Are you interested in starting a not-for-profit organization but you simply lack ideas on where to focus on? Then below are ten interesting non-profit business ideas for social entrepreneurs.

A non-profit, also known as a non-governmental organization (NGO), is a body aimed at achieving a specific goal, which leaves a positive impact on people, animals, a community, an environment, or the planet as a whole. So, non-profits are not in business to make money.

A non-profit organization differs from a for-profit business in a number of ways. For example, an NGO usually has no owner, but an individual or a group can own a for-profit business. Also, an NGO is funded by contributions, not by investments as is the case with for-profit businesses.

If you are looking to effect a positive change that no one has given a thought, you can achieve that goal by starting a non-profit. However, you must bear in mind that a non-profit offers no return on investment. All you will get is a salary and the fulfillment that comes with making a positive impact.

A non-profit organization can be established in any field and for any reasonable purpose. If you are looking to change people’s lives positively by starting a non-profit, but have no idea how to achieve that goal, then below are ideas you can consider:

Top 10 Interesting Non-profit Business Ideas for Social Entrepreneurs in 2020

1. Green living

The earth has undergone much damage over the years due to various human activities such as industrialization, deforestation and so on. Only very recently did people start realizing the gravity of these activities. And this is why there is increasing global awareness of the benefits of green living.

As of present, the green living campaign hasn’t gone very far. In fact, in many countries, the concept of green living is literally unheard of. If this is what obtains in your country, then you can start a non-profit that advocates green living.

2. Proper health care practices

In many countries (especially developing countries), improper health practices such as self-diagnosis, self-medication, drug abuse, and quackery are rife. If you live in one of such countries, then you should consider starting a non-profit that campaigns against these practices and enlightens people on better practices for improving their health.

3. Critical health conditions

Critical health conditions such as diabetes, sickle cell disease, cancers, Down syndrome, leprosy, HIV/AIDS, and others that require long term management are common in most societies. And the cost of managing these conditions is usually enormous, since the management is usually for a long term or even for the rest of the patient’s life.

A good non-profit idea is to come to the rescue of people with these conditions. You may consider starting a non-profit that generates funds for the procurement of drugs and financing of other management procedures for such people.

4. Elderly care

In many places, elderly people usually don’t get enough care. And since they are no longer strong enough to get whatever they need themselves, they usually face very hard times in their old age. You can help improve the welfare of the elderly in your locality by starting a non-profit aimed at taking care of them.

5. Save animals from going extinct

Many animals are on the brink of extinction. We often read in newspapers and hear in T.V. documentaries that there are less than 50 of certain animals left on the earth. You can prevent certain animals from going into extinction by starting a non-profit that advocates for their protection and preservation.

6. Encourage tree planting and preservation

Many natural disasters such as hurricanes and erosion have been attributed to heavy deforestation. By encouraging tree planting and discouraging deforestation through a non-profit, you can help improve the environment and protect people from the harsh effects of natural disasters.

7. Education for the poor

Even though education cannot be downplayed, not everyone can afford the costs. Some people find it hard to get money to feed themselves; let alone get quality education. A good way to ensure that poverty doesn’t deny such people access to quality education is to start a non-profit that generates funds to sponsor their education. Better yet, you can start a school that will offer high quality education for absolutely free.

8. Disabled people

In many societies, people with physical disabilities are looked down upon. They are not able to enjoy many of the benefits that others enjoy. And they face episodes of hardship and abuse. If you feel the need to help such people, then you can start a non-profit that that defends the rights of the physically disabled and help them enjoy various benefits that other people enjoy.

9. Trade and professional

Sometimes, there may be need for the establishment of non-profits to serve an industry. A prominent example of such non-profits is the American Medical Association.

10. Campaign against vices

Violence, racism, child abuse, and other vices are rife in many societies. You can start a non-profit that campaigns against any of these and supports people who have fallen victim to such vices.

Ajaero Tony Martins