There are several unique business opportunities in the software industry, and most of these opportunities are yet to be explored. Software packages are now used regularly in virtually all aspects of business, marketing, management, healthcare, technology, and everyday life.

You too can tap from the huge opportunities in the software industry by leveraging your programming skills (if you are already an experienced programmer) or by learning to become a programmer (if you are not one but wish to be one). Better yet, you can enter the industry as an investor. Here are 10 great business opportunities that can fetch you cool cash and earn you a decent living in the software industry.

Top 10 Small Business Opportunities in the Software Industry

1. Software development

There is good business for those who have the skills for developing software packages that customers would enjoy and find very helpful. Big companies are looking to hire those with these skills. You could make your money on contract basis or through outright sales of software packages you develop.

There are several software application ideas you can look to for motivation. For example in the music production business, you can develop a software package that is better than Footy Loops. You don’t have to invent something new; the key here is to study what’s available and coming up with an improvement on it.

2. System analysis

System analysts are professionals who analyze developed software packages to ensure that they meet standard requirements and that they work satisfactorily. Analysts implement software information on systems; they also work with potential end users to achieve their results.

Software analysts usually are not involved in the development of software packages, but their knowledge and skills enable them to implement timelines, develop cost analysis, and perform other important tasks that go into software production.

3. Software programming and developing

Software programmers are those paid to write the codes and commands that control how the computer interacts with a software package. Programmers are skilled in various computer languages.

If you are looking to make a good business out of software programming, then you must know computer languages like C++, Java and COBOL. Software programmers and developers are highly paid, provided they know their stuff and can deliver expected results.

4. Software engineering

Software engineers design and work on complicated software packages. They check for errors in the programming code and repair them in most cases. In 2004, a research by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that there are 760,840 software engineers holding jobs in the U.S. alone, and the number keeps rising rapidly.

Aside being hired by employers on a full-time basis, software engineers also work on contract or as freelance engineers. Others work for the military and get paid very highly. Software engineering is a good business opportunity, and it is highly fulfilling for anyone who already has the necessary skills or is willing to acquire them.

5. Technical writing

Technical writers for software developing companies help end users or customers understand software product manuals among others. They create easy-to-understand guides that are either printed for offline reading or published across online channels. They also write specification details for software packages and computers.

6. Technical support

Technical support is another very interesting opportunity you can in the software industry. Technical support involves helping customers with software package installation, solving various installation and operation related problems. It is indeed an interesting way to make money especially for those who have great communication skills, a “techie” background, and passion for helping people solve their problems.

7. Database management

Database managers maintain and manage databases that have to do with any software developed. Database management requires a high level of intelligence and diligence, and this is why database managers and administrators are generously paid. Tap into this software business and you are on your way to legally made fortune.

8. Web developers

Website developers are the creative moneymakers in the software industry. They help integrate software packages into websites and other online platforms. Online registration and payment portals are designed and built by web developers.

Web site designers are in huge demand and are highly paid. One of the smartest way to break into the web development business is a start your own web development agency, and start rendering your services on a contract o freelance basis.

9. Project management-: Project managers in the software industry are responsible for managing software project designs, budget allocations towards development, among others. It goes without saying, but this opportunity requires good management skills.

10. Quality assurance and testing-: Quality assurance and testing involves the testing of the quality of software function and standards. Those who have skills in this department can really earn a lot from this.