Do you want to start a popcorn gourmet company from scratch? Or you need a sample popcorn gourmet business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

If you have passed by where popcorn is being whipped up, then you just might agree that the scent it sends in the air can be so very tempting. No wonder some children and adults cannot see a movie at the cinemas without having a bag of popcorn at hand. You will agree that it is one great snack to munch on anytime.

These days, you would find that more and more popcorn gourmet businesses are springing up all around us. This is all because of the low startup capital needed to pull this off and the simple ways through which it is made.

With the gourmet popcorn, you are able to freestyle with different ingredients and flavours. They are everywhere you name it: in our local markets, on our streets, bus stops, at the cinemas, malls, just to mention a few.

So just what is special about the popcorn gourmet and how really does one get into such a line of business? Well, the first step is to prepare a gourmet popcorn business plan. Here are surefire ways on how you too can start your own popcorn gourmet business.

Starting a Popcorn Gourmet Business – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Do Your Homework

Here is one of the most important parts of any business. You can’t possibly get into a line of business without first doing a research on it. So first off, is to a study on the different kinds of recipes on the gourmet popcorn. You do not want to make popcorn that wouldn’t taste fine or repel buyers. You might also want to study about the various techniques used in making popcorn.

2. Understudy an Expert

You might also choose to see someone who is already in this line of business. Ask questions about the risks involved if any, as well as the advantages involved in it. Also, you need to take a cue from the type of locality where it is located and also the kind of people it attracts.

3. Have a Budget

Now that you have armed yourself with some necessary information about this business, you might want to draw up a budget to get a popcorn machine. Of course like any machine there are low cost ones and there are high-end ones. You might decide to go for the ones that cost lower if your budget is tight, or you might just opt for the higher ones if you do not want to be saddled with parts replacements and back to back maintenance.

4. Acquire a Popcorn Machine

After you have figured out the various gourmet popcorn recipes there are, you can begin to think of acquiring a machine. Starting your own popcorn gourmet business means that you must essentially acquire your own popcorn machine and equipment. So get online or ask people who have started this line of business already where you could possibly purchase your own machine, since it isn’t something you might likely get in an open local market.

5. Get the Ingredients Needed

You might want to visit the local markets where the corn is sold to see things for yourself. Here are some of the popcorn supplies you might need for starters: popcorn kernels, different seasonings and flavours for the popcorn. You would also need oil, popcorn papers, popcorn nylons, popcorn buckets or popcorn bags. You must however bear in mind that how you decide to package it to your clients depends on whether you are starting out small or big.

6. Do Some Practice

Now that you have your machine, it is now time for you to put to good use findings from your research. You must first make the gourmet popcorn so that family and close friends can taste of it and at least tell you what they think of your popcorn. This is so that you get feedback on how your popcorn tastes. You do not want to make popcorn that would cause your business a decline.

7. Get a Space

Now that you have practiced and possibly gotten a good feedback on how your popcorn tastes, it is now time for you to hit the market. Be sure to look for a high traffic spot. However, this still depends on your financial strength. You could choose to start out from your house, or you might want to get a rented shop or a small storefront. You might also want to look out for new mall buildings that are just springing up so that you could position yourself for clients.

8. Decide Your Workforce

Now that you have figured out whether to stay at home or get a rental space, it would be very needful for you to decide if you wanted to start out alone or if you would want to employ a hand or two to help out in the production of your gourmet popcorn as well as its packaging. However, it all boils down to whether you are starting off on a low scale note or if you are launching out in a big way.

9. Be Creative

You do not want to strike your clients as boring. You might want to try different recipes, but apart from the different recipes you could also try making the popcorn in different colours and flavours.

Remember, that popcorn lovers cut across age and race. It is as appealing to adults the way it is for children. Let your clients know the various recipes and colours you have available per time. You might decide to make different colours on each day of the week or you can make weekends days for different colours.

10. Get Feedback

Every business needs the feedback of its clients to succeed in order get better at the game. In the same way you should seek to get the feedback of those who get to buy your popcorn. You might choose to ask them which colour they find appealing and also what flavor they like or are addicted to. Getting all these responses would help you improve the services you give, as well as give room to be appreciated.

When you do follow and get all these steps rightly, do not forget to keep hope alive by being optimistic that you would break even in no time. Be sure not to get discouraged initially when you do not have many clients. This is because no business starts and breaks even on the same day. You just must exercise loads of patience in building your popcorn gourmet.