Do you live in a town that hosts high institutions and the town is dominated by students? Then below are the top ten business ideas for university or campus towns in 2020.

Towns and communities that have universities and other institutions within them usually have students forming a major fraction of their population. And for this reason, businesses that typically cater to students are in huge demand in such places.

If you live in a community that is dominated by university or college students, whether you are a student or not; you can benefit financially from the huge student population by starting a business that caters to students. Below are ten good examples of business ideas aimed at students.

Top 10 Small Business ideas for University / Campus Towns in 2020

1. Laundry business

Students, like any other set of people, love to look good. But their tight school schedules usually does not give them enough free time to do their laundry, so they mostly to have this done for them. If you have no problems with getting your hands wet, then you should consider starting a laundry business. Fortunately, this business requires no technical knowledge or huge capital.

2. Desktop publishing center

Desktop publishing centers in student-dominated environment make a lot of money by helping students format, print, edit, and design their assignments, reports, project works, and so on. In addition, students pay to have their tuition receipts and other vital documents printed from their school website whenever necessary. If you have a solid background in desktop publishing, then this business is for you.

3. Restaurant

Just as they usually don’t have time to do their laundry, students hardly have the time to cook their food. This explains why they turn to restaurants and fast food joints to fill their bellies whenever the need arises. And their need to eat every day leaves huge profit opportunities for restaurants and fast food joints.

If you have great culinary skills, then you should consider venturing into the restaurant business. Even if yours is not a student-dominated environment, this business thrives everywhere.

4. Stationeries

It goes without saying that stationeries sell well in school campuses and environments dominated by students. And the reason is obvious—students always need pens, pencils, rulers, and other stationery items. If you live in a student environment and would like to start a business that requires very little startup capital, then you may consider selling stationeries.

5. Sports bar

Students—mostly the males—have great enthusiasm for sports. You will see them flooding sports bars on weekends as well as weekdays on which high-profile sporting events are to be televised. If your blood boils with envy whenever you sight this, then chances exist that you are interested in the business. And if you have what it takes to take a plunge (money, time, interest, business sense, and other things), do so.

6. Photocopy center

If you have ever been in a student-dominated environment before, you would have been awed at the rates at which students flood photocopy centers.

Virtually every day, the average student needs to make copies of pages of a textbook, a class note, an assignment, a document, or some other important piece. This explains why the demand for photocopying services is always huge in school campuses and environs.

7. Boutique

College and university students have a strong fashion sense. The average student wants to dress to impress and could go to any length to achieve that—even if it requires frequent visits to the boutique. To entrepreneurs, this only means one thing: business opportunity for anyone interested in a boutique business.

8. Cyber cafe

Whether there is reliable internet connection in a student-dominated community or not, the demand for internet services among students will always be on the high side.

So, in an area with poor internet connection, starting a high-speed internet cyber cafe is a good business opportunity, as it fills a pressing need among students in that community, who will need to browse the web to pay their tuition online, research answers to assignments, and so on.

9. Book selling

What else do students do other than read books? So, the reason is obvious why textbooks and notebooks sell well in environments dominated by college and university students. If you want to start a very profitable business that caters to students, then you should consider opening a bookstore.

10. Supermarket

Just as is the case in other environments, a Supermarket will be a very profitable venture in a student-dominated environment. This is because supermarkets sell a wide range of goods that are needed on a daily basis, such as snacks, personal care products, beverages, processed foods, cosmetics, and so on.

If you are living in a student-dominated environment and looking to start a business, then you may consider opening a supermarket. However, you can start small if you are on a little budget; your business will expand with time.

Ajaero Tony Martins