Are you passionate about technology? Do you understand technology and its trends? Then here’s five best start-up IT business ideas that you can start from home with no money in 2020.

For those who have the skills and experience in the area of information technology, this may be a great time to start a new business venture. Even though the economy has been hit hard, the technological advances are still booming.

In fact, many new innovations are changing the business industry and its processes. Technology has become a staple in virtually every area of our lives including how we communicate, apply for jobs, obtain high school diplomas and college degrees along with a large variety of different areas.

With this being said, an aspiring information technology business owner has many different areas that they can consider for a new business start-up. While some of these ideas may only take a computer, an Internet connection and the skills to perform the related duties and functions, there are other ideas that may require a small monetary investment to get off of the ground.

In either case, information technology has many doors of opportunity for those who are interested and have the drive to get started and succeed. Some of the top information technology ideas that may be considered include:

5 Best Start-Up IT Business Ideas to Start from Home with No Money in 2020

  • Software Development

An aspiring information technology business owner with strong software development skills has a wide range of opportunities available to them today. From developing software games to essential business software applications, the software developer can choose the area that has the highest growth in demand and establish their niche.

One of the main objectives today is finding the best area to specialize in and promote it to a target audience that needs the products and services. In this field, the owner may choose an area that enhances existing software applications or they may create new software applications.

If you have an extensive background in computer hardware and software, a small or medium sized computer repair and maintenance services may be the best choice. These types of business ventures can survive recessions and poor economic conditions, since many consumers cannot afford to replace their computers with new computers.

In these situations, these consumers look to computer repairs services to make sure their family’s computers are working properly. While some computer services repair companies are tailored to fix certain types of computers only, some business can fix any type (desktops, laptops, etc).

Computer training is also another area to consider, especially for people who specialize in teaching various kinds of computer software programs. Today, computer systems are in homes, businesses, schools and virtually every industry. As a result, trainings are often needed by both novice and advanced users.

The computer training that is required is often based on the computer systems involved and how they apply to an individual’s needs. Even when new users are intimated by using a computer, computer training courses can ease and eliminate the fears.

Due to all of the activity on the Internet, a web design company is also a profitable business idea for the small business owner. Even though some people are using ready-made templates to create their websites, other business owners prefer and need a website that is professionally designed and customized to meet their needs.

Companies that want to be successful in the Internet business industry will also need help with SEO techniques, good content and other strategies to drive traffic to the site. Therefore, this is a skill that new and existing business owners seek out when they are getting started or when they begin to grow.

  • Cloud Hosting

One of the latest trends in information technology is Cloud Hosting. It is an area that is increasing in both the public and private sector. Due to this increasing growth, both small and large companies can participate in storing their client’s files on their servers. The growth for this technology is expected to increase all over the world for business and personal use.

Ajaero Tony Martins