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How Much Does It Cost to Open Catch Air Franchise?

Do you want to open an indoor playground business by buying Catch Air franchise? If YES, here is how much it cost to open a Catch Air franchise successfully. If you have children, or know someone who does, you have probably been to an indoor play place that has bounce houses, slides or some other oversized inflatable piece of play equipment. And you might think that all these places are the same, but there’s one that stands out, and it is Catch Air.

Catch Air is a regional franchise of children’s play centres. It offers a massive variety of attractions to children up to age twelve. These include a play castle, laser dance, merry – go – round, arcade games and numerous other attractions. Facilities are also available for private parties. In addition to games and entertainment, food is available on the premises.

Variety is an understatement. Catch Air features a 70 – foot – by – 30 – foot three-story high obstacle course dubbed “The Space Centre” that contains five slides, a ball pit and obstacles; four inflatable/bounces; and a toddler area with its own ball pit, balloon house and bouncy.

Other activity pieces include oversized building blocks, inflatable see – saws, giant sit – and – spins, human – sized hamster wheels and a swinging coconut tree. There is also a “mini – gym” featuring many child – sized exercise equipment pieces like stationary bicycles and weight benches.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur who believes in happy and healthy families and are looking for a franchise opportunity with multiple revenue streams, then a Catch Air franchise is for you.

Note that by opening a Catch Air Franchise, you are investing in an excitingly new & innovative way to break into the Children’s Entertainment industry, while also making your contribution to the environment. Owning a Catch Air Franchise is an amazing opportunity and with sales at an all – time high, the company is looking for motivated entrepreneurs to own their own location.

Financial Requirements of Opening a Catch Air Franchise

The total cost of the franchising with Catch Air is a well kept secret, only to be presented to entrepreneurs who meet the company’s criteria. However, here is a rough estimate of how much it costs to acquire a Catch Air Franchise.

  • Total investment: $230,000 –  $600,000
  • Franchise fee: $25,000

10 Steps on How to Open a Catch Air Franchise

The Catch Air model requires a specific operational setting. Note that the operating model is dependent on a consistent structure, professional presentation to the families and clients and a location that is convenient and placed following the Catch Air operating standards. Here are steps to acquire a Catch Air Franchise in the United States:

1. Research the Industry

Research about Catch Air and evaluate your interest in participating in the industry. Determine what will be your personal job description. Are you sure you’re suited to that type of work, 40, 50 or 60 hours per week?

2. Submit an Application or Qualification Sheet

Just like most franchisors, Catch Air will want to understand your interests better before they advance much further. While this doesn’t bind either party, it will prove your desire to be evaluated for franchise ownership.

3. Review Disclosure Documents

Franchises are mandated by law to prepare these documents (usually 100+ pages) so that you can get a complete understanding of the offering.

4. Develop Questions

Note that the company’s marketing representative will be happy to share additional information with you to help you reach the right decision.

5. Call or Visit Existing Franchisees

Note that these owners were on the same path you’re now walking a year or two ago. Most will be very happy to discuss the viability of their industry and the company. Take your time to meet one or two, and get extensive insight into what it feels like to start and manage a Catch Air Franchise.

6. Meet with the Company

Indeed, there are some who prefer a face to face meeting with the decision makers of the company. Ask pointed questions about franchisees that failed. Could you join that group? Does the management team respect all the members of the network–or just the superstars?

7. Choose a Potential Site

At this stage, you have to research and explore sites that seem suitable for your venture, understanding that Catch Air reserves the right to approve or disapprove your choice before a lease is signed. If your site is critical to your success, be sure to obtain demographic studies and compare these with outstanding existing franchisees.

8. Execute the Franchise Agreement

Have it in mind that two weeks must elapse between the date you receive your disclosure document and the date you sign the Franchise License. Don’t let anyone rush you–but begin making critical decisions in a timely manner–a critical skill for an entrepreneur.

9. Attend Training

With hands-on field training at the company’s corporate locations and at your location in your territory, at your location before you open your doors for business, Catch Air ensures that you’re ready for the business. Catch provides experienced management support in your territory during your business opening and will work with you on an on-going basis in your location

10. Grand Opening

After you return home, you’ll be set to equip your operation, hire and train your staff and open for business. At this point your future is growing brighter because the person with the most to gain is finally in charge of your success!