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How Much Does It Cost to Open Dental Fix Franchise?

Do you want to start a dental equipment repair business by buying Dental Fix franchise? If YES, here is how much it cost to open a Dental Fix franchise. For anyone looking for an opportunity to start and manage a cutting edge business for a low initial investment, this particular franchise ticks all the boxes.

Starting a Dental Fix RX franchise is a wonderful way to own and operate a business with minimal start-up costs and unlimited growth potential. Due to an untapped customer base and little overhead expenditures, Dental Fix RX has become one of the fastest-growing service-based franchise opportunities in America. Dental Fix franchise owners repair dental hand pieces (drills) and equipment on-site.

The company revolutionized the dental service industry by offering fast and immediate on-demand equipment service, hand piece repairs and cost effective consumable products through a network of highly trained and successful franchise professionals. Dental Fix has no direct competitors especially since no other company in the industry repairs hand pieces on-site and with personalized customer service.

Dental services are in high demand, and so is the need for experienced and highly trained service specialists. Howbeit, Dental Fix RX is one of the only true recession-resistant opportunities available for any willing entrepreneur in the United States.

Franchise owners at Dental Fix usually complete an extensive 42-day training program. Dental Fix also provides five days of additional on-site support in each market during the opening phase. Once it’s done, each owner will be equipped with the technical skills required to repair equipment, sharpen tools, and rebuild hand pieces.

With Dental Fix, you do not get just the knowledge but also the confidence to run a successful business in the untapped market of dental equipment repair. The company’s state of the art training facility includes an actual dental office with all the equipment and tools to train on.

Financial Requirements of Opening a Dental Fix Franchise

  • Liquid capital required: $35,000
  • Net worth required: $125,000
  • Investment: $62,600 – $153,500
  • Franchise fee: $25,000

7 Steps on How to Open a Dental Fix Franchise

Dental Fix has revolutionizing the dental service industry by offering fast and immediate on-demand equipment service, hand piece repairs and cost effective consumable products through a network of highly trained and successful franchise professionals. Below are detailed steps on how to acquire a Dental Fix Franchise.

1. Contact The Company for Initial Applications and FDDs

After you must have assessed your market and decided to acquire this franchise, visit the company website and fill out the preliminary questionnaire/application form. The preliminary application helps the company screen and eliminate aspiring franchisees that won’t be a good fit.

It’s advisable that you fill out these initial forms completely and accurately to help the company better assess your qualifications. Once you meet the company’s initial requirements, there’s a good chance that you can set a meeting with the company’s representative and get a copy of the franchise disclosure document.

2. Attend the Company’s Discovery Day

After you must have received the company’s federal disclosure agreement, you will have the opportunity to meet the management team personally during the discovery day. This is your chance to get to know more about the company and ask questions about anything that will affect the success of the business.

Discovery day is the perfect time to ask questions and voice concerns that were not addressed in the franchise disclosure document (FDD). A discovery day’s typical agenda involves group presentations, one-on-one meetings and interviews, and visits to existing franchise locations.

3. Acquire Adequate Financing

Note that you will need sufficient starting capital to cover your franchise fee and start-up costs. You also need working capital to get you through the first leg of your franchise journey. Here are some possible sources of capital:

  • Checks Item 10 of the FDD.
  • Family and acquaintances.
  • Banks or finance companies.
  • You may be eligible for an SBA-backed loan if you cannot otherwise qualify with a bank.

4. Carefully Read and Sign the Franchise Agreement

Note that the franchise agreement is a binding contract between you and the company. As such, you should hire an attorney to review the agreement before you sign it. Make sure you understand the exact terms of the contract, including all your rights and obligations under the agreement.

5. Acquire Business Licenses and Compliance Requirements

In the United States, most state and local governments require businesses to obtain various licenses and permits before they can do business in the area. These commonly include general business licenses, tax registrations, health permits, and occupational licenses. Failure to maintain all necessary licenses and permits can result in government fines.

The company may also terminate your franchise if you do not stay compliant with licensing requirements. If you incorporate your franchise, you will also have to comply with your state’s corporate reporting requirements. If you fail to submit a report on time, the state can terminate your corporation’s or LLC’s existence, leaving you exposed to the risks you incorporated to avoid.

6. Attend Training, and Hire Employees

Even though most franchisees are responsible for building or improving the space where they will operate, Dental Fix will provide blueprints, custom fixtures, and signage, but you will need to hire a general contractor to build your space and prepare it for opening day.

While you are building your physical location, you will want to start assembling your team. Before opening day, the company will offer training to you and your employees. This training eases you into the culture of the company network and visions.

7. Start your Business

At this point, it is time to open your franchise to the public. This is another area where buying a franchise offers advantages over starting from scratch. The company will guide you through the process of opening your business and run an advertising blitz to help get the word out that you are now open.


Dental Fix franchise owners repair dental hand pieces and equipment on-site. Dental Fix has no direct competitors and has personalized customer service. They are completely unique within the dental industry.