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14 Best Game Franchises [Cost, Fees]

The gaming industry as a whole is a rapidly growing industry with no signs of slowing down. The latest report showed the games market hitting 108.9 billion in revenue in 2017 with over 2.2 billion gamers, and growing to 128.5 billion toward 2022. Gamers are passionate and loyal people who are some of the biggest spenders with a high rate of repeat buyers.

If you are passionate about keeping people busy and happy, you should think towards starting your own video game lounge. Starting a video game lounge via buying the franchise of a successful game lounge company is one of the fastest routes to building a profitable gaming lounge business.

Please note that franchising is not a business, but rather, a way of doing business. It is a unique and highly effective method of distribution for all kinds of products, goods, and services. It’s also an industry that generates direct and indirect economic impact, over $2.3 trillion in annual sales. Having said that, here are some of the best game franchises to buy in the United States of America;

14 Best Game Franchise Opportunities and Their Cost

  1. Unic-Um Company

Unic-Um company offers a unique franchise of ХХI century game technologies. These are unique games which allow the players to pick up vital skills which are in demand in the modern world. Such skills as financial literacy and emotional intellect have not been taught at schools and universities yet.

For more than 15 years, the team led by Ekaterina Skuratova has been creating board games. During the time, all game ideas and technologies have been polished to perfection. Ekaterina has a serious approach to the business; therefore, the company obtained the official licence from the Ministry of Education in Russia. It is one more unique benefit which makes the offer really special.

Financial Requirements

  • Unic-Um has a total initial investment of $5,000.
  • Initial investments: $5,000
  • Royalties: none
  • Franchise Fee: $3,000
  1. GAME OVER Escape Rooms

GAME OVER Escape Rooms design and create premium quality, themed escape games. GAME OVER Escape Rooms started in 2016 with 4 rooms and became the best and most well known escape room in Italy, now operating with 22 rooms and more than 120.000 USD monthly turnover.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial investments: from $85,000 (for Europe)
  • USA /Out of Europe prices: upon request
  • Franchise fees: $7 per game
  • Other current payments: $250/мonth: marketing services
  1. NA-BE-GI

NA-BE-GI is a new format of children’s entertainment centers for children from 1 year to 12 years. They create a safe space with thoughtful zoning, taking into account the basic gaming needs of the child, unique equipment, and toys. Free play is what children most like to do.

The main point of the game is freedom. This means that the child himself, without an adult, brings into his game everything that he sees in the world around him. The philosophy of NA-BE-GI has developed on the basis of numerous studies and fundamental knowledge about the game of children.

The experience of developing children’s entertainment centers and observing the behavior of children in entertainment centers gives them the right to say that they are creating a unique gaming environment that provides the child with freedom of action and the opportunity for a wide variety of games: active and creative, sensory and role-playing.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial investment: $168.13
  • Franchise fee: from $10,000
  1. iSportBar KiDS Vending Machine

With iSportBar KiDS vending machine, while a drink is being prepared, a client can play a game. There are several games, they can be turned on and off, thereby stirring up interest in the machine. You can change pictures, texts, photos and videos. You set the price of drinks and games yourself.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial investments: $5,000
  • Payback period: 10-12 months
  • Average turnover per month: $1,000
  • Royalties: no
  • Franchise fees: no
  • Other current payments: no
  1. CUBE Ultimate Challenges Franchise

With CUBE Ultimate Challenges Franchise, players (friends & families) are separated into teams (2-6 people) and get ready to overcome a series of different tasks. Their goal is to complete a series of different tasks having time is their unique rival!

Combination of brain, fitness, perception & skillfulness is the key ingredient in order to achieve all challenges! No special physical abilities are required in order to play. A session typically lasts 60 minutes. However, time can be extended in case a team would like to continue and score higher.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial investments: from $370,000/20 Rooms (for Europe).
  • USA/Out of Europe prices: upon request
  • Payback period: from 14 to 24 months (depends from the country).
  • $70,000 – $135,000 (15%-30% Capacity).
  • Franchise fees: $1,5 per player/ per month
  1. Escapology

Escapology provides real-life escape game experience to customers. The first Escapology venue was opened by Simon and Paul Davisonin Orlando, Florida (11951 International Dr., #2A1 Orlando, FL 32821, USA ) in December 2014. Live escape game attractions are one of the fastest growing entertainment sectors in the world. Escapology is aiming to open 10 corporate facilities in the next two years and further expand by franchising.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial Investment: $144,000 – $681,000
  • Ongoing Initial Franchise Fee: $37,000
  • Ongoing Royalty Fee: 6%
  • Ad Royalty Fee: 2%
  1. Arena Space

Arena Space started at the end of 2015 as an idea of creating an ARENA VR integrational platform for full immersion in virtual reality. The company was the first in Russia to develop the system. Three game scenes were successfully demonstrated in May 2016 at the Devgamm16 conference.

In mid-2016, Arena Space was the first in Russia to establish virtual amusement mini parks, and in September, the Arena Space Park was opened at VDNH. A special modular park system is easily scalable and allows in the shortest terms to build a park no matter the size, either 20 sqm or 2000 sqm.

Nowadays, the park system includes thirty kinds of virtual and augmented reality attractions (a part of the attraction is our own VR-lab development) and five operating parks. Arena Space organized a number of corporate events including birthdays and onsite corporate parties for up to 60 people.

Financial Requirements

  • Standart – $3,350 (format 20 sqm) opening costs $26,800.
  • OPTIMA – $5,860 (format 40 – 50 sqm) opening costs $53,600.
  • PARK – $8,250 (format 110 sqm) opening costs $107,200.
  • MAXIMA – $17,650 (format 400 sqm) opening costs $200,000.
  • Royalties: 10% of the turnover.
  • Payback period: from 11 months.
  • Project investments (including lump-sum payment): from $70 to $2,500 for 1 m².
  1. BigShots Golf

BigShots Golf offers the family, sports and entertainment space and provide full-service food and beverage, sports bars, multi-media, private event space and climate- controlled golf gaming experiences. Jason Payne, an avid golfer and tech-industry veteran, concepted and developed BigShots Golf in 2013 and has since overseen the brand’s evolution into a state-of-the-art golf and entertainment experience.

In 2018, BigShots entered a joint venture with ClubCorp, which will introduce the cutting-edge BigShots proprietary technology to consumers at some of ClubCorp’s locations and through franchise opportunities available in 2019.

  1. Gamers Paradise

If you are looking to open up your own gaming lounge in the United States, then Gamers Paradise franchise is one of your best bets. Running a video game lounge is not all about just playing games. With Gamers Paradise, they will make sure you are successful by providing you with support through the whole process.

Extensive training of how to run a video game lounge learning everything you need to know. Right out of the gate you will have all the technology you need with a customized point of sale for video game lounges. They have over 3,000 video games, eight 50″ HDTV’s, and sleek gaming chairs where you can crash with friends or go solo.

Play anything you want from modern to retro consoles, ranging from NES, N64 and Gamecube to Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U. All of the current generation consoles have Xbox Live and PSN for multiplayer, so you can show off your skills online. You can change your games as many times as you want.

Gamers Paradise has a lot of games that need to be tested from every type of system like PlayStation 2, Xbox One, NES, Xbox 360, Genesis, Nintendo Wii and any other system you can think of. Gamers Paradise is looking for people to test these games to make sure they are working. If you are interested in buying the franchise of Gamers Paradise, you can contact them via their website.

  1. D game Zone

DGame Zone is the brainchild of MBA post graduates who wanted something different and saw a niche in the Gaming Lounge in Jabalpur City. Now they have D Game Zone, a gaming lounge that is a gamers’ paradise, with large screens available for all the biggest, brightest and best gaming releases.

The goal of the company is to promote a gaming experience like none other and provide a platform for a serious as well as causal gamer to socialize.

D game Zone is one of the market leading console gaming lounge offering consumers the latest in new video games, gaming consoles, etc. This philosophy, combined with in-store tournaments, a no pressure “try before to play” policy, and knowledgeable staff gives the business credibility.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial Investment Fee – $147,660 – $264,140
  1. Meltdown

If you are passionate about gaming and dream of becoming an entrepreneur, then join the ever-growing Meltdown family and open your own esports bar now. Since 2012, they have been successfully opening esports bars.

The company made the mistakes so you can avoid them. They have cracked it, and now they are sharing it with their franchisees. Meltdown develops and constantly improves key tools that make a difference: esports-focused crm, gamified website and mobile app, top tier graphic designs.

Financial Requirements

  • Franchise Fee – 19 500 € (Entry fee)
  • Royalty Fee Rate – 7% of gross revenue every month after the opening
  • Net Worth Required – 60 000 € (personal funds available)
  • Investors – 2 to 3 co-founders
  • Locations – City with over 80 000 inhabitants
  1. Mobile Gaming Revolution

Mobile Gaming Revolution is the hottest craze in town right now. They take the stress out of planning a party or event and alleviate the hassles, headaches and pains that usually come with event planning. As a Mobile Gaming Revolution franchisee, you will assist your clients in hosting an all inclusive mobile video gaming bash party. You will facilitate numerous events and occasions including: tournaments, corporate events, birthday parties and more.

The mobile video gaming industry is rapidly expanding and the Mobile Gaming Revolution is positioned to be an industry leader with three different versions of their mobile gaming lounges and integrated support system. Their proprietary design and fully consolidated features make this one of the hottest franchise opportunities on the market.

Mobile Gaming Revolution operates in the incredibly lucrative mobile entertainment segment. They capitalize on the massive $20 Billion a year video game industry, make the most of the kids party industry, thrill corporate and business partners, align perfectly with schools and fund raisers, and add loads of excitement to camps and youth group activities! You will love going to work!

Financial Requirements and Info

  • Net Worth Required – $100,000
  • Total Investment – $110,000 – $165,000
  • Financing – Via 3rd party
  1. E-Sports Gaming Center

E-Sports Gaming Center Brand is the largest gaming center in the world with over 400 locations globally and hitting 500 by 2018. Your center can use the name without any charge. They have complete start-up solution from: Site selection, design service, equipment, operation, training, business & marketing support. Affordable and Durable Gears & equipment.

Their gear is tested daily in centers across the world. They also have fastest installation of over 200 different kind of gaming gears and equipment with Easy Modular set up. If you are interested in buying the franchise of E-Sports Gaming Center, you can contact them via their website.

  1. PLAYlive Nation, Inc.

PLAYlive Nation, Inc. is a Washington state corporation formed on April 10, 2013. Their principal business address is located at 17235 North 75th Avenue, Suite E-120, Glendale, AZ 85308 and the company was founded in 2010.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a PLAYlive Nation premium social gaming lounge franchised business ranges from $147,660 to $264,140. This includes the initial franchise fee of $45,000 that must be paid to the franchisor or its affiliate(s).

The total investment necessary to begin operations of a PLAYlive Nation premium social gaming lounge franchised business ranges from $243,660 to $384,140 (a minimum of two to six but can be more if you are qualified to develop more than six PLAYlive Nation premium social gaming lounge). The initial development fee ranges from $26,500 (to develop one additional franchise) to $132,500 (to develop five additional franchises).

Financial Requirements and Info

  • Franchise Units – 12
  • Cash Investment – $30K
  • Total Investments – $99K – 148.1K
  • Royalty Fee Rate – 6%