Do you want to start an office cleaning company from scratch? Or you need a sample office cleaning service business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on. Starting a new business is fun to some people and at the same time it is a no go area for other people. The truth is that everybody has the capacity to start a business if only they dig deep within them to get the inspiration and motivation they need.

If you don’t place a limit to how much you earn in a month, then you best option is to start a business. With a business you can earn as much as you want, if only you can secure more customers to patronize your products or services. One of the businesses that you can easily start is an office cleaning business; it doesn’t require a technical skill and with little start – up capital, you can set – up the business. It is a norm in the corporate world for organizations to contract the cleaning of their offices to vendors.

If you start your own office cleaning business and you are able to secure a cleaning contract from a multinational, you sure going to make huge returns on your investment and that will in – turn bring more cleaning deals for your company.

Hence, if you are looking for a business to start, a business that requires low start – up and a low running cost, a business that guarantees huge returns on your investment, then you should consider starting an office cleaning business. Office cleaning generates the highest revenue in the cleaning industry. Now let us consider 7 steps to follow if you want to start your own office cleaning business;

Starting an Office Service – Cleaning Business Plan Template

1. Conduct Your Feasibility Studies and Market Survey

Before starting your office cleaning business, it is advisable that you conduct your feasibility studies and market survey to be sure that there are offices who will patronize your services in the location you chose to setup the business.

Conducting your feasibility studies and market survey will give you a clear – cut idea of the amount required to setup an office cleaning business, the type of cleaning equipments and chemical suitable for cleaning offices, how to source and seal cleaning contracts and the billing system in the industry amongst other factors that will be of interest to you.

2. Write Your Business Plan

One of the factors that will indicate that you are serious with your startup business is when you take out time to write a good business plan before kicking off the business into motion. The role a good business plan plays in a business cannot be underestimated. Your office cleaning business plan is the blue print of your business and it should give you a guide on how to run your business.

3. Register Your Business

For you to get big corporate clients, you have got to register your business at the chamber of commerce or the corporate affairs office in your country. You have got to decide if you want to be in partnership or if it is going to be a sole proprietorship kind of business. Be sure to provide all the details that you would be using so that nothing is left off.

4. Secure an Office Space

Up next, you would be required to get an office space. If it is okay, then you may determine to start out from your house. Otherwise, you may want to consider renting an office space where all the administrative duties will be carried out from. It is important that you let your realtor know exactly what you are looking at so that you would not have to run around in circles.

5. Purchase Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Your next port of call after you have been able to secure an office space would be to procure all the cleaning equipment that you need. Some of the cleaning equipment include vacuum cleaners, blow dryers, scaffolding machines- if you have to deal with high rise buildings, mops, buckets, cleaning chemicals, detergents and a host of other things.

6. Source for Office Cleaning Contracts

Now that things are looking up, you then need to source for some cleaning contracts. How can you be able to do this, you just might ask? You can comfortably pull things off by putting all the marketing strategies you know to use. This means that you can begin to use the word of mouth mode of advertisement, or you may also consider printing fliers, brochures- stating the kind of services you render and what have you. The internet through the various social networking sites is also a good place to get your business noticed.

7. Recruit, Train and Assign Staff

Now that things are looking up, then you can consider hiring some workers. Be sure that you hire experienced workers. You can look at the pay- as- you- go kind of contract where you pay per deal done. On the other hand, you may consider hiring some inexperienced people and training them so that you can bring them up to speed about the trends in the sector is all about.

In addition to all these, do have at the back of your mind that you will need to assign a supervisor that can be your eyes and help you see how things are run when you aren’t there. Some cleaners can be lazy and unruly some times, that is why you have to keep tabs on them always so that you do not lose your clients.