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Top 20 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Pune

Bustling and commercial, leafy and slow, cosmopolitan and vintage; Pune effortlessly adds up to more than the sum of its parts. It is a city where history often asserts itself, but with a careless lightness. Celebrated as Maharashtra’s cultural capital, Pune houses a plethora of educational institutes, museums and hill forts. Besides being a cultural and educational hub, Pune has ample attractions to satiate most visitors.

Pune is filled with a largely dynamic crowd of students and young professionals, and this proves wonderful for a starting businesses that centre on these groups of people. Let’s take a look at 20 businesses you can start in this cosmopolitan and at the same time traditional city:

Top 20 Small Business ideas & Investment Opportunities in Pune

1. Restaurant

Eating out at restaurants is an experience that most people in Pune cherish a lot. If you can create a celebration where every moment is filled with fabulous food, sparkling spirits, interesting decor and an impeccable client service, then this business is for you.

2. Web Design

If you are good with web designing and can provide web development services like application development and SEO services, and creating digital marketing products, then you can take advantage of the business boom in Pune.

3. Retail Stores

Most tourists like to shop in quaint, tucked away shops-which houses the best of quirky goods that Indian entrepreneurs create and design. You can create a shop like that and have goods supplied to you by indigenous Indian craft makers.

4. Call Centre

If you have a pleasant speaking voice, excellent communication skills, and are attentive to details, you can consider starting a home-based telephone answering service. A lot of businesses need people who can handle after-hours phone services for their clients.

5. Internet Café

Telecommunication on the go is now required for all major businesses and individuals. If you can currently afford Wi-Fi services for the café, then can open for business in the busy areas near colleges, and business areas.

6. Marketing Consultant

If you excel at both selling and influencing to push a product or idea to success, then you can become a marketing consultant for various companies, their products and their services.

7. Office Space Real Estate Agent

As a thriving business city, many business owners need places to open shop and hang their business signs. This means that if you have inside knowledge of choice property locations, you can hire yourself out to companies to do the legwork search for them.

8. E-Book and Video Store-: You can offer books and videos in electronic format to clients who need this information on the go.

9. Travel Agent-: You can start a travel agency and arrange cheap holiday bookings and tours for expatriates who want to come into the state and relax.

10. Information Agency

Most companies need all sorts of advisory boards, but are often reluctant to ask for help. At very little cost, you can gather information that new businesses in Pune need and sell it to them.

11. Franchising: You can open a retail store or a fast food franchise.

12. Recycle Company

Most I.T companies generate a lot of paper and stationary waste, as well as e-waste. If you are tech who has developed a business idea in waste paper recycling and processing of stationery, then you can become a recycle agent.

13. Head Hunting Agency: You can start a head hunting/ staffing agency for multinationals that are looking to fill vacancies with local talent for a fee.

14. CV Redesign Service: You can offer a service where you redesign people’s CVs for a fee.

15. Virtual Data Room

I.T has made business very easy. You can create a virtual data room used securely for legal conclusions, signing documents, exchanging contracts and deeds. Hence, multinationals doing business need no longer to fax or email documents for agreement; they can just use your virtual data rooms.

16. English Teaching Website for Indian Students: You can create a website that teaches students how to speak English Language and other rudiments of international business communication.

17. Sales Training Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Running a MOOC seems to be the new way to handle sales training. You can charge sales people to use the site, create their sales goals and have other programs that you can run for a duration.

18. Feedback Service: You can start up a business where businesses can pay you to organize people on social media to test run their new services and products.

19. Corporate Lunch

In most offices, the typical buffet food at the cafeteria usually consists of the same food, over and over again. If you can recruit caterers that can design exciting menus for offices and deliver them on the fast lane during lunch hours, you can sell the business idea and get a lot of clients to service.

20. Security Analysts

As technology grows and technology advancements increases; you get to see more and more hacking stories. If you have the capability and the knowledge, you can start a data analysis service for firms who want to know what core security products that these companies want.