Do you want to open a childcare business by buying Montessori Kids Universe franchise? If YES, here is how much it cost to open Montessori Kids Universe franchise successfully. Montessori Kids Universe is better known as the premier Montessori Child Care Franchise; offering Franchisees the unique hybrid of a Child Care center; coupled with the curriculum and philosophy of the Montessori approach.

Finding high quality child care remains one of the most important—and stressful tasks parents are expected to undertake. Parents are always on the lookout for the best possible childcare solution for their children. Montessori Kids Universe is known to eradicate this worry and uncertainty by planning for excellence in every area of the business.

What You Must Know About Montessori Kids Universe

All Franchisees will be well trained to offer a model of excellence for the families and children they serve in their programs. According to reports, education-based child care businesses are projected to grow faster than the overall childcare market. Combine that with the high return on investment that a Montessori education offers, and you have a recipe for success.

Note that most of the country’s roughly 14,000 national child care centres are full to capacity, with many parents signing up as soon as they know they are pregnant. As the Montessori Kids Universe brand grows its national presence; there will also be many opportunities for Montessori Kids Universe franchise owners to grow.

Montessori education is renowned in the industry for their philosophy and method of education. This age long philosophy is based upon principles developed by Dr. Maria Montessori throughout her life. The teachers in a Montessori classroom function less as “instructors” and more as guides and facilitators.

In Montessori, children are encouraged to “learn how to learn,” therefore gaining independence and self – confidence. Note that since the method is based upon developmentally appropriate activities, the child often learns through the process of education – by – doing; fostering a sense of confidence and independence.

Also note that Social Grace and Courtesy is taught and reinforced in each and every child. In addition to Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language Arts, and Geography; the child develops and practices respect for themselves, others and the environment.

Don’t forget that a good amount of hands-on training will offer you valuable insights into the day to day experiences and requirements in running your MKU franchise. Even before you open; the company will send an MKU experienced staff member to assist you.

After opening; a team member will visit your school to continue to assist in operational systems, or questions that may arise. Also note that the company takes the issue of location very seriously because it influences the success of a new venture. Therefore they will provide guidelines and site location analysis as part of the process.

You will also be offered an Operations manual and materials that will serve as a comprehensive reference for the MKU franchise. You will also gain from the company’s marketing expertise.

Financial Requirements of Opening a Montessori Kids Universe Franchise

  • Initial Investment: $431,261 –  $933,671
  • Net – worth Requirement: $250,000 –  $550,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $61,000
  • Ongoing Royalty Fee: 6%
  • Units: +22.2%+2 UNITS (1 Year) +450.0%+9 UNITS (3 Years)

Tips to Consider Before Buying a Montessori Kids Universe Franchise 

Montessori Kids Universe will always work diligently to assist each franchisee in opening their own school in the most appropriate location. The company’s corporate support services will help you reach this goal, serving you as you progress on your path as an MKU franchisee. However, if you’re planning to step into any preschool franchise, below are few factors to consider:

1. Span and Experience

It is very pertinent to understand the in and out of the company before you start making contacts. Knowing everything you can about this company, including the number of successful and failed franchises, is very important.

Since the number of years and the previous franchises can furnish a lot of information for the prospecting franchise holders, it is advisable you check and ascertain all these information. Note that the more the number of years of operation, the better the goodwill and market stability.

2. Quality Assurance

Always take your time to research online and offline about the franchisor. This will help you know your expected results in a much profound manner. Social Media, being a quick fling will help you to determine the reviews of the parents as well as know about the activities going on in school.

Also take a look at the website of the school and carefully read about the programs they’re offering in their school. Aside that, visit the already existing franchises nearby, to determine the quality standard followed in the franchises.

At least try to visit 3 to 4 franchises in order to ensure the uniformity of the standards and know about the programs and curriculum followed in the preschool. Connect with the social media platforms to determine the likes, dislikes of the brand.

3. Infrastructure and Designing

Note that some franchisors allow the franchisee to furnish and design the franchise as per their own will. Normally, this strategy is used to attract more and more franchisees. Note that such type of brands does not showcase any sort of uniformity in terms of infrastructure and designing. However, in Montessori Kids Universe, uniformity in terms of infrastructure and designing of the franchise is a must.

Note that during your previous visits to older franchisees, you must have noted the type of interiors and overall infrastructure of the franchise. One can easily infer the sense of how their preschool will look like and what will be the requirement of the franchise. Remember that the standard maintained by the franchise shows the practice of formal rules all across the nursery chain and makes it easy to distinctively recognize a brand as one and whole.

4. Staff Management

You need to understand that the role of a teacher or mentor in any preschool is just next to a mother, where they guide the little toddlers in shaping each and every aspect of childhood. Therefore, considering it as a regular teaching profession is just not justified.

Howbeit, always go for a franchise like Montessori Kids Universe where the selections of play school teachers are done with peculiarity and proper testing. In addition, it is always necessary to check for the training for nursery teachers, provided by the head office of the preschool franchise. Also consider the recruitment and training factors before signing the agreement as this is crucial to the success of the school.

5. Technology and Market Trends

With the advent of technology and modernization, every school is working hard to offer a technology – centred educational environment where children are made to learn, instill, search and solve various situations using the technical aids. A preschool with the latest technology like Montessori Kids Universe will definitely have a much more profitable venture in future as compared to the old school methods.

It is always advisable to check for the in – house IT development department of the venture along with the social media reach and visibility of the school to properly understand the existing technological standards. Also look for the latest market trends in the play school sector.

6. Scope for Expansion

It is also advisable and better to consider the future expansion options before signing any franchise agreement. Always ask questions about expansion possibilities and the various markets you can reach. Go for a playschool chain like Montessori Kids Universe that has a scope of further expansion in the near future and does not cut down your pathway to success.

7. Territory Exclusivity

Note that a franchise will find it hard to reach its utmost success if there’s another franchise of the same brand in the nearby locality. In addition, playschool brands selling their franchises in a mere space of success are only concerned with the quantity and not the quality, ultimately affecting the ethics and success of its franchisees.

Therefore, always go for a nursery segment who assures a restricted territory and operational place in the locality. Remember that a minimum of up to 2km to 3km should be restricted for the construction of another franchise of the same brand.


The Child Care industry is projected to continue experiencing high demand as the number of children under age nine is anticipated to increase. Meanwhile, an increase in disposable income and funding for federal subsidies is anticipated to expand access to services, thus contributing to revenue growth.

Montessori Kids Universe offers franchises throughout, and they also offer international licensing agreements. Montessori education continues to be in high demand due to the individualized, enriched learning environments.