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How Much Does It Cost to Open Raising Cane’s Franchise?

Do you want to start a restaurant business by buying Raising Cane’s franchise? If YES, here is how much it cost to open a Raising Cane’s franchise and the requirement

Raising Cane’s® Chicken Fingers is a fast-food restaurant chain specializing in chicken fingers. Raising Cane’s® was founded by Todd Graves in 1996 in Baton Rouge, LA. The company has 432 restaurants & 27 states in the United States, plus an additional 21 restaurants in the Middle East.

How Much It Cost to Open a Raising Cane’s Franchise

Raising Cane’s has the franchise fee of up to $45,000, with total initial investment range of $768,100 to $1,937,500.

  • Initial Investment: $768,100 to $1,937,500
  • Net-worth Requirement: $90,000 to $250,000
  • Ongoing Fees (Initial Franchise Fee): $45,000
  • Ad Royalty Fee: 5%

Steps on How to Get Raising Cane’s® Chicken Franchise

If you are cool with the finance involved in acquiring this franchise, then you would need to follow these steps;

  • Fill the application at the website for opening a store. You will need to include your name, address, city and state. You will need a phone number and email address. Then choose the amount of capital you have to invest.
  • Wait for the email that confirms that your application was received and is being reviewed. This email will tell you if you will be approved for the location. It will also go into more specifics regarding the financing. You will be asked to schedule a time for an associate to call you and talk more.
  • Ensure to have your financial papers ready when you have your phone conversation. This is when you will find out if you have enough money to open the store or if you will need financing. If you need help with financing, you can apply for an SBA prequalified loan through the website.
  • Note that approval is expected to be quick once you meet the requirements. You should already have a building with all the hookups. After you are approved, the organization will start sending fixtures and merchandise to your building.
  • You will then be mandated to attend a workshop at the headquarters before the opening of your store. Here you will learn the mission statement and how to make money selling the merchandise.

Please note that currently, Raising Cane’s® Chicken are focused on the rapid development of company-affiliated restaurants in a very specific geography, while continuing to support their existing franchise business partners. Unfortunately, Raising Cane’s® Chicken are not entertaining franchise or development opportunities anywhere at this time. But if you have a recommendation for a location, you can go ahead to fill out their form on their website.

What You Must Know About Raising Cane’s Franchise

Raising Cane’s® vision is to grow restaurants all over the world and be the brand for quality chicken finger meals, a great crew, cool culture, and active community involvement. At Raising Cane’s, you get an exceptionally high quality product served quickly and conveniently. Raising Cane’s Chicken can do this because they offer a limited menu.

The specialized systems developed by Raising Cane’s allow them to maintain a level of quality unmatched in the industry. Raising Cane’s Chicken commitment to this concept will not allow them to compromise their quality, cut corners or clutter their menu with new products that do not fit their core menu offering.

Raising Cane’s® is a rapidly growing restaurant concept specializing in quality chicken finger meals, great people, a great atmosphere and good times. Each one of Raising Cane’s Crew members and Managers supports the company in What They Do.

Raising Cane’s is always looking for exceptional partners who want to be a part of achieving their vision: To have locations all over the world and be known as the brand for quality chicken finger meals, a great crew, cool culture, and active community involvement. Franchisees of Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers® should:

  • Believe in Raising Cane’s® vision for the future
  • Have ownership or operating experience with multi-unit food service business in, or near, the market you wish to develop
  • Have a proven success as a restaurant operator leading their manager and crew to execute:
  • Quality food
  • Fast service
  • Friendly service
  • Immaculate cleanliness inside the restaurant
  • Have a proven record as a “people person”
  • Respects, recognizes and rewards crew members
  • Makes sure crew has fun while working hard
  • Be dedicated to cultivating a great culture
  • Sales-driven, profit-smart
  • Love the restaurant business and be fanatical about restaurant operations
  • Be committed and motivated to exceed the high standards of Raising Cane’s® brand, culture and operations.