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Can You Be a Felon and Work at Amazon?

Yes. You can be a felon and work at Amazon; however, this will depend on certain factors such as your conviction and your current record. Note that your chances of getting a job at Amazon also depend on your location. Of course, there are states that are quite friendly towards hiring individuals with a past criminal record.

Enterprises within the United States, including Amazon, are all expected to abide by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This regulation restricts employers from unfairly discriminating against applicants based on certain stipulated criteria. Past criminal convictions are among those criteria.

Amazon is ranked as one of the biggest and most prominent employers in the United States, and they always have vacancies to fill.

Also, being one of the largest enterprises, Amazon cannot afford to have its reputation negatively affected by rogue workers. So even though Amazon recruits felons, they always try to avoid felons with prior convictions that are violent in nature or diminish trust in the worker.

Candidates with criminal records that have to do with theft will have a difficult time getting recruited at Amazon. This is no big surprise because the company takes safety precautions to guarantee that nothing goes afoul.

Factors That Will Determine If a Felon Can Work at Amazon

Ideally, Amazon’s employment policy does not discriminate against persons with felony convictions. Nevertheless, have it in mind that your chances of getting recruited will depend on the outlined factors:

  1. The type of felony conviction

Note that an individual that has been charged with any form of violent crime, sex-related crimes, theft, and drug-related crimes will find it difficult to get recruited by Amazon. However, it is recommended that you make an attempt by applying irrespective of what your crime is. By applying to as many positions as possible, you enhance the chances of getting recruited.

  1. How long you have had a criminal record

In most places in the United States, employers are not allowed to access records that are more than 7 years old. Howbeit, on the application form, you might be required to state if you have been convicted of a felony within the past 7 years. Note that if your crime or charges are older than that, there is every possibility it won’t impact your being hired.

  1. Your past work experience and how good your resume is

Individuals without prior work experience will find it hard to get employed. Owing to that, consider volunteering at a local church or community center. Helping others will ensure that you obtain very good recommendations and will prove that you are putting in the effort to be a productive member of society.

  1. Your level of transparency

Also, note that being upfront and honest regarding your conviction might determine your chances of employment. Have it in mind that every felon that got employed at an Amazon fulfillment center, was very plain and honest regarding their criminal past. They disclosed every detail of their conviction both on the application and during the interview process.

  1. Build a good relationship with the hiring manager

During the interview, it is necessary that you try to establish a personal connection with the manager and also strive you get him/her to empathize with your situation. If the recruitment managers like you, there is a greater possibility that you will get the job, even with the felony conviction.

Jobs a felon Can Get at Amazon

Within Amazon, there are numerous jobs and departments where a felon can work. For a felon with little or no skill, Amazon has numerous entry-level positions. Some jobs available for felons at Amazon include:

  1. Staff at warehouse fulfillment centers

Persons working here are tasked with sorting, preparing, and packing client orders to be shipped. Have in mind that this job is labor intensive and necessitates heavy lifting. Nevertheless, getting a job in this department can be quite challenging especially if your prior conviction has to do with theft, credit card fraud, and even identity theft.

  1. Delivery personnel or associate

Anyone working within this field is tasked with delivering packages to their respective owners. People who were charged and convicted of driving-related offenses should consider other options because they will find it hard to land this job. This is because the conviction does not give the employer enough faith in the felon’s skill as a driver.

  1. Customer care representative

Same as with many numerous modern enterprises, Amazon also has customer care representatives or customer support. The job of those individuals is to help customers who require guidance. Customer support is very vital not just in-store but also online; as such Amazon is strategic when recruiting people to fill these positions.

Steps to Get a Job at Amazon with a Criminal Record

  1. Establish Trust

The first thing to do is to put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes and consider things from their perspective. Why would any sane person choose to recruit a felon if they exhibit little or no signs of improvement or reliability? You have to make this your primary reasoning point when applying to any job.

Every recruitment manager will be eager to find trustworthy employees that won’t in any way jeopardize the company’s reputation. Owing to that, they will only want to recruit felons that are considered safe.

  1. Refine your application

Just like every other person, it is important you design a worthwhile resume that will capture the attention of your recruiter. This is where a cover letter tends to make a vivid impact. Already as an applicant with a felony conviction, you’ve made the wrong impression and it can be difficult to redeem yourself with just the job application alone.

This is why utilizing a cover letter is vital as it ensures that the hiring manager gets a good overview of who you are and how you have moved on from your past actions.

  1. Understand their requirements

Have in mind that there are only two routes to getting employed with Amazon. You will have to either get a job through a staffing agency or get directly recruited by Amazon, the latter of which can be stricter.

Your best option is to be upfront and honest, as this will help your recruiting manager to understand that your past actions have no influence on your present self. Owing to that, seek ways to be in the good books of the company when applying for a particular role.


With more than 5 million people in the U.S. being convicted felons, note that it makes it almost difficult to get a viable job. However, companies like Amazon and UPS that are steadily seeking employees are giving hope to these individuals.

It is important that you don’t fall into the temptation of lying about your convictions just because you think it will impede your ability to land the job. The issue with such action is that if is discovered, you will be considered dishonest, untrustworthy, and won’t still get the job. Ensure to provide information appropriately when completing forms and during the interview.