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9 Best Indian Restaurant Franchises [Cost, Fees]

Do you want to start an Indian restaurant business franchise but you lack ideas? If YES, here are 9 best Indian restaurant franchise opportunities for sale and their cost. If you want to start an Indian restaurant, as with any other restaurant, it is very crucial to make sure you have your finances are in order.

Have it in mind that without finances, you will struggle as there are many costs associated with starting an Indian restaurant. It’s very important you know what your market not only wants, but what they need and give it to them. This will make sure you have a successful business.

You will also need to have a chef who is competent and reliable, unless this is you. Your chef will be crucial in making sure your food is at a certain standard and also that it is consistent. Another factor you need to consider extensively when starting this business is the issue of location.

Finding the right location will make your restaurant more appealing and give it a head start. After you must have settled the issue of location, it’s pertinent that you decided on the decor and be congruent. Note that being congruent in your design from the menus to the food and decor will make people feel comfortable. This is really important, so it is good idea to plan this from the beginning.

Statistics has it that that over 80% of small businesses fail. You do not want to be one of those statistics. You need to learn as much as possible before you decide to open your restaurant. Indeed running an Indian restaurant can be a lot of work, but ensure you do as much work before you open and then you can have the best chance of success.

Below are few franchise options you can choose from if you decide to start an Indian restaurant in the United States.

9 Best Indian Restaurant Franchise Opportunities for Sale and Their Cost

  1. Rangoli Grill

Rangoli Grill is an emerging leader in the rapidly growing market for Fast Casual Indian Food. It’s the mission of the company to bring fast, healthy, and delicious Indian food to select markets across the United States. Agreeably, Indian cuisine is one of the fastest growing segments of the $700+ Billion USA restaurant industry and you can be part of this rapidly growing segment, utilizing their proven model.

This company is currently looking for like minded franchise partners to extend their unique concept in the United States.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial Investment: $222,000
  • Net-worth Requirement: $250,000
  • Liquid Cash Requirement: $75,000
  • Total Investment: $222,000 – $368,000
  1. Rasoee

Rasoee – The Indian Kitchen, is a revolutionary chain of North American based quick-casual restaurants. Rasoee is the only restaurant of it’s kind in the world; serving authentic Indian cuisine, individually portioned, in under 2 minutes. Rasoee’s new restaurant design fuses contemporary western and ancient Indian design philosophies.

The Rasoee store design incorporates the VASTU principles which aim to harmonize body and soul to the environment — an oasis from the hectic everyday life by providing a soothing environment to complement their carefully prepared cuisine. Rasoee’s proprietary operational systems and original recipes allow the restaurants to run with minimal staffing.

Furthermore, the relatively modest required investment coupled with a very low breakeven point makes a Rasoee a winning restaurant franchise opportunity. These qualities make Rasoee The Indian Kitchen franchise a successful and rewarding restaurant franchise opportunity.

Financial Requirements

  • Net Worth requirement: $750,000
  • Liquid Capital requirement: $300,000
  • Total Investment: $500,000
  1. Chutneys

Chutneys is the first fast casual Indian franchise serving up Indian food in an entirely new and unique way that is fast, fresh, and affordable. Chutneys franchises are perfectly poised for development with the right investor. Chutneys provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs to profit from being a part of the first fast casual Indian food concept.

Note that the Indian fast casual segment is an untapped market poised for growth as consumers are looking for new flavors for their ever-sophisticated palettes. Traditional Indian food can be intimidating, Chutneys is taking the intimidation factor out of the Indian dining experience by offering a unique and revolutionary menu experience. Chutneys menu is a unique build-to-order concept that offers fresh and delicious offerings.

The company boasts of using fresh ingredients and real food made in house to give guests an exceptional dining experience. With consumers becoming more knowledgeable about eating habits and health awareness, the company puts great effort in ensuring guests enjoy a healthier, fresher dining experience compared to the traditional Indian dining experience.

Financial Requirements

  • Franchise fee: $25,000
  • Franchise royalties :6%
  • Ad royalties: 2%
  1. Twisted Indian Wraps

The cornerstone of the Twisted Indian Wraps concept is “Exceptional Indian Flavor prepared slowly, served fast.” Note that this company push beyond Indian restaurants and other typical wrap restaurants to deliver unexpected and exceptional flavors with high levels of speed and service. To their franchisees, they deliver unparalleled support with similar expectations of speed and service. It is the company’s philosophy that franchisees be treated as the key partners to the company.

The company believe that happy franchisees and happy employees result in happy guests. And happy guests are repeat guests. To accomplish that, they must ensure that every franchisee has the entrepreneur spirit, management skills, financial resources, and the required commitment to face today´s competitive market. The company supports franchisees in site selection, lease negotiation, construction, training, marketing, design, and ongoing operations.

Financial Requirements

  • Franchise Fee: $25,000
  • Royalty Fee: 6% of sales
  • Marketing Fee: 3% of sales
  • Development Costs: $250,000 to $275,000 (Varies due to site conditions)
  • Cash Investment Required: $100,000 to $125,000 (depends upon the credit ratings of the franchisee applicant)
  • Working Capital: $10,000 to $20,000
  1. Masala Wok

The MasalaWok® Franchise Program provides opportunities for single unit franchises in designated markets across the U.S. Note that there are exceptional opportunities available for multi-unit developers in some of the most highly ranked markets in the U.S. Major metropolitan areas require that multi-unit developers develop a minimum of three stores over a stipulated time frame.

Masala Wok require that single-unit operators have a minimum net worth of $250,000 of which $150,000 must be liquid capital. Multi-unit developers must have liquidity totaling $150,000 per store that they are seeking to develop. Single-unit developers must live in the market they are seeking to develop.

Multi-unit developers must either live or operate existing businesses in the market they are seeking to develop. Multi-unit developers must have restaurant operational or development experience.

Financial Requirements

  • Total initial investment: US$388,000 – US$537,000
  • Franchise fee: $30,000
  • Minimum net worth: $250,000
  • Royalty fee: 5%
  • Advertising royalties: 2%,
  1. Sizzler

Sizzler is a renowned casual dining restaurant chain that serves grilled steaks, seafood, chicken, burgers, and ribs. The restaurant’s giant salad bar is also a large draw for customers. Sizzler’s goal is to serve good, fresh food to its customers at affordable prices.

Note that the menu is purposefully not overly complicated so that the chefs can focus on creating great meals, and customers are not overwhelmed by the selection. Sizzlers are found predominately in the Western half of the United States, as well as Florida and New York.

Financial Requirements

  • Liquid capital required: $750,000
  • Net worth required: $3,000,000
  • Franchise fee: $35,000
  1. YamYam to Go

YamYam to Go is putting a whole new spin on Asian cuisine, offering fresh food from the Orient, prepared faster than your typical take-away joint. YamYam to Go puts together taste with speed. Each dish is prepared with quality ingredients that feature authentic Asian flavors and are served in attractive ‘meal boxes’ or traditional Chinese bowls.

YamYam To Go offers a broad range of high-quality and imaginative dishes that can be adapted to local market preferences. YamYam to Go is also able to offer good options for Halal, organic and vegetarian dishes.

Financial Requirements

  • Royalty Fee: 5 %
  • Franchise Fee: $18,611
  1. The Spice & Tea Exchange

The Spice & Tea Exchange sells gourmet seasonings and spices, cooking herbs, gourmet teas, sugars, sea salts, and special blends. Basically, if it’s not in the store, it probably does not exist. Have it in mind that training is given for 2 weeks inside your store to effectively show you how to implement the franchise’s proven techniques and procedures. You will learn about the product, marketing and everything in between.

Financial Requirements

  • Liquid capital required: $149,900
  • Total Investment: $159,900 – $219,900
  1. Curry Up Now

Curry Up Now is the world’s largest and fastest growing Indian fast casual concept. Once you taste it you’ll never look at Indian food the same way. Curry Up Now  has approachable, authentic, recognizable, and easy to order dishes with the traditional Indian flavors and universal appeal.

Note that with six corporate owned locations, franchise stores coming soon to Atlanta, Sacramento, and Southern California, and a fleet of food trucks across the San Francisco bay area and Silicon Valley, Curry Up Now is inventing and leading the emerging Indian fast casual category.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial Investment: $339,200
  • Net-worth Requirement: $1,000,000
  • Liquid Cash Requirement: $500,000


Starting and running an Indian restaurant can cost you from $100,000.00 USD to $300,000.00 USD. However, some Indian restaurants, may have a lower initial cost. In some cases, it is possible to own a portion of the restaurant without putting any money down. This basically allows an entrepreneur to open a restaurant for free. You will need to make up a catchy name for the business. Ensure that the name is unique and no one else has the rights to it.

Obtain your federal EIN through the Internal Revenue Service. You can use an SS-4 form to apply. You can download the application online if you’d like. It’s important to choose a location appropriate for your restaurant, and obtain a zoning and use permit. Starting an Indian restaurant involves money and time. Starting a careful plan will make the process easier.