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How Much Does It Cost to Open Baja Fresh Franchise?

In August 1990, Baja Fresh® Mexican Grill established its first restaurant featuring all – fresh, traditional fire-grilled Mexican favourites. Just like most people that grew up on fast food, the company founder realized that it was time for something else, something different and something unique.

Baja Fresh has always remained passionate and steadfast in serving the freshest and highest quality food in bright, clean environments. They believe in the benefits of eating well, being active and making a contribution to the communities they serve.

Coupled with an exciting menu of burrito options, as a franchisee, you will be offering your guests choices that include Baja Bowls, tacos, taquitos, quesadillas, fajitas, nachos, tortilla soup, salsas, guacamole, queso dip, fresh chopped salads, and delicious churros to finish it all off.

By leveraging volume – buying, Baja Fresh has been able to secure lower prices for its franchisees by negotiating discounts and services from national vendors.

And with the growing awareness for good and healthy lifestyles, the general public is becoming more aware of the importance of eating well. As a Baja Fresh franchisee, you will be prepared to profit from this increased awareness, and you will enjoy serving up all – natural, line caught fish, avocados full of healthy fats, slow – cooked black beans (packed full of protein) and farm fresh produce delivered at least twice a week.

At Baja Fresh, one of the keys to the company’s success is its outstanding franchisee training program. Each franchisee receives comprehensive training in all aspects of owning and operating a Baja Fresh Mexican Grill Franchise. The training also includes operational, marketing and hands on training.

Before opening any location, restaurant managers train in accredited training locations. The company also place a training team on – site before opening to help ensure that everyone knows exactly what they should be doing when the doors finally open.

Although most Baja Fresh franchisees have some restaurant experience, that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally need help. That is the more reason why the company’s franchise team is ever ready to offer guidance tailored to your specific needs – whether that’s marketing support, purchasing assistance, or just some suggestions on finding and hiring the best people for the job.

Baja Fresh always strives to build up the overall brand so you can attract more customers. The franchisor is always working to get the “Eat Well. Live Fresh” message out through advertising and social media efforts. The company also makes it a point to add menu items frequently to give guests new and exciting options.

Financial Requirements of Opening a Baja Fresh Franchise in the United States

The Financial Requirements of Opening a Baja Fresh Franchise vary greatly from one situation to another. Multi – unit development tends to carry higher investment requirements, and different geographic locations will carry higher costs than others. Also, there is a major variation in time and costs depending on whether you opt to convert an existing storefront or build a new store from the ground up. Here is a quick breakdown of the two different purchase options, and the costs that are typically associated with them.

Single Restaurant

Note that the single restaurant option allows you to acquire and build up your own Baja Fresh franchise. These restaurants are full – sized, meaning they offer comfortable seating for many guests. Have it in mind you will start your restaurant from scratch, but the franchisor will offer extensive support throughout the process by helping you identify a great location, market your new business to your target audience, and more. The cost to open a single restaurant is approximately $324,310  –  $974,290. This estimate includes just about everything you will need to get your new restaurant started including a lease agreement, inventory, employee salaries, and more.

Express Restaurant

A Baja Fresh Express burrito franchise is a wonderful addition to airports, college campuses and locations where a small footprint is available. The cost to open a Baja Fresh Express location is approximately between $210,200  –  $620,200 and as with all other location options, this covers just about everything you will need to get your restaurant up and running.

Franchise Fees

When you open a burrito franchise, note that you get access to top – notch training and support to help make it as easy as possible to run your new business. Your franchise fee allows the company to offer you the resources you require to get your business up and running as efficiently as possible. The franchise fees for each of the purchase options above are different – and you can only ascertain the exact fee by contacting the company.

Ongoing Fees

When you start and run a Baja Fresh burrito franchise, have it in mind there are a few ongoing fees you are expected to pay. The company always strives to keep these fees as low as possible, but they help the company offer you with important ongoing support. For instance, Baja Fresh charges a 4 percent advertising fee to help you market your business effectively. They also charge a 5 percent royalty fee in conjunction with other ongoing support you will receive (e.g. research and development, professional development, and so forth).

How to Start a Baja Fresh Franchise in the United States

Every week, Baja Fresh continues to turn would – be franchisees down while working with new and existing franchisees to find the right locations to expand the company’s reach. However, you can try your luck by following the steps outlined below:

  • Determine the amount you have to invest in a Baja Fresh franchise. This financial evaluation includes totalling your personal net worth and your available liquid assets.
  • Arrange your financial information and income tax records and meet with a business lender to prequalify for a franchise loan.
  • Determine the focus for your Baja Fresh franchise. Baja Fresh offerings include single and multiple express locations.
  • Choose the desirable geographic locations for your franchise restaurant and research the markets for fast food in these areas using business resources, including newspapers and magazines, available on the Internet.
  • Request a copy of Baja Fresh corporate franchise information and the federally required disclosure document by using the request form on the corporate website. Examine the details included in this paperwork. Some states also require separate disclosure statements. Use the link to the state resources on the Federal Trade Commission’s franchise website. Federal law requires presenting the mandatory disclosure at least 14 days before you sign the franchise agreement or pay fees and make deposits.
  • Carefully complete the corporate application and wait for an invitation for an interview. During the waiting period, Baja Fresh corporate officers evaluate your financial assets and conduct background checks.
  • Participate in an extended interview with the corporation representatives and participate in a restaurant experience to evaluate your ability to take charge of a franchise operation. If you have prior restaurant or fast – food management experience, this requirement may be waived. This interview determines your franchise qualifications.
  • Hire an attorney with franchise experience to evaluate the franchise agreement and the disclosure statements for potential problems.
  • Select the site for your franchise restaurant and negotiate the purchase of the franchise with the Baja Fresh.
  • Write the corporate – required marketing plan for your restaurant and develop a business plan for your new store. Baja Fresh corporate representatives help guide in developing these plans.
  • Submit the site registration for your restaurant and pay Baja Fresh the required funds for the site evaluation. Corporate representatives assist with completing the registration request.
  • Apply for your franchise loan and build your restaurant.


People are busy these days, and that means they are often looking for a little help when it comes to meal time. Baja Fresh’s fast casual structure gives guests the quality of Mexican food they crave at the speed and price point they need. This venture is ideal for someone with restaurant or franchise experience with ambition to own multiple units.