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20 Best Business Investment Opportunities in Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital city of the state of Queensland in Australia. With a population of about 2 million people, it is the third largest city in Australia. As a city that prides itself as a genuine new world city that is rapidly developing creatively as well as being forward thinking, Brisbane is an attractive location for businesses to start and boom!

This location brings with it a unique time-zone advantage for businesses which have to function round the clock. With growth from today’s $114 billion economy to an expected $217 billion by 2031, Brisbane is on track to become one of the world’s most prosperous cities.

With relatively low cost rentals, services, education, salaries and cost of living, Brisbane is a highly desirable base for individuals who desire to open businesses operating through the region. As a result of the friendly business climate, it has become common practice for international businesses to locate their regional headquarters in Brisbane.

Brisbane’s attractiveness as an investment destination is based on its longstanding economic resilience, its sound regulatory framework for business, and a stable political system.

With an eclectic mix of both urban and rural environments, as well as having a sea coast, Brisbane caters to a variety of businesses that a new entrepreneur can invest in and make good profit. Some of the business opportunities in Brisbane include:

Top 20 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Brisbane, Queensland

1. Ethnic food business

With the ever increasing diverse population in Brisbane, opening a restaurant, a dinner or even an ethnic take out place is sure to be a money maker with a wide range of ever hungry consumers who are looking for something different to try apart from their usual diet.

2. Fashion Boutique

Regarded as one of the most fashion conscious and cities in Australia, Brisbane craves for diversity in its fashion scene. If you have a good sense of fashion, and knowing what is in vogue in the fashion world as seen from the USA, Paris, Asia and Italy, and you have the resources to open a brand name boutique; then this business is for you.

Even if you do not have the resources to start a brand name boutique, Brisbane has its own indigenous fashion designers who are becoming world famous and need to spread their brand name.

3. Night Clubs

Night life in Brisbane is an ever moving electric beat and is very vibrant. To succeed in this business you must be eclectic, innovative and fun. As home to one of the best entertainment scenes in the country, opening a nightclub that also offers live music, karaoke nights and world class DJs will bring your name to the limelight and always have your club packed with party goers.

4. Organic Food Store-: If you know where to source organic foods for sale, and open a shop or an online store, you already have a market that cannot be satisfied.

5. Bookshops Video stores: Opening a themed bookshop with a video-centre is a good way to go. You can form book-clubs, hold author signings and rent/sell the latest international and local blockbusters.

6. Import / Export Business-: Brisbane is home to a lot of citizens from this world who at one time or the other, need different things from different places. You can tap into this market by creating a niche that grows like agriculture.

7. Boat Cruise / Hire Service: With the wonderful coast of Brisbane River, and the Portside Wharf in Hamilton, you can start a boat cruise/hire service for tourists and locals.

8. Bicycle Repair Service: With the increasing trends of keeping fit, most people in Brisbane usually commute using their bicycles; you can repair, service and maintain their bicycles.

9. Produce Stall: The farming districts have a lot of local food markets and fairs going on at any given time. You can get a stall and start selling produce.

10. Financial Service: If you have a good idea of international commodities markets and brokerage, you can start your financial consulting business for individuals of corporations.

11. Tourist Guide Agency: With a lot of tourist attractions, Brisbane attracts tourists almost all year round because of its warm weather and sea. People coming need guidance, you can provide that service.

12. Entertainment Arcade: Young people, families with children often look for places where the whole family can have fun together. You can start an arcade with video games, board games and other attractions.

13. Babysitting: If you like kids and have a facility to keep them entertained, you can keep watch over kid during weekdays and weeknights while their parents go out.

14. Car Detailing: Offer to clean cars inside and outside for their owners during their work hours and you can charge as much as A$20/hr.

15. Craft Shop

With the booming tourist trade, you can open a craft shop and sell locally produced crafts like homemade cards, t-shirts and other things that tourists like. You can even promote local artists for a small fee from them.

16. Home Food Delivery: If you can cook well, you can start a business as a chef who cooks home meals to deliver for clients, making their lives easier.

17. Exercise Teacher: If you have a need to keep fit, help people lose weight and be generally health conscious, then you can become an exercise teacher in a gymnasium or offer home services to become a personal trainer.

18. Gardening Services: Some people are willing to pay to have someone come and get their gardens started up with either produce or flowers. You can make some side money by offering to care for the garden.

19. Handy-Man Services: Like a lot of cities, Brisbane has a lot of executives and business people and very few skilled handymen. If you are good at basic repair jobs in plumbing, electronic or computers, you can start this business.

20. Pet Grooming: Many busy people need help with their pets; either to bath them, take them to vet appointments or walk them. If you are good with animals, you can go into this business.

21. Pooper Scooper Business: For many people living in urban and suburban, cleaning up pet waste is a hassle. If you have no problems dealing with pet waste, you can start this business. It’s amazing how many people will pay you to do this!