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4 Best Batting Cage Franchises [Cost Included]

Batting Cage Business

Starting a franchise is a good idea for someone who may not have the doggedness and tenacity to build a business brand from the scratch.

Aside from that, there are many reasons why investors and entrepreneurs would rather choose franchises as a way to launch their businesses. Interestingly, franchises make more money than newly founded companies. The majority of franchises have well-known brands that draw crowds of people in.

Profits increase thanks to this popularity. The return on investment is significant even for franchises that demand a sizable upfront payment as the franchise fee. If you intend to start a batting cage business, then you might want to buy the franchise of a batting cage brand that is successful.

You will definitely start making a profit if you choose the right batting cage franchise. As a matter of fact, many batting cage owners have reported making money at the conclusion of their first season. The typical first-year profit is $40,000, and by the end of year three, profits had increased to over $70,000.

Best Batting Cage Franchise Opportunities and Their Cost

  1. D-BAT Franchise

D-BAT was established in 1998, and in 2007 it started franchising. The business offers batting cages and indoor baseball and softball training. They also sell goods in addition to services. More than 100 D-BAT franchise locations are available right now.

D-BAT was the brainchild of Kyle and Cade Griffis. Initially, they offered players private instruction based on their training level. After that, they quickly built a facility with tools for various levels of training and expanded to become a full-fledged business.

Each person is trained differently by the D-BAT franchise, which builds them up based on their advantages and disadvantages. Franchisees may undergo many training sessions on how to use instructional methods that draw out a player’s strengths for both themselves and their staff. Both classroom instruction and on-the-job training are options.

Financial Requirements
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $45,000
  • Initial Investment: $536,450 – $1,031,100
  • Net Worth Requirement: $300,000 – $5,000,000
  • Cash Requirement: $75,000 – $200,000
  • Veteran Incentives: $2,500 off the franchise fee
  • Royalty Fee: 40% of membership fees
  • Ad Royalty Fee: 2.5% of the membership fee
  1. Extra Innings

In 1996, Extra Innings opened its doors in Danvers, Massachusetts, as a modest 8,000-square-foot space. The North Shore of Massachusetts needed a specialized indoor baseball/softball facility that also sells equipment, and the owners realized this soon after the business’s launch.

In 1998, the company relocated to its 18,000-square-foot new headquarters in Middleton, Massachusetts. The Extra Innings business model is effective because it gives you access to a tried-and-true method for starting a lucrative sports and recreation-based venture.

All Extra Innings franchisees get the group pricing, purchasing power, and corporate alliances they need to succeed. Additionally, franchisees gain from extensive training programs, a powerful web-based CMS/CRM system, a round-the-clock online support system, and other marketing possibilities.

Financial Requirements


  1. 24 7 Line Drive

Instead of operating out of a single, huge warehouse, the 24 7 Line Drive franchise model spreads out operations into smaller, more adequate facilities.

The bat sensor technology used by 24-7 Line Drive automatically records, evaluates, and scores each swing while offering insightful data on Plane, Connection, and Rotation. The firm also offers real-time ball-flight data for pitching and hitting, which offers insightful information on distance, spin rate, launch angle, and other essential variables.

It is the most comprehensive 3D Motion Capture system currently on the market that monitors a player’s motion and offers critical data, such as Kinematic Sequence, tilt, rotation, and impact angles.

Financial Requirements
  • Initial Investment: $49,000 – $175,000
  1. Balls-n-Strikes

The best indoor baseball and softball training facility in the country is Balls-n-Strikes. The staff continues to give players of all ages the foundation needed to hone their talents through personalized teaching, camps, small group lessons, and one-day clinics.

Every participant in their programs will gain the skills they need to improve their playing and make friends along the way.

Modern Balls-n-Strikes facilities range in size from 4,000 to 20,000 square feet and are created to provide the greatest learning environment in a welcoming environment. Strict layouts, upkeep, and aesthetic standards keep the facilities tidy, arranged, and in excellent condition.

Each facility has a full AstroTurf and is stocked with various equipment, including pitching machines, bats, helmets, mounds, l-screens, tees, a small pro shop, a video room for instruction, and many other things. It’s a fantastic setting for teaching and learning.

Financial Requirements
  • Initial Investment: $90,000-$200,000