Are you searching for small business opportunities in Perth, Australia? Are you considering starting a business in Perth but you simply lack ideas on what business to start? If YES, then I advice you read on as this article will help solve this problem.

Perth has always been known as a magnetic city, a place that attracts dozens of tourists yearly. Perth is not only an attractive city, it is also well populated with an estimated number of about 2,000,000 residents as at 2013 and it is regarded as the fourth most populous city in Australia.

Apart from the fact that Perth is attractively populated, it is also a highly industrialized city with its own airport and other attractive infrastructure. There’s also a good climate and very stable government. These are clear characteristics of cities that are very good for business. For instance, if there’s a stable government, factors like political instability and unfavorable government policies are things you do not have to worry about.

Also, a presence of good infrastructure, facilities and public amenities would ensure that your business has access to the right facilities that it needs to succeed. Perth is definitely a good place for business but what are the surefire businesses that you could start in Perth?

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Perth

1. Sperm and Egg Bank-: The number of people suffering from fertility issues which prevent them from having babies is quite alarming. In the past, women who could not conceive or carry their own children were left with no other option than to carry the cross of never having their own children but thanks to science, such women can now have their own children through procedures like IVF and surrogacy.

However, these procedures are done with some very vital things; sperm and egg. Sperm and egg banks help to collect and store these vital items so that they can be used at a later date. Some sperm and egg bank also help to find donors or willing surrogates for people who need such option.

2. Night Pharmacy-: There are regular daytime pharmacies and drugstores in Perth but few night pharmacies if any. Night pharmacies are very important in any city or community because it could help to save lives when there is an emergency. You don’t have to open your night pharmacy only at night; you can make it a 24/hour pharmacy, with day and night shifts so that people can always have access to drugs at any time of the day.

3. Group Home for the Elderly-: We all love our elderly ones but sometimes, it’s just difficult to make out enough time to be with them mostly because we have to work and live our lives too. But elderly people need care and attention, they need people to talk to and chat with. They need activities that would keep them active and busy so that they don’t become depressed due to loneliness.

This is why a lot of people take their elderly ones to care homes where they can relate with other people and be adequately taken care of by professionals. When you set up such a business, you stand to earn a lot of profit from the monthly fees which you would charge each client for the services you would render to them.

4. Food Production/ Processing-: You can never go wrong with food production because as long as humans continue to exist, there would always be a need for food. Packaged foods and condiments are very easy to use especially for busy people who really cannot wait to throw in some canned foods, slap in some ingredients and be done with dinner.

There are dozens of opportunities in the food processing industry. You could make canned tomatoes, bottled cooking oils, milk, cheese, canned fish, baked beans, packaged soup, frozen meat and a whole lot of other things.

5. Building Material Sales-: Everyone wants to own a house- that’s brilliant if you ask me but someone has to supply the building materials, not so? This is another smart and lucrative business you can start in Perth. You could sell a variety of building materials like cements, blocks, iron, doors, sand including home fittings and accessories.

6. Construction Clean-up-: If you are interested in doing business in the construction industry but cannot afford the costs of starting a building material sales business, then you can go for a business that is cheaper to start; a business like construction clean-up.

When a construction job is completed a lot of wastes are left behind with the newly constructed building looking like a dumpsite. This is where the construction clean-up expert comes in to clear the junk and make the place look habitable and attractive to people.

7. Herbal farm-: You must have noticed that herbal products are dominating the market. From herbal bathing soap to herbal body creams, to herbal hair creams, perfumes and lot more; people want to be healthy and safe and a lot of people believe that one of the ways to be safe is by using herbal products; Herbal products are obviously made using one vital ingredient; herbs.

A lot of herbal product manufacturers do not own herb firms but purchase herbs in bulk quantities from herbal firms. You can make some good money for yourself by starting one of such farms. You can sell to cosmetics or drug manufacturing companies in Australia or even export to other countries.

8. Equipment Leasing-: Equipment leasing is another lucrative business opportunity that can be explored In Perth. A lot of construction companies and other businesses usually need to have heavy duty equipment to carry out contracts.

Some others need equipment which they could use over a long period of time and pay for in small installments. Such equipments include motor vehicles, trailers, construction equipment, communication gadgets, drilling and mining equipment, among others.

9. Haulage Business-: Another valuable business opportunity is starting a haulage business. There are lots of companies in Perth that would need the services of haulage contractors to help them convey items from place to place.

10. Small Scale Manufacturing-: Lastly, you can start a small scale manufacturing business. There are no limits to the type of items you can manufacture for sale. You could candles, soap, confectionaries, insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, toilet roll and lots of other things.