What is the best business to start this valentine period? What are the fastest selling products to sell on Valentine’s Day? Well, I advice you read on to find out. February 14th is a day set aside to celebrate the St. Valentine’s Day in most parts of the world. It is a day set aside to propagate love to one another. Now in utmost sincerity, I don’t believe in the “St. Valentine’s” philosophy; nor do I pay any special attention to “Lover’s day.

But what the heck, I am an entrepreneur for crying out loud and my primary duty is to solve the problems or fill the needs of others. So therefore, I apply every ethical and legal means within my capacity to make sure I profit off these lovers, love seekers and observers of St Valentine’s Day. Do you share my point of view? Are you profit oriented? Then this article is for you.

Now from personal research, I have noted that the Valentine’s Day frenzy usually begins from the first day of February, climaxes on the 14th of February and gradually wears off till the 20th of February. If you carefully observe the time frame, you will note that you have approximately three weeks to make it or break it.

If you don’t make money within these three weeks, you have missed out on the trend and will have to wait till the next year. This is the sole reason why critical planning and preparation is very important. So without wasting your time, below are the top best selling products you can sell on Valentine’s Day and make money.

Top Part Time Businesses You Can Do on Valentine’s Day

Top 40+ Fast Selling Products to Sell on Valentine’s Day and Make Money

  1. Novelty toilet paper
  2. Molded face in chocolate
  3. Elephant poop flowers
  4. Condoms
  5. Cryptic balloon
  6. Unique plants
  7. New pets
  8. Edible undergarments
  9. Mouse pad
  10. Reproductive plush toys
  11. Heart shaped meat products
  12. A huge-E-Gram
  13. Best wish valentine cards
  14. Celebrity inspired cards
  15. Underwear built for two
  16. A chocolate covered scale
  17. Hoosters dinner surprise
  18. Surprise car decorations
  19.  The 2-carat mug
  20. Jewelries
  21. Diamond ring keychain
  22. Bacon flowers
  23. Heart couple Necklace
  24. Bold Loft “A big kiss” couple pillowcases
  25. Valentine shirts
  26. Couple wine glasses and heart couple rings.
  27. Sex toys
  28. Digital photo frames
  29. Pink or red iPod accessories
  30. Gift items like gift boxes, gift basket
  31. Romantic novels
  32.  Candy
  33.  chocolates
  34. Wears
  35. Shoes
  36. Children Toys
  37. Decorating materials like; fancy bulbs, wallpapers
  38. Makeup kits
  39. Bath and body sets etc.
  40. Teddy bears and dolls
  41. Fancy wall mirrors
  42. Branded or customized umbrellas
Ajaero Tony Martins