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10 Best Opportunities for Starting a Business in Katsina

Katsina state is one of the 36 states in Nigeria, it is located in the North Western part of the country and it was created on the 23rd of September, 1987. The capital of Katsina is called Katsina and the languages generally spoken across the state are Hausa, Fulfulde and English. The nick name of the state is ‘Home of Hospitality’.

Katsina state shares border with Kaduna state, Zamfara state, Kano state and the Republic of Niger. The major religion of the people of Kano is Islam and a very few people practice Christianity and also the major ethnic group in Katsina state are the Hausa people and the Fulani people. As a matter of fact, Katsina state is one of the states that still practice Sharia law in Nigeria.

The state government and the local government are the major employer of labor in Katsina state. Farming and Cattle rearing are also key sources of revenue generation for indigenes of the state. Katsina state is notable for the cultivation of millet, guinea corn, onion, sugarcane, kola nut, groundnut, sorghum, and beans.

If you are an investor looking towards starting a business in Katsina state, then you will find the following top 10 business opportunities useful.

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Katsina State

1. Mechanized Farming

If you are interested in farming, then you should consider starting your own mechanized farming in Katsina state. Just like in most parts of Nigeria, mechanized farming has not being fully embraced because it is capital intensive. But, if you know you have the financial capacity to go into mechanized farming, then you should consider Katsina state as your destination. You can decide to go into onion farming, groundnuts, beans, millet or any cash crop of your choice or a combination of crops. All you need to do is to source for food merchant that can be your business partner.

2. Sugar Production Company

Katsina state is one of the states in Nigeria that is notable for the cultivation of sugarcane in commercial quantity. If you are looking for a business to start in Katsina state, then you should consider starting your own sugar production company. The market for sugar is huge and if your product is well branded and packaged, you can export your sugar to other parts of Africa.

3. Auto Repair Workshop

If you are a trained mechanic who lives in Katsina state, then you should consider starting your own auto repair workshop in any part of the state capital. The state capital is just the major area where such business can truly thrive because of the volume of cars there. Just ensure that you chose a business location that is close to a major road to setup your own auto workshop.

4. Government Contractor

The government happens to be the major employer of labor in Katsina state, hence the state is considered to be a civil service state. One of the means of making cool cash in Katsina state is to become a government contractor. There are loads of businesses you can do with the government; you can be a supplier of stationeries, you can become a tax consultant or you can become a construction contractor to the government. The bottom line is that, you stand the chance of making quick fortune if you secure a mouth watering deal from the government.

5. Mobile Phones, Computers and Accessories Shop

Another easy to setup business that you can start in Katsina state is opening a mobile phones, computers and accessories shop in Katsina the state capital. If you start this type of business in Katsina, you are likely not going to face stiffer competition because there are fewer standard stores that deal in mobile phones, computers and accessories. Just ensure that you add repair and other IT services to what your business offering and you won’t struggle to attract clients.

6. Vet Clinic

Vet clinic is yet another business that is needed in Katsina state. It is not as if there are no vet clinics in the state, but the ones there just aren’t sufficient. So, if you are a vet doctor who is looking for a location to setup his or her vet clinic, then you should consider Katsina the state capital. Just ensure that you source for owners of cattle ranch to market your business.

7. Football Viewing Centre

Another business that doesn’t require huge capital to start in Katsina state is football viewing centre. The average football fan in Katsina state do not have access to digital television stations that air live football matches, hence they go to football viewing centre to watch their team play a match. Therefore, if you want to leverage on this to make money, then you should open your own football viewing centre in an area prone to human traffic.

8. Water Refill Station

Water refill station is yet another profitable business an entrepreneur can establish in Katsina state. Although, most homes and even some offices patronize local water vendor, but if they have a better option, they will sure embrace it. Consequently, if you are looking for a business to setup in Katsina state that will address the problem of water scarcity, then you should consider opening your own water refill station. Once people know that they can get treated water from you, they will sure be willing to pay more than they can pay local water vendor.

9. Transportation Business

Transportation business is one of the businesses that can thrive in any part of Nigeria and Katsina state is not left out. If you are interested in the transportation industry in Nigeria, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you opened a branch of your office in Katsina state.

10. Consignment Shop

The poverty level in Katsina state is high, hence most of the indigenes can’t afford to buy brand new stuffs. Establishing a consignment shop where people can get whatever they are looking for won’t be a bad business idea in Katsina state.

There you have it; the top 10 business opportunities in Katsina state.