Are you an introvert or quiet person and you are seeking a business opportunity or extra source of income that won’t force you out of your social comfort zone? Then below are 20 small business ideas for introverts or quiet people in 2020.

Wait a minute! Is there anything like an introextrovert? Someone who is both an introvert and an extrovert at the same time? Why I am asking this question is that I have not been able to determine if I am an extrovert or an introvert. Sometimes, I love being around people, being the center of attention while at other times, I just want to crawl into some lonely space and be on my own.

I could sit in my home for days just reading, writing and studying while sometimes, that would seem like a punishment. Lol. Some of my friends would argue that I am an introvert while some would say “He’s no introvert or extrovert, she’s just bi-polar” That cracks me up a lot.

I love introverts though.  I think of them as people who are extremely intelligent and smart, people who love to work from behind the scene but it’s really impossible to do without them. I like to compare introverts and quiet people to cinematographers. In a movie, the people you will see are the actresses and actors but there are some people who, without them, we won’t get to see that movies. Imagine a movie set without a camera; did I hear you say disaster?

As an introvert, the best business for you is something that doesn’t involve a lot of team work or personal selling; a business that lets you work on your own and if possible from your own house. You should also go for a business that doesn’t require much networking. So, which kinds of businesses fall in this category?

Top 20 Small Business Ideas for Introverts and Quiet People in 2020

1. Freelance writing-: The introvert may be reserved but it doesn’t make him a dull person. An introvert has great imaginative and creative skills. You could put such skills to use by becoming a freelance writer.

2. Web designer-: Web designing is a business that can be conducted 100% online. You could do all your marketing, designing and promotion without having to be in the public eye.

3. Graphic designing-: Graphic designers are in hot demand and graphic deigning is another suitable business for people who love to work from behind the scenes.

4. Blogging-: We understand that you are not really into talking too much. But you do have a lot of ideas in your head that you could share with others through blogging.

5. Social media consultant-: Introverts love social media because it creates a platform for them to express themselves and discuss with people without physical presence. As an introvert, you could turn your love for social media into a money making venture by becoming a social media consultant. Social media consultants help companies promote and advertise their businesses on social media.

6. Stock broker-: I know that selling stocks require a lot of networking and advertising but the good thing is that most of the networking can be done via internet or telephone without having to make physical contact except when necessary.

7. Cleaning services-: Cleaning business is also suitable for introverts. Although as a beginner, you would need to do a little bit of networking and advertising to get clients to patronize your cleaning business.

8. Accounting and bookkeeping services-: Accounting and bookkeeping need a whole lot of concentration to avoid errors and misrepresentations. An introvert would do very well in this field.

9. Artist-: Introverts also make very good artists.

10. Online store-: If you love buying and selling but the idea of having to deal with tons of customers daily freaks you out, you don’t have to throw your dream of owning a store away. You could still own an online store and sell stuffs without having to attend to people physically.

11. Waste management-: There are lots of opportunities in the waste management industry. Some opportunities include recycling, garbage collection and industrial waste collection among several others.

12. Pest control-: Pests and insects are a major source of concern in people’s homes. No one likes to see pests or insects living in their homes. Pest control involves working on pests and we all know that with pests and insects, there won’t be need for a chit-chat.

13. Music writer-: One of the strongest points for introverts is analytical and creative thinking. You could make money from writing songs for musicians.

14. Moving services-: Like they say, change is the only constant thing in life. And this popular saying is true because every day, when you look around you, you will see people moving from one apartment to another or moving from a rented space to their own home. Whatever the case, people are constantly changing location and these people require the services of others to help them move their properties.

15. Vending business-: This one is one of my favorite businesses for introverts because a vending machine business is a business that runs itself. Just figure out what items you want to be selling, purchase a very good vending machine and place in a public place. That way, you can conduct your business in a public place without having to be in contact with so many people.

16. Stock photography-: Stock photography is a growing business. People need photos and images to back up their write-ups or to put on their websites. Stock photography is another suitable business for quiet people and introverts.

17. Courier services-: You could also start a business of helping people to pick-up and drop-off parcels.

18. Ticket booking and reservations-: This is another business that can be conducted easily online. You would have a wide-base of customers which you won’t have to be in physical contact with. You could help your clients with airline tickets, hotel reservations and even tickets to attend shows and events.

19. Meat shop-: You could also start a meat packaging and delivery shop in your locality or obtain a franchise.

20. Bakery: Having a bakery also lets you work from behind the scenes because you could bake and supply to other people who would do all the selling and distribution.

Ajaero Tony Martins