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How Much It Cost to Open Maggie Moo Music Franchise

Maggie Moo Music offers music, movement and sensory sessions for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. They are a renowned children’s music franchise with over 20 farmers around Australia. This business is centred on Maggie Moo Farmyard theme and all franchisees are referred to as farmers.

The Head farmer is expected to sow and grow new farmers (they don’t use the word franchisee) in New Zealand. These head farmers will reap the benefits of retaining 90% of the initial farmers’ fees they earn and 100% of all ongoing monthly fees paid by the farmers.

The Maggie Moo Music model which has for long been very successful in Australia is based on a collective and co-operative farming model. Farmers are advised to be independent whilst being supported through the company’s FB group and email.

The head farmer can choose how much support they give to their Farmers. But the company supplies a comprehensive ‘How to Doo Moo’ operations manual which provides all the information needed to help a farmer get started. The Head farmer can also build their own local FB group once numbers grow.

Head farmers are advised to start their own farming operations by holding moosical sessions so that they can experience the reality of being an everyday farmer, but this is not essential. Farming labour (university students, friends, Mums, Dads) can be used to run the Moosical sessions so the Head Farmer can concentrate on sowing the seeds for expanding the farmer’s network if they prefer.

When sessions are running, this promotes the Maggie Moo Music model and word of mouth kicks in. This translates into more session clients and also more potential farmers. You will create your own music playlists using the 125 uniquely crafted songs for 0 to 5s (though older children and parents love the music too) to run moosical sessions to engage with the children through music, play and movement.

You don’t need to have musical skills, but you do need to love children and children’s music. Note that you are not restricted to running moosical sessions alone, you can also choose to run Moo Doos (parties and events), Messy Moo sessions (messy multi sensory play sessions), and Maggie Moo Music sessions in pre schools and libraries.

You could be a parent not wanting to return to a conventional workplace and looking for a business to work around your children. You may even be a grandparent who enjoys the company of children and you’re looking for an interest and a part time income.

Note that your background doesn’t matter as all farmers come from diverse backgrounds. All the franchisor wants to know is that the idea of working with children and their Mums and Dads really, really appeals to you. You must have a sense of fun and be able to appreciate the wonderful range of music the company offers children.

Financial Requirements of Opening a Maggie Moo Music Franchise

  • Minimum Investment: $47,500

Steps to Open a Maggie Moo Music Franchise

If you love music, love working with children, have a passion for life and just want to spend more quality time with your own children, then Maggie Moo Music could be just the thing for you! Here are some of the steps involved in owning a Maggie Moo Music franchise:

  1. Introduction Call

The first step in this franchise development process includes an introduction call, where the Franchise Development Department will learn more about you and your background. During this first contact, they also inquire and discuss your broader objectives in business ownership and the main goals you hope to accomplish with a children’s music franchise.

This will help both of you get to know each other, as well as make sure it’s a good fit for a mutually-beneficial partnership. You will then be directed to the franchise information packet, where you’ll find all the details you need to assess the franchise opportunity. The franchise packet includes everything from franchisee testimonials to more in-depth information about marketing, operations, training, support, and more.

  1. Fill Out the Application

After reading the franchise information packet, you can fill out the application included at the end of the packet and send manually. Or, you can continue to the company’s website and complete the application there.

  1. Review the FDD

Once your application is approved by the franchise development team, you will receive a copy of the franchise disclosure document (FDD) to review. This legal document includes all financials as a company and a copy of the franchise agreement.

Note that the FDD is one of the most crucial documents in the franchise development process, and reviewing it will be a crucial step in deciding whether or not to invest in the Maggie Moo Music franchise.

  1. Attend a Discovery Day

After reviewing the FDD, it’s time to come for a Discovery Day. Discovery Day is a one-day visit at the franchise headquarters that typically lasts from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Here you’ll meet the executive team and members of the franchise team. During Discovery Day, you’ll also:

  • View a brief presentation
  • Visit our corporate-owned children’s music
  • Attend a lunch event
  • Discuss any questions you may have

Discovery Day is usually a step in the process that helps solidify the decision of whether this is the right investment for you, and if the franchisor is the right person to do business with.

  1. Join the Family

If you decide you are ready to sign on, this is where you start the process of finalizing the paperwork. The franchisor will confirm the areas of interest, entity name, address, and signees of the franchise agreement. For multi-franchise owners, they confirm all information as well as determine the development schedule and larger protected territory.

After that, they will also determine the closing date, at which they will collect signatures on two copies of the franchise agreement – one for you and one for them. Both copies will receive the CEO’s signature, and the franchise fee check, if applicable, will be sent to the corporate office.

  1. Pre-Opening

After you sign the lease, you will start your training, at which time the pre-opening process will also begin. Pre-opening usually takes about 6 to 12 weeks and includes finding a contractor, beginning construction, purchasing the franchise furnishings, and also a soft opening prior to the grand opening. Have it in mind that the timeline of the process may be longer, pending the time of year, municipalities, and other factors.


Moo Music created an amazing brand and educational collection of 128 songs and creative ideas for sessions for the 0 to 5’s and it is a walk in business for the right person. The Head farmer support obligations are designed to be low level due to the support available through The Facebook forum. This allows The State farmer the time to focus on growing the network and having a lifestyle balance.