Do you want to start a roofing company from scratch with no money? Or you need a sample roofing business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

One of the major things that have to be fixed in a new house whilst construction is still under way is the roofing. Roofing a house is very important because without it the house in question becomes useless. Roofs in houses are very important because it shields one from many environmental hazards.

The sun, rain, amongst many others, is some of the environmental harshness that a roof shields. Therefore it becomes very important that you know that there is ample potential to make profit in this business because of the need for it by many. No house is deemed complete without there being a roof.

If you have been tinkering with the type of business to start, then you may want to consider starting a roofing business. Truth is that there is plenty of returns on investment, therefore you have to be careful in following the right steps to build your roofing. Here are the steps.

Starting a Roofing Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Research

It is very important that as you look to start your own roofing company that you do some research. You have got to make your survey a very comprehensive one. Therefore, be ready to learn about a whole lot too, like; how must it costs to start the business, the type of roofing you want to dabble into and a whole lot more.

2. Get Some Training

It is not a good idea at all that you go into business without knowing anything about it. Therefore it becomes important that you get some training in this industry. So, what needs to be done? You would need to look for a roofing company that exists in your environment or outside and look to go volunteer as an intern. This is so that you can garner plenty of information on what the roofing business entails.

3. Get Business Training

Getting some formal business training is vital, if you want to run your business rightly. Therefore you may consider enrolling in a business school where you can be trained on accounting, and other stuff that would help your business thrive.

4. Register Your Business

Registering your business is one the most important steps that you have got to take. This is if you do not want to limit your chances of dealing with corporate clients. As a matter of fact, corporate clients are one of the sects of people who would be willing to pay you real well. Check with the chamber of commerce office or the corporate affairs office as the case may be to see what you would be required to provide to get your company well registered.

5. Write a Business Plan

If you do not know jack about what it means to write a roofing company business plan, then you can consider hiring an expert to write this plan for you. There is some very vital information that must be contained in this document and you do not want to miss out any.

Some of the information includes; your short term and long term business, how much you intend to put into this business, your advertisement strategies, your mission statement, vision of company and a host of other information.

6. Know Your Competitors

You already know that you aren’t the only roofing company that exists therefore; you would need to know who your competitors are. The essence of this is so that you can know who they are, their successes, as well as faults. Arming yourself with this information is capable of doing a whole lot in how you would build your business to profitability within a short space of time.

7. Get an Office

Up next; you would need an office to operate from. When you are dealing with clients, they want to be sure that you have got a place operation where they can come to should they have any complaint. You may consider situating this business of yours at an industrial estate. You may consider an office space for the receptionist, the manager, as well as others.

8. Purchase Roofing Equipment

After you have gotten an office space, then the next thing for you to do would be to purchase all the needed equipment that your employees need. You would have been able to garner the information of what and what to buy as you carry out your research.

9. Hire Workers

Now that things are looking up, then you may look to hire workers. For things to run really smoothly, then you may consider hiring people who are experienced. Those who have done such tasks before are able to satisfy your clients than those who do not know anything about roofing. As you start out, be sure to inculcate the spirit of excellence in them so that they have a working template.

10. Advertise Your Business

It is important that you get words out what you do. So, you would need to advertise your business with the best strategies there are. You may look at using the following strategies; printing fliers and brochures, using the various social networking sites to send messages out, the word of mouth, offering some discounted or even pro bono roofing services.

Those the 10 steps that are pertinent to building a roofing company from the very scratch to profitability.

Ajaero Tony Martins