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50 Best Job ideas for Single Moms Without a College Degree

Are you a single mom looking for a high paying job means to earn extra income? If YES, here are 50 best career ideas for single moms without a college degree.

Being a single mom is tough and it comes mostly unplanned especially for teenagers. In fact, a lot of single moms who do not have college degrees may have left their schooling in order to have their child and maybe get themselves together once again.

Now that you must have gotten yourself together and are ready to face the job market, the question now arises, “what is the most suitable job that would allow me time for my child and which would pay well even without a college degree?

If you are currently facing such quagmire, here are 50 very lucrative careers that would not only allow you the flexibility you need to take care of your child or children; they can equally be gotten into without a college degree.

50 Best Career ideas for Single Moms Without a College Degree

1. Become a retail associate

Retail associates are basically people who help you find what you need in a store. Their job roles include greeting customers, assisting customers with product or service selection, maintaining merchandise, utilizing sales techniques and sometimes handling financial transactions.

A retail/sales associate requires little formal education, and a single mom without a college degree can fit into this type of service comfortably if it is the sort of thing she would like. Though the pay isn’t necessarily the best but the flexibility it offers may be priceless to enable you take care of your child.

2. Dog Breeding

Dog breeding is another career idea that would be just great for a single mom without a college degree. Being a dog breeder would enable you set your work hours so you can have time for your child or children, and the business is quite lucrative if you have dog breeds that are currently in demand.

If you run a good and clean service that respects the ethics of the profession, you would give puppy mills a run for their money.

3. Translator

If you know any other language and have always wondered how to put that precise knowledge to work, then maybe you have gotten an opportunity.

You only need to visit your local court house, police station, publication house; anyone who requires some English translation when a foreign tongue comes their way. You can offer your services on a part time basis so as to have time for your child.

4. Data Entry personnel

One of the careers that would be suitable for a single mom who has no college degree is to offer data entry services. This job is akin to that of the typist, but the best part of the job apart from it being easy is that it can be done from home. You can type away after the kids are in bed, or during naptime.

5. Barista

Quite a number of people love coffee, and there is a good chance that you do too. If you are quite versed with coffee making, you could take up a career as a barista. A lot of coffee shops or cafes run shifts, and this would suit your situation quite well. On the plus side, some companies are known to offer health insurance benefits to those behind the green apron.

6. Children’s Book Author

If you are really good with words, now could be the time to jump into children’s book authorship. You can use your experience with your child to create very unique stories that can grab the attention of children.

You can always use your child to test if your stories would be loved by children by gauging how he accepts it. If you have artistic talents, you can create your own illustrations. You can take up your writings at night or at the nap time of your child. If you hit on a best seller, you would enjoy passive income for a long time.

7. Recipe Developer

Are you a foodie, or do your just have a way with food? Then maybe you should focus on developing recipes for a living. Many cookbooks and websites need people to test, re-test and perfect recipes for publication. This job would help keep you and your child nourished, and the job is meant to be done from home.

8. Tour Guide

If you have the personality and a love for local history, you could register to be a tour guide. Your job would be to show off various places of interest in your state to tourists.

Since you would be working with foreigners mostly, having knowledge of languages other than yours would be a plus to you. You can fix your times with this job so you can have ample time for your kids, and also you do not need much education to be able to handle this job.

9. Baker

Are you good with baking? Then maybe you can start a career as a baker. If you have someone that can take care of your child in the morning hours, or if you kid is already in crèche or kindergarten, you could work as a baker in the morning and come home in the afternoon in time to receive your child.

You can as well set up your own little bakery business where you get to bake goods and distribute them in shops around you.

10. Music Teacher

Whether your specialty is violin, guitar or a variety of percussion instruments, teaching music out of your home is a rewarding and flexible gig many a mom would envy. You do not need any prior education for this job, just your skills, and since you can run this business from your home, you do not need to worry about babysitters.

11. Dance Instructor

If you have been a dancer before you had to stop because of baby or some other issues, then maybe now is the time to get your dance shoes out of the closet and brush up on your skills. From ballroom to ballet, you can make the world a more graceful place for only a few hours per week.

If you market your services very well, you would never lack clients and you may go ahead to open your own dance school in the future.

12. Dog Walker

This job is no longer the sole preserve of students anymore as you can rack up a tidy sum by walking dogs for people in your neighborhood.

Dog walking is mostly done in the late mornings and early evenings. You can hitch up your kid in his buggy and take him along for the walk. You can offer some additional services like pet sitting, poop scooping and grooming for more bucks.

13. Used Car Salesperson

This job is gradually leaving the male domain as women have started selling fast cars. If you can convince a toddler to eat his vegetables, you can as well convince an adult to get behind the wheel of a performance automobile.

To easily market the cars, you can open up a website where you place pictures of the cars and promote them on your social media platform. In this way, you may not have to be out and about all the time, and as such you would have time for your kids and money in your pocket if you are able to quickly close deals.

14. EBay Seller

If you enjoy cleaning out your garage, hitting yard sales and flea markets and then turning a profit, then get yourself set up on eBay and start reaping the financial rewards.

You can make a comfortable living this way, and if you are a computer-savvy mom, then your job has gotten quite easier. In your free time, you can shop around for garage sales where you can purchase the items dirt-cheap and sell them for profit on your site.

15. Fundraiser

Raising money for a good cause can put a decent amount of money into your bank account as well. You need to find something you are passionate about so your enthusiasm becomes contagious and wallet-opening. This business can be comfortably run from home, so it would not affect your schedule and you do not need any education for this.

16. Personal Shopper

If you have the knack for pairing and matching up clothes, and you know what would fit people just by looking at them, then you can become a personal shopper.

You can call up all those busy, fashionista moms and offer your services to them. Additionally, department stores also need people with your kind of gift, so be sure to check out department stores for job listings. If you would find working for a departmental store too tasking, you can go independent.

17. Telephone Operator

Telephone operators take calls from customers who are typically looking to contact an individual, business or organization for which they do not have their telephone number.

Many telephone operators work directly for telephone companies but can also offer freelance service. You really don’t need a college degree to apply for this job, and it would do you good to look for a company that runs shifts.

18. Fashion Designer

If you are very creative with fabrics, you can become a fashion designer. A lot of fashion designers that show their creations on the runway are single moms, so you can be one of them, and it is never too late to start.

But even if you are not going for a runway show during Fashion Week, there are many off-the-rack clothings that need designing — without you putting in the crazy hours and working with even crazier personalities.

19. Parks Supervisor

As a single mom that is yet to get a college degree, you can become a supervisor for your city park. You get to ensure that the park is kept clean everyday after it has been open to the public, and especially if it was used for an event. Since your work would be purely supervisory, you can take your child to work when you don’t have a help.

20. Party Planner

Where you the go-to party planner when your friends were having birthdays or celebrating some event? Then maybe you can put that skill to work now that you are ready to face the job market and especially as you do not have a college degree.

You can start with planning small events till your kids are fully in school or till you gain enough experience before you can launch into planning big events.

21. Social Worker

Social work is a helping profession and the main goal of social work is to improve a society’s overall well-being, especially for the most vulnerable populations. Social work can be incredibly rewarding, not to mention fascinating. You may not be required to be out and about all the time while doing this work, so it might be a good career to look at as a single mom without a college degree.

22. Yoga Instructor

To get into this business, you need to hang out at a yoga studio and find out how to become one of those uber-flexible instructors you are in awe of. You’ll be so energized at the end of the day and ready to face the home. And besides, yoga studios operate hours that favor their clients who may be mostly career people, so you may find that your mornings are always free.

23. Social Media Expert

You may have been savvy with the social media in your school days. You can put that knowledge to work now and use it to earn an income for you and your child or children.

As a social media worker, you get to help companies and businesses promote themselves and their businesses on the internet. This job is one of those jobs that can be done fully from home, so you can start it even when your child is just a few months old.

24. Photographer

Weddings, bar mitzvahs, pet birthdays — these are all things you can capture on film and make memories for your clients, and cash money for you. Since events mostly take place on weekends from Friday to Sundays, you can easily find someone to look after your kid while you hit the road with your camera in tow.

25. Day Care Center Operator/Employee

Assuming your child is the right age for day care, this is one of those jobs where you can get paid to take care of your child and other children all day. Patience is one of the necessities of this business, and as mom, you already have this in excess (hopefully). So if you love children, this job would benefit you all round.

26. Lactation Consultant/Doula

Moms helping other moms during one of the most important times in her life is one of the most rewarding jobs out there, and since you have already gone through the experience of child birth once or more times, mothers are likely going to take to you. You can fix your times to suit your schedule in this business.

27. Interior Designer

If you have a way with frames, fabric and fabulousness, working for yourself as an interior designer is a great way to take control of your time while making the world (or at least wealthy people’s homes) a more beautiful place. You do not need a college degree to find clients; all you need is the requisite experience and maybe a rich catalogue of designs and creations.

28. Physician Assistant

As the health care industry expands, so does the likely need for physician assistants. As health care costs increase, physician assistants may take over some of the duties usually reserved for doctors. This applies especially to those assistants willing to work in the rural or inner city clinics.

Duties may include the provision of comprehensive healthcare services including patient consultations, weekly office visits, and doing patient evaluations as directed by a supervising physician. This job maybe tasking, so you need to look out for one that runs shifts.

29. Fill out Surveys

Here, you are paid to review products and fill out surveys. There are a number of marketing firms out there that pay for consumer information about products. This is where you come in – you are required to provide that information. This is legit, but it may not earn you a lot.

The plus side of the job is that it is done solely at home and as such it would give you ample time to take care of your children.

30. Office Secretary

There is always a need for secretary jobs in offices — both in small businesses, corporations, and government offices. You will likely either need past secretarial experience in a similar position, or some sort of trade school training for this type of work, but if you are applying to a small firm, your high school diploma might be enough.

Since you would be running normal office hours of nine to five, you may need to find someone to take care of your kids. You can as well try looking for an office that offer daycare services too if your child is not old enough for school yet.

31. Home care aides

As the population ages and more elderly persons try to remain at home, since it is cheaper, the need for home health aides has increased. As a home care aide, you need to get certified and you must love caring for the elderly. A lot of benefits also come from this job like health insurance.

32. Niche Marketing

Starting a business that can be run from home is very ideal for a single mother who does not have a college degree. Niche marketing is one of the lucrative work from home businesses you can do. You just need to create a website that you would use to promote products of your clients and make money via ads, affiliate marketing or creating your very own product.

33. Recruiting Services

The recruiting firm works to match people’s skills and long-term goals to a suitable job. You can start this business on a small scale by running a blog or website where you post different types of jobs across various disciplines. You can optimize your site and start earning money from AdSense

34. Fitness instructor

This superflexible job is a whole lot of fun and good for your health. With experience and a little bit of training, you could teach anything from crunches to cardio dance. A plus in this business is that you get to fix your time, and of course you do not need a college degree to be a fitness instructor.

35. Independent sales representative

Even though there can be a lot of pressure to sell enough merchandise, companies like Avon and Pampered Chef provide great sales opportunities for single moms and virtually anyone with large social circles to make money in their spare time.

36. Become an entrepreneur

Starting your own business can be the easiest, most rewarding way to balance the responsibilities of motherhood with the desire for a fulfilling career. There are plenty of home and/or Internet-based opportunities that have minimal startup costs and will free you from the 9-to-5 grind so that you can have ample time for your kids.

Again, you do not need a degree to start a business, though some businesses might require that you have some certifications or diploma before you can start them. Worry not as you can easily get these certifications online.

37. Freelance writer

Many websites are in dire need of fresh, original content on a variety of topics. As a freelance writer, you can work from anywhere and set your own hours — a huge plus for single moms who are very busy and do not have helps. The only downside is a lack of steady work and benefits, but if you acquire good reputation, you can start getting regular and even permanent gigs.

38. Bookkeeping

A lot of small business owners don’t have the time or the training to do bookkeeping, so if you are good with numbers, you will be the one they call for help. This is usually a very flexible job for most of the month, and then a very demanding one at the end of each month or every three months when businesses need to balance their accounts.

You will probably be spending at least some time at each business you are helping, because that is where all of their files are. You’ll need a laptop and good tax and accounting software like QuickBooks or Sage to carry out your duties effectively. You will get to work from home most of the time except when it is unavoidable.

39. Freelance customer service

Most companies outsource their customer service these days. When you are trying to get your washing machine repaired or talking to someone about your bank account, you might be talking to a customer service representative who is located in a different state – or even a different country.

While many of these jobs are done from call centers, some companies also hire freelance customer service representatives to work from home. You will need to have a separate telephone line and a computer, and a quiet space to work. This job works best for single moms whose kids are in school, and you do not need a college degree for this job.

40. Graphic Designing

Another artistic field that does not require much education and can be run from home is graphic designing. This could involve making banners, creating logos, designing business cards, creating brochures, or any other item that needs to be printed or published online.

You don’t need to be licensed or trained before you start, but you do need a good computer and the right software. Top of the line software like the Adobe Creative Suite will cost you at least a thousand dollars, but there are free software options for desktop publishing, photo processing, and image creation that you can use to get started.

There are lots of YouTube videos showing you how to use the main features of most software systems, and it is a good idea to go through them to learn how the software works before you start looking for clients.

41. Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is a job you can usually do at home, which makes it ideal for single mothers with small children. You will need to do some studying to get familiar with the vocabulary used in various medical fields like pediatrics or gynecology, and learn how to spell the names of common symptoms, treatments, and drugs. Then all you will need are a good computer and some transcription equipment, and you are ready to start working.

42. Affiliate Marketing

This sales job is a form of advertising. A lot of people who have their own websites or online blogs use space on those sites to advertise third-party products and promote those products to their readers. For example, someone who writes and maintains a blog about fashion and clothing can sign up to be an affiliate for another company that makes and sells latest fashion in clothes shoes, bags and accessories.

You can write and post a review of such clothing or accessories. When a reader clicks on that logo or ad and goes to the company website, the blogger will get a small amount of money. If the reader buys the company’s product or service, the blogger will generally get a percentage of the sale.

43. Animal Control Worker

If you are a single mom that loves animals, perhaps becoming an animal control worker is a career to get involved in. You would be investigating the mistreatment of animals. Does that sound like something you would love? Pay ranges depending on where you live, but most animal control careers start out at around $34,000 annually.

44. Receptionist

Many people think of becoming a receptionist and think that it is not high paying. This is so wrong. You have to look into the right receptionist jobs. If you can’t find a great receptionist job, then consider becoming a virtual assistant. You can become an assistant to people and businesses all over the world. In fact, this is a win-win situation for single moms who have no babysitters.

45. Web Developer

Don’t forget that the world is becoming more and more tech inclined. As a single mom, if you want to follow the money, then you should check into becoming a web developer. Web developers are the heart of the internet and there seems to always be a place for someone who can build a website or do a mean website code.

46. Sales

Being a sales person can really be the perfect job for a single mom that is good at it. Why is this? Well, so many sales jobs are commission based. So that means that if you are good at making sales, you can really make a good living. Consider being a saleswoman in the electronic, automobile, or makeup world. This job would be great for you if you have an outgoing personality.

47. Hair dresser or makeup artist

Since beauty likely won’t ever disappear, there is always going to be a need for beauticians (hair dressers, makeup artists, aestheticians and more).

Beauticians can work from home, work out of a salon, take time off when needed, set their own hours and work as much or as little as they would like. They can also specialize in weddings or other formal events, which typically pay higher rates than strictly working out of a salon.

48. Server

Maybe you are looking to get out of the house for a bit and earn some extra cash. If so, then consider being a waitress or bartender.

Both make money instantly in tips, and the pay is significantly higher than minimum wage. Also, most restaurants are always in need of weekend servers, so you can plan on being home with your family during the week and picking up shifts on the weekends.

49. Virtual assistant

Do you have serious organizational skills? You can consider being a virtual assistant. The tasks that you would be required to undergo include sending emails, organizing travel and other administrative tasks for entrepreneurs and executives. The pay varies and tends to average around $15/hour. This is a great job for a single mother without a college degree.

50. Realtor or appraiser

Real estate agents set their own schedule but typically must be available on nights and weekends. This is ideal for single mothers.

An appraiser determines the value of a property based on comparisons of similar homes and an evaluation of the property itself. Though this job requires certification, but it is extremely flexible and offer competitive pay and benefits.