Are you looking for a part time business you can run from home? Do you have knowledge or competence in the security industry? Then below are ten self defense products you can sell from home and make quick cash.

With the help of the internet, people can now buy and sell items without leaving the comfort of their homes. And selling items from home is one of the ways by which you can make full-time or side income. This simply entails having an online platform for displaying your items and telling potential customers about them.

While many people now prefer to buy most of the items they need over the internet, not everything sells well online. And if you want to make money by selling items online, you need to know which items are selling, so you won’t be promoting the wrong products.

The increasing global rates of unemployment have boosted crime rates in most countries, and this trend has increased the demand for self-defense and security products. So, since there is a huge global demand for self defense products, selling them online will most likely be profitable.

If you have been looking to make money from the web, then you should consider selling self defense products online. Here are the 10 best selling self-defense products you should start with:

P.S: I want to emphasize the point that self defense products can be harmful if in the wrong hands. So to protect yourself from lawsuits and harassment from law enforcement agents, I advice you register your business and obtain the needed license from relevant authorities such as your local police, NSCDC, etc. please consult your lawyer or attorney for details.

Top 10 Self Defense Products to Sell from Home for Quick Cash

1. Self defense canes

These are extensible rods that can be kept in the bag or strapped to the waist. They are extended to full length when an attacker approaches and are used to strike them. The latest types now come with flashlights at their end for seeing in the dark. They are suitable for both men and women.

2. Pepper sprays

These self-defense products contain oleoresin capsicum, a peppery substance that causes great discomfort to the eyes and nose when sprayed on the face. They are used on attackers at close range, and they cause so much discomfort that force attackers to retreat.

3. Personal emergency alarms

These are small battery-powered devices that make very loud noise when the alarm button is pressed. They are very suitable for emergencies such as rape and violent scenes, as they can attract attention to the scene. So, the noise produced will either fend off attackers or get the rounded up.

4. Self defense key chains

These are little key chains with holes and sharp ends. In emergency situations that would require a combat with attackers, the keychain can be worn by inserting two fingers in the two holes, with the sharp ends pointing towards the attacker. They add some extra pain to blows—rather than blunt heavy blows, attackers get sharp, more painful blows.

5. Stun guns

These are battery-powered devices that unleash electronic voltage at attackers. The voltage renders them unconscious for a short while, during which the attacked individual can escape the scene. Stun guns can only be used at close range, but they are very powerful and highly effective as self-defense tools.

6. Jack knives

These small knives are usually made as key holders. They can come in handy when an unharmed attacker is close range. Though small, jack knives can inflict deep cuts on attackers and can help the attacked individual escape the scene. Jack knives are very small and can be carried in the hand without being noticed.

7. Mace sprays

These sprays, unlike pepper sprays, work by covering an attacker’s face and blurring his sight. They also make breathing difficult, which means the attacked individual can easily escape the attack scene. Mace sprays work well when used at close range.

8. Animal repellants

If you often walk by places where you fear being attacked by dogs or other animals, animal repellants are for you. These sprays work like pepper sprays and mace sprays, but are used on animals instead of humans. They are most suitable for joggers who are usually at risk of canine attacks.

9. Tasers

Tasers are regarded as the premier non-lethal self-protection devices. Though they are gun-shaped, they do not fire bullets. Instead, they fire darts, which have been proven to have higher instant incapacitation rates than some handguns. They can be used over long distances and are now used by police officers to arrest on-the-run criminals rather than kill them.

10. Self defense ebooks and videos

Ebooks and videos that teach self-defense tips and tricks are also in huge demand, especially in countries where the law forbids the use of devices such as tasers and stun guns.

In conclusion, having learned some of the best selling self-defense products you can sell from home, you can now start making money by either promoting them as an affiliate or setting up your own e-store to sell the items physically by shipping them to buyers’ addresses.

Ajaero Tony Martins