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3 Best Grocery Store Franchises in 2023 [Cost, Fees]

Do you want to start a grocery store business franchise but lack ideas? If YES, here are 10 best profitable Grocery Store opportunities for sale and their cost. If you are looking towards starting a business that has few technicalities, a business that can run on auto-pilot and most especially if you are interested in making quick returns on your investment as against building a brand, then your best bet is to go the way of franchising and good enough there are loads of grocery store franchises you can buy at affordable prices and with fair regulations.

One good reason why you should opt for a franchise if you are planning to start a business is that you will gain all the knowledge and expertise in the industry without having to go through the trial and error route. The fact that you can start a grocery store on a mom and pop level does not make it the proper way to start a business in this dispensation if indeed you want to compete in the grocery store industry.

Interesting Statistics About the Grocery Industry

As a matter of fact, small chains and independent grocers still dominate this industry, but national chains such as Kroger, are increasingly growing in dominance. Mass merchants such as Wal-Mart are competing with grocery stores at their supercenters by offering lower prices through lower cost structures.

Wal-Mart is now the world’s No. 1 seller of groceries. Warehouse clubs such as Costco and SAM’S CLUB (owned by Wal-Mart), can also compete on price by selling in bulk. So, if you want to buy a small grocery store franchise, here are 10 best small grocery business franchise companies to buy in the United States of America and the amount their franchise goes for;

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3 Best Grocery Store Franchise Opportunities for Sale and the Cost

  1. Clubstore Outlet

Clubstore Outlet has been operating since 2008 and they currently have 20 independent stores in different locations in the United States. With over 50 years of retail experience, Clubstore Outlet purchase high-end overstock merchandise and sell it at deeply discounted prices with up to 60 percent off standard retail pricing.

If you are interested in purchasing the franchise of Clubstore Outlet, you are expected to commit a total investment of $350,000. You stand the chance to benefit from the company’s relationship with the Wholesale Clubs and other Big Box retailers. This is important because getting your foot in the door with the big store chains is extremely difficult and buying your inventory at the right price is the most critical element to this business.

  1. Edible Arrangements®

Edible Arrangements® is business that is deeply rooted in entrepreneurship. Today, with almost 700 franchisees and 1,300+ stores worldwide, loads of entrepreneurs and investors have grown a healthy business, with an investment of $195,450 to $327,650. After 15 years and millions of transactions, Edible Arrangements® is still attracting guests with a unique line of products.

  1. Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet is no doubt the largest retail grocery remarketer in the United States. They purchase and consign product to more than 200 Grocery Outlet businesses that are owned and operated by local families. What makes Grocery Outlet Bargain Market different from other grocery businesses is that they buy brand-name products at substantial discounts and then quickly sell them at bargain prices. If you are interested in purchasing the franchise of Grocery Outlet, then you would need a minimum cash investment of $25,000.