Flea markets are becoming increasingly popular in metropolitan areas. They provide shoppers with reasonably priced goods and provide budding entrepreneurs an easy inexpensive avenue to establish and grow a small business.

More and more buyers now flock to flea markets because they want to cut costs by buying used items—or even new ones—at cheaper prices (even though new items are now being sold at flea markets). Most of the time, the used items are in very good conditions. In fact, some are as good as new.

Similarly, new entrepreneurs now prefer starting out with flea markets because startup cost is minimal, there are almost no licensing and certification requirements, there is low competition, and there is no need to rent expensive space (as is the case with opening a store).

Flea markets are also ideal for retired and fully employed people who want to make extra income in an interesting and sociable way. Setting up a business in a flea market is relatively simple. And you are more than likely to achieve success provided you are able to identify a well-attended market where you are more likely to have a high volume of business.

Not all businesses do well in flea markets. The location of a flea market as well as other factors determines what businesses will thrive in it. However, some businesses typically thrive in any flea market. Here are 10 flea market business ideas:

Top 10 Small Business ideas & Opportunities for Flea Markets

1. T-Shirts

T-shirts are perennial best-sellers. Buy the T-shirts in bulk, set your prices, and youare on your way to building a steady cash sales volume. With an investment of $300 to $500, you can purchase a good heat press and supplies. And you can even take orders for custom-printed T-shirts.

2. Sunglasses

Although they used to sell well only during the summer, fashion trends have made wearing sunglasses an all-year-round thing. So, they now sell during both summer and winter. You can sell cheap generic sunglasses, legal knock-offs, or both. However, your choice of what to sell should boil down to what sells best in your locality.

3. Covers and cases for personal electronics

People like to change the cases and covers of their smart phones, e-readers, personal organizers, etc. from time to time. So, these items generally sell well all year round. They are usually very cheap and can be sold for huge profits even at flea markets. So, if your locality abounds with tech savvy folks who use phones and other personal items, consider this option.

4. Posters and wallpapers

Large images that drive people crazy or stir their emotions are always good sellers. For example, if you live in a locality where the people are soccer-crazy, posters and wallpapers showing popular soccer teams and players will definitely be a great seller.

5. Fresh produce

Because people are becoming more health conscious, they are now turning away from processed and long-preserved foods and fruits in favor of fresh ones. So, if you can grow fresh farm produce such as vegetables, fruits, and spices in significant quantities, you can make huge profits during harvest periods—especially when your pricing is great.

6. Baseball caps

If you live in a locality where baseball caps are common, then you have another flea market business idea. Most individuals have many baseball caps in their wardrobes, and they will continue to buy more. So, if you can find a good supply source and have a good market, you can start selling baseball and sports caps.

7. Cheap toys

Most toys made for babies and toddlers cost between one to two dollars. And they’re even cheaper at flea markets. If there is a good market in your locality for children’s toys, then you can consider selling toys at your local flea market.

8. Jewelries

Handcrafted and stylish costume jewelries sell all year round. If you make your own beads or other type of jewelry, focus on making pieces that will fascinate people in your locality. For example, you can make pieces that are similar to popular high-priced jewelry, and sell to people who cannot afford those but will settle for yours.

9. DVD Movies

Children’s movies, classic movies, and old blockbusters are usually good sellers, especially when they sell for cheap. However, if you are opting for this business, make sure you deal with reputable wholesalers, and beware of pirates.

10. Athletic footwear and equipment

As people become more aware of the health benefits of exercising regularly to keep fit, the demand for running shoes, dumbbells, etc. is on the increase. And these items—new or used—now sell well all year round. If you live in a locality where many people exercise regularly, then you can sell these items at your local flea market.

Ajaero Tony Martins