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50 Popular Franchise Opportunities in Dubai [Cost, Fees]

Do you want to start a business in Dubai by buying a successful franchise? If YES, here are 50 most popular franchise opportunities in Dubai and their cost.

Dubai is an international city and home to unarguably one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. This Emirati of modern skyscrapers has been attracting international attention in all spheres, thus making trade to be booming in the country.

These businesses are not set up by locals as a good many visitors settle in the country and open businesses of their own. Because the Dubai economy is mostly fueled by foreigners, it has a great number of franchises.

Franchising is a business method that helps in the rapid expansion of a business into new markets. This business model accounts for more than one-third of the world’s retail sales.

The Dubai franchise market was previously dominated by American and French brands mostly in sectors such as fast-food and fashion retail. The scenario has started changing now and the opportunities are available in diverse sectors of the economy as many Asian franchisors are entering the market.

Currently, franchises are operating in fast food, dine-in restaurants, auto leasing, apparel, soft drink bottling, beauty products, hotels, toys, photography, jewelry, vending machines, dry cleaning, furniture, hardware stores, office supplies, natural health products, etc.

Today, the largest segment in this industry is fast food with most major US fast food companies already established in Dubai. There are indeed numerous franchises in Dubai, both foreign and indigenous, and if you are looking for a franchise to start up in Dubai, we have selected 50 best franchises you can go with.

50 Most Popular Franchises in Dubai and Their Cost

  1. Cafe2go

Cafe2go is the first UAE born café and the fastest growing café franchise. They are the pioneers of fusing an old Emirati Cuisine (camel milk) with a modern lifestyle drink (coffee & tea). Since Their inception, they have attracted attention in the coffee world.

Their first store was inaugurated on September 2011 in Murooj Rotana across from the prestigious Dubai Mall. Since then, they have expanded to several locations around Dubai with plans to rapidly expand in upcoming years.

Café2go prides itself on leading where others inevitably follow. They have expanded to over 7 locations in the UAE, with international franchise agreements in Pakistan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Oman. Cafe2go serves a wide selection of quality and premium hot and cold beverages including teas, coffees, smoothies, shakes, juices, sandwiches and pastries.

  • Royalty Fee – 7 %
  • Franchise Fee – US$ 9,500
  1. Paisano’s

Paisano is a delivery chain that offers something for everyone on the menu. The first Paisano’s opened in June of 1998. Since then, they have expanded by adding multiple company-owned locations as well as franchises. Their management team has decades of experience in food service and they have grown Paisano’s into one of the premier food establishments.

From their dough to their pizza sauce and pasta, they pride on making almost everything they deliver on their tables fresh and from scratch daily. They focus on delivering a high-quality product with a relentless focus on customer

  • Royalty Fee – 6 %
  • Franchise Fee – US$ 40,000
  1. UClean

UClean is an organized chain of laundromats focused on fostering the DIY (Do It Yourself) culture. With technology at the heart of the brand, UClean also enables the time crunched customer to avail pick-n-drop service from the comforts of his home or office.

UClean is committed to work with other entrepreneurs and investors and co-build the UClean brand with them through the franchise route.

The entrepreneurs are trained, equipped and handheld in building and operating their own UClean franchise store. With some of the most credible partners on-board for a venture of this nature, UClean is striving to not just be a brand but an overall segment creator

All the processes of U clean are supported by Strong technology and processes at the back end. Tech innovations are again built around the ideas of making the lives of customers comfortable.

Customers can schedule their wash as per their convenience by “pre-booking appointments.” Bookings can be made through Application, website, call centre, walk in store, direct call to store.

All the Uclean stores are exclusively powered by Alliance laundry system – USA- the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial laundry systems. Uclean is seeking to expand to Dubai.

Financial requirements

  • Investment size – USD 50,000 – 100,000
  1. Phonup

In 2009 Gerardo Taglianetti, founded Phonup. This company is amongst the first companies in Italy that specialize in collecting second hand mobile phones. In 2010 the business became online service platform  for buying and selling both second hand and refurbished mobiles/tablets.

From 2013, the company acquired franchising stores that are dedicated to buying/reselling of pre-owned mobiles and tablets with 12 months warranty. Phonup has marked its presence in UK, Brazil already, and it is seeking to expand to Dubai

  • Investment size – USD 50,000 – 100,000

Al-Farooj Fresh is a fast-Casual restaurant chain owned by Al- Islami Foods Group. The chain is specialized in BBQ Chicken with special recipe, in addition to Shawerma sandwiches with great unique taste in various flavors such as Mexican, Lebanese and Italian.

Al-Farooj is determined to be the leading fast casual restaurant chain offering the most tasty Shawerma, Wraps & BBQ Chicken in the Middle East.

The first unit of Al-Farooj Fresh was opened by a Lebanese family at Sharjah, UAE in 1994. In the period of twelve years, the number of units had grown to reach eight (8) branches in 2006, 6 in UAE and 2 in Lebanon.

Financial requirements

  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee: Aed 75,000
  • Area Development Franchise FEE : AED 187,500 for a number of 4 units, in addition to AED 37,500 as a Franchise Fee for each of the subsequent units under the Area Development agreement (units 2 to 4)
  • Royalty Fee – 5% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 3% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  • Marketing Fund – 1% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  1. 3M Care Care

Across the globe, 3M is inspiring innovation and igniting progress, while contributing to true global sustainable development through environmental protection, corporate and social responsibility and social responsibility and economic progress. They apply their science and innovation to make a real impact in every person’s life around the world.

One of the businesses 3M is excited about is car care. 3M india is leading the car care market with a nation-wide presence in more than 1800 car dealerships and a network of franchisee run 3M Car Care branded stores. These stores are addressing almost every possible need of car owners. This business is seeking to expand in Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

  • Investment USD – $100,000 – $500,000
  1. Cartlon London

Carlton London was formed in 1989 first as a renowned brand manufacturing ladies fashion shoes in the East End of London. Carlton London is a premium British lifestyle brand expanding the fashion element through apparels, handbags, belts, wallets, sunglasses, perfumes, jewellery and watches.

Carlton London is one of the leading Designers, Sourcing and Manufacturers of footwear, producing over 5 million shoes a year to customers across the globe. The brand does its sourcing from China, Brazil, European Union, Italy and Spain. All the manufacturing process is strictly supervised and multiple quality checks are done for the final product.

Carlton London are a passionate band of designers, creators, trend setters and above all craftsmen, and they are seeking entrepreneurs to help them expand into Dubai. The brand bring the best out of London high street through our collection. EXPANSION LOCATIONS

  • Investment USD: $100,000 – $500,000
  1. Wayne Wright

Wayne Wright Shoes are a perfect combination of comfort and great designs. Wayne Wright Products are mostly made up of by Natural Materials like natural Leather and soles are made up of natural Rubber.

The USP of the Shoes are that they are truly handmade Shoes with no/minimum machine interference and each shoe design is made by hand. Wayne Wright shoes are truly Luxury & Lifestyle like other International Brands, but with Reasonable Prices.

All Shoes of Wayne Wright promotes & encourage Small Scale Industry & Cottage Industries. Wayne Wright also participates to encourage Social responsibilities & welfare to Promote Humanity & Charity. This franchise is seeking expansion into Dubai.

  • Investment Range: USD 100,000 – 500,000
  1. Little Sheep Hot Pot

First launched in Inner Mongolia in 1999, Little Sheep has become a household name and a customer favorite. Hot pot is known for its consistent commitment to quality and taste. Little Sheep now operates almost 300 restaurants around the world including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, UAE and Singapore.

  • Capital: Over $US1,000,000
  1. PanIQ Room

PanIQ Room is one of the pioneers in bringing escape rooms to the US. Established in 2014, the brand began franchising since 2017.

PanIQ Room has gained vast experience in the escape room industry and now operates a network of escape room units that are unique both in terms of technology and customer experience. The international franchise is on the road to growth, and it is poised to rapidly expand its innovative escape room concept in the amusement and leisure industry.

PanIQ Room was originally founded in Budapest, Hungary which is considered the escape room capital of the world. It is a proud member of nationwide associations like IAAPA, IFPG, and IFA which puts the brand among the top performers.

PanIQ Room hosts more than 150,000 players annually, including corporate events of Google, Amazon, Nike, HP, L’Oreal, Cheesecake Factory and many more.

In 2014, PanIQ opened its first escape room in the United States in Hollywood, and today has several company-owned and franchise units in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, and Miami, with new franchise locations planned for Atlanta, Austin, the Bahamas and UAE.

  • Minimum cash required: $100,000
  1. JJ Chicken

JJ Chicken serves balanced charcoal grilled chicken meals in a quick-service environment and it is a the only QSR of authentic charcoal grilled chicken that has a unique and irreplaceable taste of charcoal grilling in its food.

The meals are affordable yet healthy, quickly served yet freshly prepared offering good value for the money. All chicken is freshly marinated on a daily basis and charcoal grilled on order, equally all sauces are freshly homemade, with zero preservatives.

JJ Chicken has a simple and easy way to control operations, working with only one main ingredient (chicken) makes easy. JJ Chicken, created in 2010, is currently operating nine shops and one food truck in the United Arab Emirates, with more units opening in 2019.

  • Minimum cash required: USD $150,000
  1. Steak ‘n Shake

Steak ‘n Shake is a classic American brand featuring premium burgers and shakes. In 1934, Steak ‘n Shake pioneered “better burgers” hand-crafting burgers made with cuts of steak. Steak ‘n Shake, founded in 1934 by Gus Belt, in Normal, Illinois has owned the better burger segment for nearly 80 years.

With over 700 operating restaurants in the U.S, Europe, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and more than 20,000 employees in the USA, Steak ‘n Shake has already proven to be a massive success – and they fully intend to replicate this achievement on the international stage.

With over 350,000 clients visiting Steak ‘n Shake daily in the US, the brand generates system-wide sales of nearly 1 billion dollars by selling more than 110 million Steakburgers annually, as well as more than 80 million portions of fries and 60 million hand-dipped milkshakes.

  • Minimum Cash Required: USD $500,000
  1. DIFR Brands

DIFR is a global food & beverage operator and successful Master Franchisee for many great brands in The Middle East and the US. The group offers regional Franchise Partners a solid platform of managerial support, nearby supply-chain & product sourcing channels, customized menu, operational & marketing material in Arabic to meet local market needs.

The DIFR family is made up of three distinct concepts: Pizzaria – Award-Winning deep and thin pizza in a Upscale Environment. 

Chili House – The Original Chili Burger Since 1985. • LEE’S – Grandma Style Fried and Oven Roasted Chicken in Strips. DIFR is seeking qualified, business-oriented individuals to join their system of great food franchises. Your qualifications should include a desire to grow a profitable business while helping customers enjoy their amazing food.

  • Minimum Cash Required: USD $150,000
  1. Saniservice

Saniservice is a high-end AC cleaning and disinfection brand, established over a decade ago in Dubai, offering innovation with their signature luxury service experience. Saniservice is dedicated to changing the ‘Indoor Air Quality’ service industry as we know it while bringing the Swiss highest quality standards for products and services.

Saniservice is all about taking charge of indoor health and wellness without compromise by providing the best qualified technicians, chemical free disinfectant products and latest cleaning and disinfection material.

Being a part of the health service industry, Saniservice is a recession proof business that has grown by double digit figures every year for a decade.

  • Minimum cash required: $500,000
  1. VIZ360

VIZ360 is a digital tech company that is positioned perfectly to ride the next big digital wave. They have developed a suite of world class 3D/VR products ready to sell to almost every business and enterprise category including Real Estate, Builders, Developers, Architects, Hotels, Retail Stores, Tourism, Training and Schools, Advertising Agencies, Exhibitions, Hospitality & many more industries.

The global demand for 3D/VR services is exploding exponentially as one of the world’s fastest growth markets, as consumers demand richer, more immersive experiences from their devices.

The world’s leading brands are turning their attention to the next wave of immersive 3D media and entertainment which is VR and AR (Virtual and Augmented Reality).

  • Minimum Cash Required: USD $50,000
  1. Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Founded in 1979, Gloria Jean’s Coffees is now a global success story, serving guests in close to 900 coffee houses in over 50 territories worldwide, including over 200 outlets in the MENA region. The brand in anchored on high quality espresso coffee using the finest Arabica beans, sourced directly from farmers and blended, roasted and distributed from their own roastery.

Their coffee is sourced ethically and served to consumers by highly trained baristas with brilliant customer service. Gloria Jean’s Coffees is run ‘café style’ with a menu that includes a range of hot drinks, cold drinks, snacks, breakfast, lunch and meals on the go. Gloria Jean’s Coffee shops are available in Qatar andNorth Africa.

  • Minimum Cash Required: $150,000
  1. Brumby’s Bakery

Brumby’s is one of Australia’s most iconic bakeries. With a history of baking fresh bread every day since 1975, it has fostered a loyal legion of customers who buy more than 10.5 million loaves each year, featuring more than 200 stores across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Brumby’s has firmly cemented its position as one of Australia’s most trusted and loved brands, specialising in freshly baked bread and bakery goods including, artisan loaves, sweet cakes, tarts and slices, savouries, pastries, gourmet pies and sandwiches.

Recently, Brumby’s underwent a significant brand transformation, which has seen the brand evolve to represent the essence of ‘Home Grown Goodness’ in a modern and appealing aesthetic, with a new store design, logo and uniform. The product range has also been extended to include ‘get active’ and ‘preservative free’ ranges of breads, large cakes and quality crafted coffee.

  • Minimum Cash Required: USD $100,000
  1. Cafe2U

Cafe2U is a van-based franchise, delivering the highest quality espresso based beverages to non-traditional locations (being anywhere that a consumer would not expect to access a high-quality espresso based coffee).

Since the first van launched in Sydney, Australia in 2000, the brand now boasts more than 250 franchises worldwide, including over 100 across the UK, New Zealand and South Africa.

Their franchisees concentrate on establishing a daily run within their agreed territory and primarily focus on the servicing of businesses located within commercial and industrial estates. An average franchisee will service a number of businesses within their territory.  This business is looking for franchisees to expand it to the UAE.

  • Minimum Cash Required: USD $100,000
  1. Crust Gourmet Pizza

Since its inception in 2001, Crust Gourmet Pizza has grown to over 170 stores and has expanded into Singapore and is opening in the united kingdom in late 2018.

Crust is the original innovator in the pizza space and brings true firsts to market from unique flavour combinations to product formats and service innovation.  Crust prides itself of delivering the promise of ‘pizza reimagined’ with flavours and product offering that are ahead of global food trends.

Crust makes pizza the authentic way, relying on instinct and measuring by hand rather than following a strict formula. Crust appeals to a large segment of the market that wants the convenience of take-away or casual dine-in pizza but does not want to compromise on quality, taste or health.

By tapping into this previously unmet consumer need, Crust has become a major player in the highly competitive QSR / pizza category. Crust is both a take-away and dine-in, gourmet experience with most stores boasting a small seating area. They are seeking franchises for countries throughout the MENA region.

  • Minimum Cash Required: $150,000.
  1. Michel’s Patisserie

Michel’s Patisserie is a French inspired café. With a history spanning over 30-years, Michel’s Patisserie now has over 200 outlets nationwide. Michel’s Patisserie is renowned for its delicious specialty cakes, pastries, treats, savouries and exclusive award-winning coffee.

Michel’s Patisserie also includes an added full cafe menu, including breakfast and light meals. Michel’s Patisseries brand proposition is anchored on its French inspired heritage from the store design to the sweet treats and pastry offerings.

Michel’s coffee is award-winning, as they source their beans directly from some of the most exotic regions on the bean belt, then blend and roast them in their company owned roasteries, ensuring consistency of quality and on-time delivery. Michel’s Patisserie is seeking Master Franchise Partners for countries throughout the MENA region.

  • Minimum Cash Required: $150,000.
  1. Nstyle Beauty Lounge

Established in 2001, NStyle International is recognized as one of the largest organically grown companies in the beauty sector offering one million beauty and grooming services to over 600,000 customers.

The driving force behind the popular NStyle Beauty Lounge and the award winning Urban Male Lounge, boasting 30 luxurious branches in premium store locations worldwide, NStyle International has a global footprint from Canada, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan & United Arab Emirates, is the clear long-term Business Strategy which has currently resulted in 15.2% growth over the last 6 years.

Over the last 15 years, NStyle International has raised the Industry’s beauty bar and received over 50 prestigious industry and business accolades by credible organizations like Forbes Magazine and Arabian Business to the CSR Labels by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce among others.

NStyle is fun, hygienic, modern, fresh, affordable, convenient and geared to offer consistent services whether it’s a supermom, the fashionista of high flying business women. The region’s leading chain of luxury Beauty Lounges offers premium quality services.

  • Minimum Cash Required: USD $250,000
  1. It’s A Grind

Founded in 1994 in Long Beach, California, It’s A Grind’s mission is to provide high-quality signature coffee, espresso beverages and delicious food offerings in a comfortable and locally-focused atmosphere.

It’s A Grind has stores in the USA, Middle East and Asia. Sourcing its coffee from around the globe, It’s A Grind then roasts each batch in Southern California, ensuring consistently fresh, smooth and flavourful coffee.

It’s A Grind offers a distinct neighbourhood feeling at each of their coffee houses, and each one has its own individual character; capturing the independent coffee house culture, while also maintaining the integrity of the coffee our consumers have come to love.

It’s A Grind is seeking Master Franchise Partners for countries throughout the MENA region.

  • Minimum Cash Required: $150,000.
  1. Speaking Roses

Over a decade ago, Speaking Roses conceived the idea to merge the flower and greeting card industries, and created an exceptional way to convey unforgettable messages by making them appear inscribed on the petal of the rose itself. Then, after developing and patenting their unique flower printer, they offered beautiful, embossed, flowers to local flower shops and businesses, whose response was immediate and overwhelming.

In just a few years, Speaking Roses expanded locally and internationally both in-store and online sales with considerable public attention. And now, you can become a successful licensee. The company is seeking franchises worldwide

  • Minimum Cash Required: USD $100,000
  1. Only Roses

OnlyRoses is a High-End Gifting and Interior Design brand, established over a decade ago in London, offering innovation with their signature design elements and authentic luxury experience. OnlyRoses offers unique arrangements made with the finest fresh roses, and are best known for our Infinite Roses – real roses that last a year without water.

OnlyRoses’ unique collection of luxurious gifts is the ultimate gesture of appreciation and lasting impressions. The brand operates luxury retail stores and e-commerce in six countries and orders can be placed online, by phone, or at one of their store locations.

OnlyRoses is now expanding regionally & internationally and has identified the MENA region as the priority market for immediate development. They are looking for qualified and capable franchise partners to develop the brand in the MENA countries and beyond.

  • Minimum Cash Required: $650,000 – 950,000
  1. Mad For Garlic

Mad for Garlic is Korea’s first garlic-themed Italian restaurant. The unique concept made its debut in 2001 through Mad for Garlic’s first restaurant in Apgujeong-dong, an affluent entertainment and residential district in southern Seoul.

With its unique and innovative menu with garlic-specialized Italian cuisine and an excellent selection of wines, Mad for Garlic soon became one of Korea’s most popular restaurant chains. Rather than having a central kitchen system, at Mad for Garlic, the entire cooking process starts with raw materials in the kitchen of each branch to bring fresh food to the table.

Mad For Garlic is now expanding regionally & internationally and has identified the MENA region as the priority market for immediate development. They are looking for qualified and capable franchise partners to develop the brand in the MENA countries and beyond.

  • Minimum Cash Required: $250,000
  1. Pingu’s English

Pingu’s English is an industry-leader in early childhood development; who have successfully pioneered a teaching model that develops early bilingualism in the English language. Pingu’s English is a global brand from Linguaphone Group Ltd, a world-leading training provider from the UK with over 115 years experience in the international education market.

As an exclusive Pingu’s English Master Franchisee, you’ll have the exclusive nationwide Master Franchise rights to capitalise on the lucrative pre-school English language training market all year round, using two separate programs, both based on the enormously popular animated TV character Pingu.

Pingu’s English offers a unique combination of a fun and solid learning experience, delivered in an engaging, safe, and vibrant learning environment. This franchise is currently available in Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, North Africa, and Worldwide

  • Minimum Cash Required: $350,000
  1. FELIX

FELIX is the largest retail network for the sale of office furniture, which includes 10 showrooms in Moscow and St. Petersburg, more than 55 franchising showrooms in regions of Russia, the CIS, the Middle East and abroad. Their developed dealer network covers almost all regions of the Russian Federation. At the moment, there are more than 900 dealers in the company’s database.

FELIX is now expanding regionally & internationally and has identified the MENA region as the priority market for immediate development. They are looking for qualified and capable franchise partners to develop the brand in the MENA countries and beyond.

  • Minimum Cash Required: $50,000
  1. MORE Cafe

MORE Café is a leading all day casual dining brand that opened its doors in 2002, in Dubai. It has since expanded its locations and is now well established within the heart of UAE’s main business districts and growing communities.

The MORE concept is the brainchild of a Dutch partnership and mirrors the fruition of creativity, passion and awareness for understanding sustainable food trends. The concept has been developed in the image of the great tradition from European ‘Grand Cafes’, with its generous portions, art displays and comfortable interiors.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Cash Required: 250,000
  • Capital required: 1.1- 1.3 million USD
  • Verifiable liquid assets of 2 million USD
  • Total net worth of 5 million USD
  1. Pause By More Kitchen

With over 15 years experience in the F&B industry and as a producer of locally roasted coffee, this company is well placed to launch a unique concept which primarily focuses on the food offerings as well as coffee. Their management team has extensive experience in multinational coffee shop chains, which they have utilized to create a well-rounded menu, which caters to a wide range of tastes.

Pause By More Kitchen takes pride in their ingredients, on their origins and on their quality. Their menus bring something new and elevate the experience of a fast meal into an indulgence that is easy and quick to get. The business started from the United Arab Emirates, and is still seeking franchises.

  • Minimum Cash Required: $150,000
  1. Glow By More Kitchen

Ice creams are essentially an impulsive purchase that happens when as customers surrender to the control of the primal limbic brain. The GLOW brand explores this leverage by elevating the “feeling” of their product. GLOW has been created to meet the expectation of adults and children for a quality ice cream experience at affordable price.

GLOW has always been able to embrace and invent new ways of delivering ice cream with fresh and unique flavors that customers love to indulge in.

Whether it is an ice cream scoop in summer to beat the heat or its nightly ritual to satisfy the cravings, GLOW has a portfolio that will satisfy every need. They understand what the market craves and change the menu accordingly. GLOW is now expanding regionally and internationally

  • Minimum Cash Required: USD 100,000
  1. Oxygene

Established in 1982 in Lebanon, Oxygene is an avant-garde fashion brand offering eastern and western trends with a touch of Mediterranean design, quality, and femininity. Customer service protocol, merchandising to facilitate shopping, quality and diversity of the products are some of Oxygene’s distinguishing characters.

With 27 outlets in Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Spain, and with an accumulated experience with foreign markets, OXYGENE sets out for European expansion at the beginning of 2017 and signs a deal with its fourth largest department store “El Corte Ingles” with the aim of reaching 50 in the next 3 years.

The brand quickly ranked amongst the department’s top 10 brands in terms of growth and sales and is now considering more aggressive developments.

  • Minimum Cash Required: USD 500,000
  1. The Belgian Waffle Co.

The Belgian Waffle Co. is one of the first Waffle Specialty stations in India that offers a unique, on-the-go waffle sandwich created fresh at their waffle stations with their specially formulated egg-less batter and premium fillings.

BWC pride itself on providing a continuously innovating yet consistent top quality product with a warm and dependable brand identity. From the very beginning, the business understands that a scalable and consistent model would be the key to spreading their delicious waffles, and therefore franchising the Belgian Waffle Co. has never been easier.

The simplicity of their operating model allows people with little or no experience in the food business to succeed as entrepreneurs with lower investment as and far more attractive returns than most of our peer brands.

  • Minimum Cash Required: USD $90,000
  1. Kangaroo Kids Education

KKEL is a fully-integrated education service provider supporting a network of owned and franchisee schools. KKEL owned, Kangaroo Kids & Billabong High International Schools, have initiated a movement that has changed the face of pre school and high school education.

KKEL’s revolutionary model of education is imparted at over 100+ Schools and Pre- Schools in 30 cities across India, as well as in Dubai, Middle East and Maldives.

Kangaroo Kids Preschools are well-recognised by mainstream schools as institutions that produce confident, creative and eager learners. Kangaroo Kids has been recognised as the most “Trusted Brand” in education by The Brand Trust Study 2014 standing tall in the same league as IIT, IIM, NIIT, Yale University and Oxford.

  • Minimum investment – $50,000.
  1. Cafè Barbera

For almost 150 years, the tradition of the Cafè Barbera – The Italian Coffee House – coffee company, the oldest coffee company in Italy and one of the oldest in Europe, has been carried on by six generations of the Barbera family.

Today, the brand operates  more than 50 Cafe Barbera franchisees spread out across various strategic locations in 15 countries with plans and growth strategy to increase their store portfolio to 120 by 2022.

Cafè Barbera provides a great opportunity to own a business with a rich tradition and history. Cafè Barbera is currently available in Cyprus , Egypt , Iran , Iraq , Lebanon , Palestine , Qatar , Syria , Turkey , United Arab Emirates , Yemen , Worldwide

  • Minimum Cash Required: USD $150,000
  1. The Edge Learning Center

The Edge provides thousands of students support for Admissions into some of the Top 50 American Universities, including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UPenn… and more. With a newly launched Online Adaptive Platform and Consistent Empirical Success in all the top exams, The Edge offers the world’s best system for teaching students how to meet their college and boarding school requirements.

The core ideology at The Edge is the philosophy that proper education shouldn’t teach us what to think, but how to think! Over the past 10 years The Edge Learning Center has seen substantial growth within the 3 sectors of business: Academic Tutoring, Admissions Consulting and Test Preparation.

  • Minimum Cash Required: USD $250,000
  1. Fish Face

Sahel discovered engineering and construction were not his true passion. Instead, what sincerely fascinated him was the culinary world, particularly Asian and Mexican cuisine. Inspired by the fusion of the two cuisines he was so passionate about, he and his partner, Tamer El Sayegh set out to bring FishFace to life. In his words, Sahel vows to “Make the world a better place one burrito at a time”

Born in 2017, FishFace was conceived with one simple goal: to offer fresh, high quality products, a warm homemade feel and, most of all, mouthwatering pokes and burritos that keep you coming back for more. And it’s an experience they aim to spread in every FishFace shop, with many more to come in the near future, more neighborhoods to reach, and more people to satisfy.

  • Ndividual Unit Franchise Fee: Usd 30,000
  • Royalty Fee – 6% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  • Marketing Fund – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month

37. Black Tap

Since the opening of the first BLACK TAP restaurant in New York, it was lauded as the best new burger spot. BLACK TAP has taken New York by storm with the amazing list of not only delicious, but also super unique burgers and shakes.

  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee: Aed 275,000
  • Royalty Fee – 7% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  • Marketing Fund – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  1. Wai Wai City

The Iconic noodles brand Wai Wai, with 7 manufacturing plants across India producing more than 2.3 billion packets annually sold across 32 different countries has opened their new and growing chain of quick service restaurant, Wai Wai City.

Wai Wai City is designed to bring the brand close to its young fans offering vibrant interiors with never before flavors and taste at pocket friendly prices. Customers are able to choose among the different type of noodles, sauces, vegetables and a variety of add-ons all while producing an aromatic experience as well as a visual treat to see each dish being prepared with fresh ingredients right in front of the customers.

  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee: Usd 23,000
  • Royalty Fee – 5% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 3% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  • Marketing Fund – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  1. Steakanji

In 2014, CEO Jamal Rasekh tasted his first fusion Philly steak. As an appetite of success, Jamal knew that he wanted to share his experience with others in a big way. After experimenting with countless ingredients and perfecting his recipe, Jamal turned his entrepreneurial dreams into reality when he opened his first restaurant called Steakanji in the capital city of Jordan “Amman”.

Since then, and according to the great success, Steakanji expanded to open three more locations in Jordan, two locations in the UAE with several other locations in the development stage. Their menu feature Steaks, Skewers, Tacos, Rice bowls, Noodles bowls, Subs, Burgers, Salads, Fun bites, Gourmet fries and Refreshing beverages.

  • Franchise Fees – $ 15,000 to $ 25,000 (one time only)
  • Royalty Fee – 5% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  • Marketing Fund – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  1. Nasr Grill

Nasr Grill restaurant offers a truly authentic experience of Lebanese cuisine. It provides home-style dining with mouth-watering, freshly prepared dishes.

Opened in 1993, Nasr Grill restaurant continues to provide a unique dining experience where customer feels transported all the way to Lebanon. The friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere will make customers feel like they stepped right into the home of an old friend.

Nasr Grill prepares a variety of Mezze, made-to-order dishes hot off the grill and trademark-worthy Lebanese meals that always keeps customers coming back for more. This franchise is seeking to expand into the UAE and MENA countries.

  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee: Aed 220,000
  • Royalty Fee – 5% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  • Marketing Fund – 1% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  1. Zahrat Lebnan

In 1983, guided by their passion for traditional dining and top quality food, a team of determined and ambitious Lebanese entrepreneurs opened former Lebanese Flower which is now Zahrat Lebnan.

They brought a taste of Lebanon by serving various off-the-grill menu selections along with mouth-watering Lebanese mezza dishes. Offering a fresh, healthy alternative among fast-food restaurants, Lebanese flower quickly became a family favorite.

Today it is identified as one of Abu-Dhabi’s culinary landmarks, Zahrat Lebnan is a must-go-to restaurant for residents and tourists. Their authentic food, welcoming staff and outstanding service have gained them customer loyalty. Among their top menu selections off the grill, their signature became fresh, delicious, made-to-order Shawarma sandwiches.

  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee: Aed 185,000
  • Royalty Fee – 6% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  • Marketing Fund – 1% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  1. Verdura

Verdura restaurant is the successful result by Global Catering Services group to create a deep Mediterranean fusion cuisine embracing flavours from countries such as Greece, Italy, Turkey and the Levant (Lebanon and Syria).

Inspired by the Mediterranean unique nature of sun, sea, soil, structures and greens, the Verdura restaurant is a true reflection of the brand’s essence “naturally natural” that reconnect guests with the elements of nature.

A comforting space where customers feel nestled within organic Mediterranean type trees and other greens of which in part are planted and grown organically at Verdura’s terrace. This franchise is seeking to expand into the UAE and MENA countries.

  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee: Aed 225,000
  • Royalty Fee – 6% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  • Marketing Fund – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  1. Sandwich W Noss

Born in 2015, Sandwich W Noss was conceived with one simple goal: to bring back the authentic Lebanese flavor in an original snack experience. They boast of fresh, high quality products, a warm homemade feel and most of all, really big mouthwatering sandwiches that keep you coming back for more. This franchise is seeking to expand into the UAE and MENA countries.

Franchise requirements

  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee: USD 30,000
  • Initial Investment Cost For An Individual Unit : The Initial Investment For An Individual Unit Ranges From 325,000  Usd To 465,000 Usd (395,000 Usd On Average) This Includes Franchise Fee, Training, 6 Months Rental, 3 Month Working Capital And Others.
  • Initial Investment Cost For An Area Development : The Initial Investment For An Outlet Under The Area Development Agreement Ranges From 587,000 Usd To 773,000 Usd (680,000 Usd On Average) This Includes Franchise Fee, Cost Of Central Kitchen Setup, Training, 6 Months Rental, 3 Month Working Capital And Others.
  • Royalty Fee – 5% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  • Marketing Fund – 1% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  1. Moshi – Momo & Sushi

The love for momo and sushi inspired this unique fusion and formation of two worlds at Moshi. Moshi is a one of a kind QSR in Dubai that offers both Nepalese and Japanese delicacies. Moshi aims to be a QSR and provide quality food prepared with authentic ingredients.

  • Momo is made out of flour or wheat flour coating with filling of choice of meat or vegetables rolled to steam, pan fried, or deep fried to customers’ preference. It is served with a spicy tomato or sesame based dipping sauce. Sushi is centuries old Japenese staple dish. Although commonly misconstrued for solely raw fish, there are different types of sushi.
    Maki Roll – cooked or raw strips of fish and vegetables rolled into nori (seaweed paper) and vinegared rice
  • Nigiri – strips of fish hand pressed over a ball of vinegared rice
  • Sashimi – raw strips of fresh fish served without rice

Moshi is also the first QSR in Dubai to offer a wide variety of vegetarian momos and sushi.

  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee: Aed 85,000
  • Royalty Fee – 6% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  • Marketing Fund – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  1. Meme’s Curry

It all started as a home business in 2013 by the CEO and founder of Meme’s Curry, Chef Shehab Al-Attar. He started advertising in social media, with one driver to distribute for home deliveries. The following months, his partner, Yousef Ghareeb participated in exhibitions alongside with their friends to form a “Japanese themed restaurant with Kuwaiti staff”.

The restaurant is specialized in Japanese Curry Sauce (first in Kuwait) and urban style dine-in experience which makes it more cozy and friendly environment.

  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee: 11,000
  • Royalty Fee – 8% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Mont
  • Marketing Fund – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  1. Eggspectation

The Eggspectation concept was created by Eggspectation Group, with a first restaurant in downtown Montreal in 1993. Since then, Eggspectation restaurants have become synonymous with innovation, high quality food, excellent service, and a unique and exciting dining experience.

Eggspectation Restaurants personality is warm and hospitable, spirited, curious, receptive, and creatively energetic—but totally serious about preparing and serving food. With a Brand Tone which is Friendly, responsive, helpful, confident, fun-loving.

Financial requirements

  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee: USD 55,000
  • Royalty Fee – 6% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  • Marketing Fund – 1% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  1. On The Wood

On the Wood is a Lebanese restaurant that uses the technique of woodstone oven which is characterized by giving the flavor and quality of the wood.

They specialize in delicious & reasonably priced Lebanese cuisine, including their house of “Pastry” & authentic “Bakery” specialties. Their cuisine entrees are served in a relaxing and welcoming setting that you, your friends and family are sure to enjoy. This franchise is seeking to expand into the UAE and MENA countries.

Franchise requirements

  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee: AED 140,000
  • Area Development Franchise Fee : Aed 525,000 (For Minimum Of 5 Units)
  • Royalty Fee – 6% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  • Marketing Fund – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  1. Sushi Box

Sushi Box is a simplified, accessible sushi concept, one that makes sushi available to everyone, everywhere. Sushi Box is a local, family owned business that caters to the Middle Eastern clientele, one that enjoys Sushi, but doesn’t enjoy raw food. Sushi box offers cooked, local ingredients, with a UAE twist.

The inspiration of Sushi Box comes from blending the traditional Sushi look, with UAE based ingredients. With creative recipes, and affordable prices, Sushi Box has one mission: Anyone can dine, Anywhere, Anytime.

To become a successful grab and go concept, Sushi Box relies on the simple and basic method of eating sushi out of a box. In the car, on the way to work, or even while walking. There is no longer a need to pay an extensive amount of money, for an exaggerated dine-in sushi experience.

Financial requirement

Initial Investment For An Individual Unit: Ranges From Aed 440,000 To Aed 970,000 (Aed 700,000 On Average). This Includes Franchise Fee, Training, 6 Months Rental, Working Capital & Operating Costs.

  • Royalty Fee – 6% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  • Marketing Fund – 1.5% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  1. 1762

1762 is a gourmet deli shop offering unique selection of sandwiches, salads and desserts for people on the run who appreciate quality food. 1762 ensures best quality and highest level of freshness possible in a rustic, warm and homely atmosphere.

1762’s goal is to be the leading deli shop in the region. They thrive to keep on improving and staying ahead of the market.

Financial requirement

  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee: AED 200,000
  • Area Development Franchise Fee : Aed 320,000
  • Royalty Fee – 6% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 1% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  • Marketing Fund – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  1. Saladicious

Saladicious is an original restaurant specializing in freshly homemade soups and salads, besides a wide variety of gourmet dishes including steaks, risottos, paellas and pastas. Saladicious’s philosophy is to create an ambiance where diners can relax and savor the delicacies of tasty, healthy homemade cuisine.

A team of Latin chefs freshly prepares the extensive and exotic menu. Their Latin fair and finesse adds an extra dash of flavor to the homemade recipes. Saladicious goal is to enter international markets and be known as a leader in salads. This franchise is seeking to expand into the UAE and MENA countries.

Financial requirements

  • Individual Unit Franchise Fee: AED 110,000
  • Area Development Franchise Fee : AED 270,000
  • Royalty Fee – 5% Of The Gross Sales And Is Paid Monthly.
  • Advertising Fee – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month
  • Marketing Fund – 2% Of The Gross Sales Per Month