. Cards

As is the case with other holidays, people share greeting cards with their friends, relatives, colleagues, and customers during Easter. If you have the artistic skills required to design fascinating greeting cards, you can make money during Easter by selling Easter greeting cards.

Better still, if you are a good graphics designer, you can design amazing cards on a computer, have them printed, and sell them to ready buyers. Even if you don’t have great artistic or design skills yourself, you can share your ideas with a friend who can create cards. Let them create while you sell.

4. Easter party

Attending parties is one of the ways by which people catch fun during Easter. If you are very good at organizing fun-filled parties, why not throw one up for Easter and let people pay you for making their Easter celebrations more interesting and memorable? To attract a very people in large numbers, you may need to partner with some very popular artists, depending on whether you can afford that or not.

5. Easter eggs

Because people decorate eggs during Easter as a way of catching fun, there is huge demand for eggs during this period. You can benefit from this surge by selling eggs when Easter is fast approaching. In addition, you can decorate eggs, group them in baskets, and sell them. Take time with each egg to make it as beautiful as possible. If you need ideas for egg designs, check the internet for inspiration.

6. Write a blog or book

If you are very good at writing, you can make long term passive income every Easter season by starting a blog that discusses topics related to Easter, such as things to do, places to visit, how to enjoy Easter to the fullest, the spiritual impact of Easter, etc.

Once you are able to build a large audience, you can monetize the blog through various methods and make money from it every year. Similarly, you can write a book that discusses various issues related to Easter. You will continue to make money from this effort every year.

7. Sell decorations

When Easter is approaching, many people like to decorate their homes, just as they do during Christmas. You can make money by selling Easter decorations to those who want to transform their homes during the Easter season.

8. Affiliate marketing

If you already have a blog or website that attracts a huge amount of Christian visitors, you can make money by offering various products for sale as an affiliate. You need to register as an affiliate with a website that sells products likely to be in demand during Easter, such as T-shirts, cards, cakes, etc. Then, you will market the products on your website or blog by either displaying ad banners or publishing review posts. Each sale made via a link on your website earns you a commission.

9. Offer services

Depending on your skills, you can make extra cash during the Easter season by rendering various services that are in demand at the time. For example, if you love kids and are good at caring for them, you can render babysitting services to parents who would be away from their homes during the Easter and would be leaving their children behind.

Similarly, if you are good at painting or decorating, you can make money by offering your services to people who want to make their homes look more beautiful during Easter. There are many services to render for cash, depending on which skills you have.

10. Custom T-shirts

T-shirts now sell like crazy during holidays. If you have the required know-how, you can make money by selling T-shirts branded with various Easter themes.

There are many other ideas for making money during Easter. But whichever business idea you choose, you need to take time to think about its feasibility; depending on the cash you have, the time, and the customers. Do not get into a project you will leave half-way because it will be past the Easter seasons already by the time you complete it.

Ajaero Tony Martins