Today, will be publishing its own list of highly successful entrepreneurial bloggers. We are not just publishing this list for fun. We are publishing this list to help direct our loyal readers to the valuable content of other entrepreneurs who we believe are worth being role models.

As it is well known by all, there are lots of entrepreneurs who have broken the success barrier in the blogging industry and are also impacting the life of millions of people. These bloggers are simply replicating what the likes of Aliko Dangote and Warren Buffett are doing offline; online. The selection of these successful bloggers is based on the following standard:

a)            The teachings of these entrepreneurial bloggers have impacted the lives of millions of people.

b)            They are leaders in the making and they practice what they preach.

c)            They are worth being modeled after.

d)            Most importantly, the blog content of these bloggers is entrepreneurship or business related. Meaning, the content must have a direct or indirect impact on entrepreneurs.

If building a business successfully is your utmost priority, below is my list of highly successful entrepreneurial bloggers you must follow.

                10 Highly Successful Bloggers You Must Follow

1.            Steve

Steve Pavlina; a full time personal development blogger, whose message has and is still transforming the lives of millions of people all over the world. Steve's life is a grass to grace story of how he transformed from being a convict to becoming one of the most popular people on the internet. He is one of the bloggers i hold in high esteem because of his strong personal principles and straight to the bone teachings that have the power to propel entrepreneurs forward. Some of his written contents that can stir up your entrepreneurial spirit are:

                10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job

                How to Make Money From Your Blog

                How to Discover Your Life Purpose in About 20 Minutes

                33 Rules to Boost Your Productivity

                How to Stop Complaining


2.            Tim

Tim Ferris is an angel investor and best selling author of the "4-Hour Work Week" He has been on the list of Fast Company's Most Innovative Business People of the Year. His blog attracts thousands of readers weekly. I became a fan of Tim Ferris after i read the articles he wrote on his blog; articles that can sharpen the startup investment skills of entrepreneurs and investors alike. Some of them are:

How to Create Your Own Real-World MBA – II

How to Create Your Own Real-World MBA

Why Grow? And Other Wisdom from 37Signals


3.            Brian

Brian Clark is a successful entrepreneur and blogger. He successfully started from scratch and grew it to significant status. I frequent Brian's blog specifically to improve my copywriting skills. Some of his content i find very useful are:

        The Glass Ceiling, the Inner Circle, and
the Key to Building a Popular Blog

                How to be interesting

                The first rule of copyblogger

                Seo copywriting: The five essential elements to focus on

                10 secrets to more magnetic copy


                10 Highly Successful Bloggers You Must Follow

4.            Dan

If you are an entrepreneur in the blogging/information industry and you are looking for hard core blogging tips that will help you build a successful blog, then Problogger is the place to go. Dan Rowse is a pro when it comes to blogging and that's why his blog is No 1 in the blogging niche. Some of his written works i find valuable with respect to entrepreneurship are:

                9 Proven Tips for Creating an Extraordinarily Successful Blog [Lady Gaga Edition]

                The Unmissable Secret of Long Term Blogging Success.

                How to Get Things Done When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

                How I Make Money Blogging: Income Split for June 2010


5.            John

John Chow is a self proclaimed Dot Com Mogul. With an army of over 100,000+ (subscribers) standing solidly behind him, John Chow is definitely the man to beat.  I specifically added John to the list because of his entrepreneurial guts; which saw him going head to head against the powers that be (Google and Digg). You can read some of his entrepreneurial challenges below:

                Banned From Digg

                How to Start a Tech Site

                The Internet’s Biggest Google Whores

                Blogging for Dollars – It’s Not Just a Hobby



When it comes to no nonsense blogging or internet marketing strategy, Glen is the guy to listen to and the reason is this: Between 18 – 20 years of age, Glen has built and sold several websites, at the same time doing some social media consulting for HP, Land Rover, etc. Some of his straight to the bone articles are:

        7 life lessons I applied to internet marketing

                6 things I wish I knew about blogging 4 years ago


10 Highly Successful Bloggers You Must Follow

7.            Robert

Now that it's Robert Kiyosaki’s turn. I just don't know where to start and the reason is this: Robert Kiyosaki is my most respected mentor, his teachings was the propelling force that pushed me into becoming an entrepreneur and most of all; he has through his teachings made me a smart investor.

Robert Kiyosaki is an entrepreneur, Educator, self help financial guru and Investor. He predicted the global financial meltdown in 2008. He is also the best selling author of the Rich Dad series which includes the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad." Robert Kiyosaki is the inventor of the "CashFlow Game" and the owner of the Rich Dad Brand.

You have to keep an open mind when reading or listening to Robert Kiyosaki because his principles are known to evoke either love or hate. His teachings are highly controversial and centers on entrepreneurship, personal finance and investing. You can read some of his written works below:

Are You Sure You Want to Be “Rich”?

Crooks and Thieves

                The game of risk

                HENRY's Message

                Financial D-day is Coming

                Are You Getting Used to the Crisis?


8.            Matthew and Adam Torren –

Matthew and Adam Torren are the founders of YoungEntrepreneur; a website dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs get ahead. Being young entrepreneurs themselves, these two guys really know where the entrepreneurial shoes pinches and they are doing all they can to help other entrepreneurs overcome startup business challenges. Some of their tips entrepreneurs will find helpful are:

        The One-Page Business Plan – It Might Be All You Need

            Why Your Brand Needs to Engage the Senses

            Building Brand Loyalty: Getting Your Priorities Straight

Brand 101: 6 Critical Q’s & A’s You Need to Know to Create Competitive Advantage


                10 Highly Successful Bloggers You Must Follow

9.            Michael,

Nothing inspires me than seeing young entrepreneurs doing exploits and Michael Dunlop is one of such entrepreneurs. Whenever i read his write up or profile, i get fired up in spirit. Though young, this guy has lots of entrepreneurial experience to share with anyone willing to learn. Some of his hit teachings are:

                10 Reasons Why You’re Not Making Any Money Online Yet

                How To Monetize Your Blog – How I Really Make Money from my website.

                Making Profits Out of Your Home Business Blog


10.          Leo

If you are in dire need of hard core tips for personal excellence and effectiveness, then Leo Babauta's blog is the place to go. Some articles you will find helpful there are:

        the best goal is no goal

            How to be Insanely Productive and Still Keep Smiling

                10 Benefits of Rising Early, and How to Do It

20 Things I Wish I Had Known When Starting Out in Life

Simple Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life

These are ten successful bloggers i will recommend you follow because of the message they share. Spending time on the blogs of these entrepreneurs will not only affect your personal life positively but will also help you build a better business.

Ajaero Tony Martins