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How Much Does It Cost to Open Background Screeners of America Franchise?

Do you want to open a background check business by buying Background Screeners franchise? If YES, here is how much it cost to open Background Screeners of America franchise successfully. Background Screeners of America is a franchise opportunity that specializes in the provision of background screening for individuals, businesses and organizations.

With Background Screeners, you will be working with businesses, organizations and individuals by assisting them in running background checks. The company’s business model is unlike many other businesses where you have to learn the details of dozens or even hundreds of products and also become an expert in the many skills required to perform services. The comprehensive training this company offers for conducting background screening focuses on learning an overview of the industry.

A unique benefit Background Screeners of America enjoys is the virtual work environment it provides. With added benefits of flexibility on either working full time or part time, a Background Screeners of America Franchise is able to choose his/her working terms while working from any location as long as there’s an internet connection and a computer.

Also note that there are unique marketing techniques available to all franchisees that help to bring and attract business to them. This is done through an effective referral system organized and oiled by the franchisor in addition to an account introduction program that ensures that all its franchisees are given the necessary marketing exposure.

This also allows the franchisee to choose his/her work conditions, which can either be face-to-face with clients, receive phone calls, or the use of the internet through the exchange of mails or even organizing virtual meetings. Irrespective of the choice, the franchisee enjoys the freedom to choose his/her method of communication to his/her clients.

According to reports, the income potential for the Background Screeners of America franchise is encouraging. Nonetheless, realisable income tends to depend mainly on the effort put to work by the franchisee. Background Screeners of America franchise also provides a well organised training program that is aimed at ensuring that all its franchisees gain the needed expertise to effectively run their franchises.

Also note that the company’s training is conducted via live teleconferencing, providing the much needed knowledge required for succeeding in the franchise. A team of experienced and dedicated Background Screeners of America staff attend to the franchisee, providing all the needed knowledge required for success.

The company also offers ongoing support and assistance even after the franchisees business has been started. New innovations within the industry plus new business ideas are steadily passed across to all Background Screeners franchisees through refresher courses to ensure that their profitability reaches the expected levels, thereby creating a win-win situation for both the franchisor and franchisee.

Financial Requirements of Opening Background Screeners of America Franchise

  • Total Investment: $19,950
  • Cash Required: $19,950

5 Steps on How to Open Background Screeners of America Franchise in the United States

If you are qualified financially, if you are ambitious, if you are willing to learn rather than reinvent the wheel, then follow the steps below to acquire a Background Screeners of America Franchise.

1. Application process

To own a Background Screeners of America franchise, visit their website, as the franchisor makes available all the information needed to help the prospective franchisor make informed investment choices. Note there is an easy applications process which is provided through phone numbers restricted to only calls within the United States.

During the call, the franchise candidate is guided through the application process without stress. Another option is clicking on the “contact us” button on their website, where you will be redirected to an application page for easy communication with the franchisor.

2. Carefully read through the FDD

Franchisors are mandated by law to provide potential franchise owners with a franchise disclosure document (FDD). The FDD is a legal document that discloses information about the franchise to help franchisees analyze the merits of a franchisor and it must be presented at least 10 days prior to the signing of the franchise agreement. Remember that this agreement is, generally, inalterable, so you need to know exactly what the terms are before you sign on.

3. Acquire all needed licences and Permits

Do not think the paper work is complete once the FDD is taken care of. It’s not. Before you get started, you’ll need to apply for a business license. Contact city hall or your county government to find out what type of license you’ll need. They can redirect you to the proper agency if you require a state license.

Visit the Secretary of State website for your state to find the guidelines you’ll need to incorporate. The site should also provide information on how to draft articles of incorporation, which you’ll need in addition to a name and an appointed director.

4. Create your home office

Once that’s complete, it’s time to work on your home office. Set aside a room in your house or apartment that is solely dedicated to your business. Aside from having the basic telephone line and internet connection up and running, it’s also helpful to get dressed every morning like you’re going to work.

It will keep you motivated and driven, even when business is slow at first. You also need a dedicated office so that you can qualify for a home office tax deduction. If you work all over the house, maybe in the kitchen, then you can’t get a home office deduction because the room isn’t used regularly and exclusively for work.

5. Get your clients

Note that once your home office is set up, you will have to get out and pound the pavement to get the business off the ground. You can’t rely solely on the brand name to get you clients. You’ve got to do most of your own marketing. Finding a client base isn’t as hard as it sounds, though.

Start with friends and family and have your kitchen table pitch ready. Then decide what markets you want to do business with. If you’re trying to work with a bank, contact the human resources department. You can also host parties and events for your local community and enlist your social media network to spread the word.

Be ready to discuss your business plan for the next few years. This means, of course, you will have to actually have a business plan, laying out the basics of your budget, funding, marketing strategies and equipment needs.


Background Screeners of America is a low cost, work from home business opportunity that costs $19,950. There are no royalties, and no profit sharing. Also note that cost of the business enables you to own your business and profits outright. There is no inventory and overhead is minimal (only a phone and computer are required).