Do you want to start a cloud hosting company from scratch? Or you need a sample cloud hosting business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

Change is one thing that is said to be constant in this world because if you look around you, you will find out that new things are being introduced while older things that have refused to change or evolve are being phased out.

Like in the world of website hosting, clouding hosting is the in-thing; and cloud hosting has to do with providing hosting services for websites on a virtual server, using a network or larger number of physical website servers. What this means in essence is that you provide virtual servers for clients to host their website, and store their data and applications.

If you key into the cloud hosting industry now, you sure to make some big buck, and you can be sure of that it until the industry becomes saturated; which will take a few more years for it to happen.

This article will cover everything you need to know about the market preference for cloud hosting in comparison to ordinary web hosting on private servers; and also how you can start a cloud company that will offer hosting services to people.

4 Reasons Why People Prefer Cloud Hosting

  • It Is Faster-: I mentioned before that cloud hosting is done with a network of servers instead of just one private server that was formally used for web hosting; this makes clouded sites simply faster than sites hosted on private or single servers.
  • More Secured-: Unlike the physical server hosting where anything can happen to the server, cloud hosing is a virtue network, so the probability of damage occurring to its servers are just a barest minimum.
  • Most Reliable-: The clouding hosting is made of many virtual servers; so if anything happens to one of the servers, your website wouldn’t shut down as the other servers will continue to hold your site up. This is unlike the normal web hosting, where your site goes down once there is an issue with the server.
  • Cheaper-: In cloud hosting, you only get to pay for the cloud space you use at any point in time; making it a cheaper option for people with websites.

You have seen the various reasons why people go for clouding hosting and why the business will boom within the next few years before it starts getting saturated. Let’s take it a step further by looking into how to start your own cloud hosting company.

Starting a Cloud Hosting Company – Sample Business Plan Template

The easiest way to go about this is to buy a reseller pack from a cloud hosting company; then offer to clients or buyers at a increased rate to rake in profits. But some people may wish to do it the tough way be starting out their own cloud hosting company from the scratch. If that is the case with you, the following steps mentioned below can help you get started:

1. Capital Intensive-: I just want to bring it to your notice that starting your own clouding hosting company is capital intensive; as you have a lot of severs, software and hardware to purchase. So the first step to take is to check your financial power, take a stock of all you need to start up the company and check if you are financially capable of handling such.

2. Get Some Training-: Unless you are a tech wiz or you have worked in a clouding hosting company before, only then will you be exempted from this step. If not, you need to take intensive training on cloud hosting and how the whole process works.

You may not be the one in charge of setting up the whole technical aspect of the business, but it pays to have an all round knowledge of how your business is done. You can also kick in some business courses if this is your first time setting up a business venture.

3. Lease an Office Space-: You need to get yourself an office space for your company; the location doesn’t matter; what matters is that the office space has enough space to contain all the equipments you need to start your cloud hosting services.

4. Employ I.T Professionals: You may ask why when you have already signup for a cloud hosting course? Well, the reason is because clouding hosting business requires more than just the basic knowledge of computer programming, networking and server handling. You are getting from the course to make it work; so it requires a touch from professionals who have the experience and all it takes to set up and run such a company.

Experience should be the criterion here for employment, not just certification. There are other vital staff you need for the success of your company; example is the customer service attendant, the accounting department and the marketing department.

5. Get the Servers-: This is where the main business of setting up your cloud company starts. You have to buy and set up your network of servers, purchase processors, install all the necessary software and hardware you need for the business. This is where your I.T staff starts their line of work.

6. Get Your Business License-: I know cloud hosting business is more of an online thing, but you still need to get your business license to operate in your location. You need to find out what the requirements are and get it, even before you open your doors to business.

7. Online Presence-: I have mentioned earlier that cloud hosting is more of an online thing, so an online presence is very inevitable. Your website should offer people various clouding hosting plan to give them space to make their own choice.

Also, you need to have a clear payment system where payments can be done instantly. Have an online customer service in place on the site to help people who are finding it difficult to get around your site or who have one inquiry or the other to make.

8. Advertise-: Everything is set at this stage for you to kick off your business. It is time to let the world know what you have to offer, so they can come patronize you. As an Online business, most of your adverts will be done online (you can still do some sort of offline adverts too to increase your client base).

You can advertise with social networks like Facebook and twitter. Also, you can create video tutorials and place them on Youtube for adverts. Remember to optimise your site for search engine, it will help you get traffic from popular search sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo.