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30 Best Cheap Franchise Opportunities Under $1k

Franchises Under 1k

Today, entrepreneurs have recognized the advantages of buying a successful business franchise as against travelling the business highway all alone.

But a lot of aspiring business owners are terribly put off by the amount successful franchises go for, especially those in specific industries. If you are in this category, then you should not fret because there are indeed successful business franchises that fall into any wallet size.

It is for this reason that we are bringing you franchises in the United Stated that are just within $0 and $1k. Businesses in the various industries are represented in this category, so you only have to take your pick and kick off your research.

Franchises that are mentioned here require little or no overhead that is why they come really cheap. The business is then dependent on your abilities to drive it to success.

Best Franchise Opportunities Under $1k

1. Pajama-Man

With virtually everyone requiring insurance, the recession-resistant insurance industry continues to thrive. If you’re interested in operating your own home-based business in an in-demand industry, and in a very cheap way, consider becoming an independent insurance broker.

The Pajama Man School teaches you everything you need to know to operate a successful business in the lucrative insurance industry.

As an independent insurance broker, you’ll represent top insurance providers in each category, from property and casualty to life and health, without ever leaving your home. The Pajama Man system gets you into business immediately and quite affordably.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $1,000
  • Franchise fee: $1,000
  • Minimum Cash: $6,000

2. Charter Financial

Cash in on a Multi-Billion Dollar Untapped Industry by working as a referral agent for Charter Financial. The company is a national purchaser of owner financed real estate notes and they are looking for independent agents that they can teach the business to so they can refer these types of notes to their business.

The average fee per transaction is a little over $3,000+. Owner financing is not widely known but occurs in about 10% of all real estate transactions in the country. The company is offering franchisees an excellent opportunity to find notes for them to purchase and they will pay an excellent referral fee each time.

The company only makes money when you make money so they are motivated to provide you with excellent training and support so that you can both profit. Charter Financial are the industry leader and they have been in business for over 20 years.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $195
  • Franchise fee: $195

3. Credit Repair USA

Credit repair USA is a business that focuses on helping individuals and businesses with financial planning. The company promises their franchisees no monthly license fees, no yearly fees, and no renewal fees.

If you follow their proven business model, you will succeed and make a great living doing it. All of your clients’ processing will be done by corporate office. Updates and removals of accounts will be updated by the corporate office as well.

Those updates will be synced over to your account and your client’s account in real time, all via their credit repair software.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $199
  • Minimum Cash: $5,000

4. 1040TaxBiz

1040TaxBiz has been in the tax business for 19 years and they invented the business model of low cost tax offices. Every year new businesses startup trying to copy their promotional ideas and our pricing. The company is confident of their results because they have an “A” rating with the BBB.

Their marketing and promotion support is unique and powerful as their Family Dollar Program allows you to open a turnkey business in the tax season.

This franchise gives you everything you need – Location, Software, Bank Product, Marketing and Direct access to 15,000 to 30,000 potential tax clients every month, all in one package. This business model is designed for someone who wants to start their own business but doesn’t have the large upfront investment.

The model uses a shared revenue approach for start-up businesses. They offer all the services you need to run and support your business. In addition, they operate and manage your back office, your marketing and also train your staff.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $249 – $2,899

5. Personal Touch

Using your computer and the unique software and supplies offered by personal touch, you can create a wide variety of beautiful personalized gift items including: framed and matted keepsakes, jewelry boxes, mouse pads, ceramic plates, address books, key chains, clocks, calendars, etc.

Among the special features offered is their “Gifts on Art Software”, which will provide you with everything you need to create Personalized Poetry Gifts, First Name Meaning Gifts, and Family Tree Gifts in both English and Spanish.

Their software allows you to create appropriate personalized gifts for just about every occasion and relationship you can think of. A typical gift takes less than 2 minutes to create and profit margins are as high as 4000%. Startup packages include:

Gifts on Art software, over 100,000 First Names Meanings, a comprehensive Poetry Database, Master Art and Poetry books, Specialty Art Backgrounds, Mats, Instructions, Order Forms, Brochures, Training, and Support. Enough starting inventory is supplied with the start-up package to recoup your initial investment several times over.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $229 – $995

6. Silpada Designs

Silpada designs is a business that is focused at jewelry promotion. Now is the time to start living the life you deserve. Silpada can help make your dreams a reality by offering you financial freedom, a flexible schedule, new friendships – and fun.

Party your way to success by bringing your own personal kit of beautiful Silpada Designs Jewelry into your Hostesses’ homes and let them see for themselves the quality and style of Silpada. And since there is no inventory carried by their Representatives, the jewelry is yours to wear and share.

You are basically your own “Walking Advertisement!” Plus, the more jewelry you buy, the more money you’ll save on your Initial Certification Fee. You only need to pay $100 for your Initial Certification Fee with your purchase of $1,500 retail ($750 your cost) from the Silpada Designs Collection.

Your certification fee comes up to $0 if your purchase $3,500 retail ($1,750 your cost) from the Silpada Designs Collection.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $199

7. God’s Silver Money

God’s silver money is a coins dealer in the >. International Silver Network or “ISN COINS” is the Direct Sales Division of “ISN MODERN COINS” one of the largest modern coin dealers in the United States headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

ISN Modern Coins is known for exceptional talent, world-class service, extremely competitive pricing and the ability to provide its clients with a wide range of numismatic choices offering only the best certifications within the Numismatic Collectible Coins industry.

International Silver Network was launched to propagate the sale of ISN Modern Coins’ wide selection of Collectible & Certified Assets through a direct sales distribution model. This model is very powerful and allows for a synergistic relationship between ISN Modern Coins and its sales division.

Individuals who choose to partner with ISN COINS benefit in many ways. Starting with discounted prices on the entire line of ISN MODERN COINS certified and graded assets. ISN COINS rewards its members with some of the best prices in the industry, while paying Substantial commissions on all coins that are sold worldwide.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $125

8. Cleanout Foreclosures

Cleanout foreclosures make money cleaning out and maintaining foreclosures is a complete business startup package. They provide everything you need to know about starting and running your own Foreclosure Cleanout and Foreclosure Property Preservation and Maintenance Business.

Anyone can get into this business as long as they are not afraid of a little hard work. You can start this business with the items you probably already have.

All you will need in this business is a computer with internet access, a digital camera, a truck, or access to one, or some other means to haul the few tools you will need to the jobsites. You can work this business full time or part time. It is also a perfect home based business.

You will need minimal office space, and you will only need a small space to store your tools such as a shed or part of a garage. You can start out small and grow your business as you go! There is no limit to your possible earnings in this business as long as you’re willing to work hard.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $349
  • Franchise fee: $349

9. What’s On In

The “What’s On In” is a unique home-based franchise that can generate you a main monthly income from within your OWN “exclusive” state allowing you to take a share of the $300 million that is spent online by USA advertisers.

What’s On In offers you a unique franchise opportunity to offer any business the chance to advertise on their website, enabling them to advertise to the people that are looking. With the self-service platform, high visibility, full tracking and low advertising cost, it brings something very unique to the online advertising marketplace.

There are NO restrictions on advertising, any business can place an ad on your website. Payment goes direct to you from all advertisers.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $1,000

10. Green Irene

Green Irene is an America’s Eco-Consultant that runs a green compliant franchise business. Green Irene has grown over the last few years to become the largest green consulting firm in the country with over 650 independent Eco-Consultants in 48 states.

Green Irene Eco-Consultants are independent business people who work from home and are distributors of eco-consulting services and hundreds of recommended green home and office products. Green Irene follows a direct sales model, which gives you an opportunity to make a professional income doing something you can be proud of doing.

Their flagship product for the home is a $99 Green Home Makeover conducted in 60-90 minutes. After consulting, the Eco-Consultant recommends carefully researched and tested products that will make the home greener and healthier.

They provide local Eco-Consultants with the training, the tools, the products, the brand name, the appointments, the leads and the materials to build a satisfying, profitable business with very low overhead.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $150
  • Franchise fee: $150

11. Lime Licensing Group

Lime’s executives have been the advisors behind some of the country’s most successful business format franchises over the last two decades. They have launched dozens of market-leading brands. Furthermore, many of those brands have outperformed industry “norms” with help from their franchise consultants.

The Lime brand licensing pedigree can be traced back to the 1990’s when they first placed cartoon superstar Scooby Doo on to a range of greeting cards. The company is a prolific franchise recruiter that spreading client’s messages online and offline following an elite blueprint that works.

Numerous franchise campaigns through print and social media marketing, exhibitions and PR have their people behind them. They are able to deliver any size of licensing project or franchise consultancy assignment.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $500

12. Blueprint

Have you ever Dreamed About Time Freedom and Financial Freedom? Have you ever wanted to just breathe a little more at the end of the month? Have you ever wanted to not have to worry about the bills or that trip you’ve always wanted to take with the ones you love?

Most people though assume such a lifestyle is not within their reach. But this franchise is trying to tell you that you are closer than you actually think. If you have ever wanted to market top of the line digital products, ones that teach you how to market online? Generate Leads online? Keep your mind focused? Then this franchise will teach you just that.

Aubrey Janik signed her first franchise agreement at just 21 years old, and opened her first franchise at 22 years old. She is now 24 years old and has the experience of opening and operating a successful franchise in a new and emerging market.

Before Aubrey opened her own franchise, she worked one-on-one with various franchise owners in different industries including but not limited to gas stations, fast, food, fast casual, etc. She is waiting to help you set up a successful business.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $1,000
  • Minimum Cash: $1,000

13. OrdersIn

OrdersIn offers online food ordering, delivery, and reservations to Local restaurants. You do not need an experience to run this franchise.

OrdersIn provides entrepreneurs an easy turn-key solution to provide online ordering to local businesses. Their licensees average thousands of dollars a month in passive income. They do this by getting your online ordering platform going and support your business.

They take care of all the details such as uptime, maintenance, hosting and security so you can focus on your business. OrdersIn also provides a one-on-one technical and sales training support.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $149 – $498
  • Minimum Cash: $149

14. Cruises Inc.

Celebrating 36 years in business, Cruises Inc. has been recognized as the best Travel Host Agency in the United States. As part of World Travel Holdings, they are the world’s largest seller of cruise vacations. By joining their family, you’ll have the comfort of knowing you are associated with the very best in the industry.

Cruises Inc. has been in business since 1982 as an award-winning travel agency. They have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau as an accredited business. As part of their family, you’ll be associated with an agency voted ‘BEST’ and recognized as a travel industry leader.

Joining Cruises Inc. means you are part of World Travel Holdings (WTH), the world’s largest retailer of cruise travel. They have already created excellent travel supplier relationships, award-winning marketing programs and a superior support model that provides their agents with an unmatched set of success tools.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $249

15. Zurvita

Zurvita is a home based business that can be as lucrative as any franchise, and to prove it, the company will help you earn a minimum of $1,200 and qualify you for a new car in your first 30-days or less. This is their All-Star program and it is why Zurvita has become the #1 explosive growth company in the USA and Canada.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $70 – $500

16. Vemma

Vemma’s success lies firmly in the results achieved from their clinically studied, single-formula product line. Since their start in 2004, the Vemma mission has remained strong, and it is to make a positive difference by helping people.

No matter your experience or your education, this rewarding business model takes a simple, more social approach. When you share the product, share the business and help others do the same, they reward you directly just by leveraging your social network.

Vemma’s parent company, New Vision, is a revolutionary leader in health and wellness. With over $1 billion in total retail sales, this company helped pioneer liquid nutrition over 10 years ago by introducing the #1 selling liquid mineral supplement in North America.

So if your dream is to run your own business, get out of debt, earn a secondary source of income, exchange the traditional 9 to 5 for your own schedule, or all of the above, Vemma’s business opportunity can help you achieve it.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $299


Amsoil Inc. is an American corporation based in Superior, Wisconsin that primarily formulates and packages synthetic lubricants and filters. The company’s advertising slogan is The First in Synthetics. Amsoil uses multi-level marketing for its distribution.

Amsoil products are sold through independent Dealers – people willing to invest time and effort into building a successful business. Amsoil provides training materials, administrative assistance, technical support and everything needed to build a successful Dealership.

As a new AMSOIL Dealer, you’ll receive a Dealer Kit featuring the Dealer Quick-Start Guide (G3472), a straight-forward, easy-to-read manual providing clear direction for starting and building your business.

The kit also features product samples, allowing you to experience the benefits of AMSOIL products immediately and begin sharing your AMSOIL story with others.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $1,000

18. SongsWithMyName

Personalized music has been around for a few years, evolving from a crude, computer generated format to more technically sophisticated (and musically appealing) techniques used today.

However, only recently have some of the best-selling children’s’ characters become available in personalized form – making a great product idea even better! These songs and spoken tracks are performed by the actual character recording artists whose voices you can recognize!

Kids absolutely love the albums, and their parents and grandparents get tremendous satisfaction in seeing their thrilled reactions. The CDs can be enjoyed at home, in the car, or just about anywhere a portable player can go! And of course, the CD content can also be used in any digital device.

These CDs are the ideal gift for any child…and the look on their faces when their favorite characters sing and speak their names is priceless!

Finance Information

  • Investments: $500
  • Franchise fee: $500

19. Space Walk

Space Walk, America’s leading provider of inflatable fun, has over 40 years of experience unlocking the success of people across the United States. With their Partner Program, Space Walk will put you into business for yourself and commit long term to helping you become a success in your community.

The company claims to be one of the inventors of the inflatable amusement industry and they have already helped many families and individuals across the country.

Their experienced and dedicated home office staff and partner network are committed to maintaining their reputation as the very best in the inflatable industry. They equally provide excellent customer service to ensure the Space Walk name is synonymous with quality, safety, expert craftsmanship and most importantly fun.

Finance Information

  • Minimum Cash: $500
  • Investments: $3,500

20. Enzacta

Enzacta is an easy, fun, profitable and global business that can be run by just anyone. This is a work from home business opportunity that changes lives around the world, one person at a time.

If you become part of their business, their mentor program will guide you to financial independence, thereby liberating you from the pain and limitations of the economy and other negative financial influences.

This is an opportunity to own and operate an international business, with proven leadership and you can make great money with this truly enjoyable business.

Whether you’re starting a “home-based business” or Seeking “High-Profit Products” for an Existing Business or Retail Store, you will find Enzacta a financially and personally rewarding opportunity.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $250 – $1,050

21. OccasionOgraphy

OccasionOgraphy® is the market leader in personalized candy bars, mint books, bottled water and matching invitations for all life’s events, special occasions, business and fundraising. Each OccasionOgraphy® consultant operates their own independent business.

They are free to choose their market niche(s), set their own hours, pricing, etc. This is a fun and exciting creative outlet for you to help people celebrate life’s special occasions and earn a great income… in your spare time, part time or full time!

OccasionOgraphy gives you 3 out of 3: An easy, fun, and profitable business! If you have a PC and laser printer, and can hand out samples, you can make great money with this truly enjoyable business. Whether you’re starting a home-based business or seeking high-profit products for an existing business or retail store, you will find OccasionOgraphy a financially and personally rewarding opportunity.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $495

22. Wedding Directory Websites

Their innovative websites are an amazing business opportunity for someone who loves weddings plus has a passion for sales, networking and entrepreneurship. The business provides you an exclusive, ready to use, turn-key Wedding Directory Business.

You can make thousands of dollars each and every month through recurring billing of paid advertisements sold on your very own Wedding Directory Website.

Everyone now has a computer, a smartphone or an iPad. The modern bride obtains information exclusively through electronic devices. A bridal magazine or a large national directory can’t help a bride plan a local wedding. Your Wedding Website will have a local focus with only local vendors.

By being the person on the ground, you will uncover all of the wedding businesses in your territory. The most important feature of your website is you.

If you have always wanted to have a cutting edge, web-based business, possess motivation and sales ability, plus if you have a love for weddings, take a look at what a Wedding Directory Website can do for your future.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $300 – $800
  • Minimum Cash: $800
  • Net Worth: $5,000

23. Healthy Hands Cooking

Healthy Hands Cooking is a 24/7, patent-pending cooking instructor online training program that you can carry out at your own pace, from the comfort of your home computer. Their instructors are passionate moms, dads, teachers, nutrition grads, home cooks, entrepreneurs, wellness advocates and more.

This 11 module course will lay a solid foundation for setting up your own cooking business including proper licensing, permits, background checks, food safety, marketing and more.This isn’t just a business certification. It’s a specialized training blueprint that shares proven methods for success.

The company has built an incredible library of class resources, have refined their processes, built a custom software platform to handle unlimited users, and have helped instructors earn full time income while teaching part-time classes.

Using primarily organic traffic, they have turned their consumer-direct instructor prospect list into hundreds of passionate individuals who together have thousands of students in an HHC class, camp, or party.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $500 – $1,000

24. Motiply

The Motiply platform allows you to quickly and easily create high-value mobile websites and apps for businesses, entrepreneurs and other clients of your choice. They will also help you earn recurring monthly payments selling high-value mobile websites and apps to lucrative clients such as businesses, entrepreneurs and more!

Mobile websites are hot and in demand like never before thanks to the explosion of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Businesses are paying big money for mobile website and app design and now you can get a piece of the action.

With their training and tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to earn high-profit recurring payments within days selling mobile websites and apps to businesses that desperately need them.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $149
  • Minimum Cash: $149

25. FamilyIQ

FamilyIQ began ten years ago by offering state-of-the-art family skill building tools to treatment programs and therapists who wanted to improve family relationships.

Over the last decade, FamilyIQ has provided its content, tools and technology available to not only the therapeutic community, but also to large employers and wellness programs who likewise are dedicated to improving families. Today, after thousands have requested it this unique and proprietary content is now available directly to the public.

The FamilyIQ system consists of proprietary tools and technology that empowers parents and families to make dramatic and rewarding improvements while having fun together.

FamilyIQ system measures nine key components of family functioning and provides you with a customized step-by-step plan to learn and build skills that will strengthen your family. Some of their tools are online courses, tests, articles, activity sheets, audio lectures, seminars, workshops, and the list goes on.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $179 – $1,495
  • Franchise fee: $179-$1,495

26. EZ Backdrops

EZ Backdrops, like the name entails, is a business that produces backdrops customisable to any occasion. Their products are manufactured from a superior high density, fire retardant, wrinkle resistant fabric, with all colors infused through a fabric dye process.

No need to carry poles or any framework. The EZ Backdrops is designed to use the poles provided in your standard booth. This is not your traditional inkjet print on fabric process. This is a process where the colors are infused into the fabric producing eye-popping graphics, ensuring your EZ Backdrop will continue to look brand new show after show.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $995

27. Clean & Happy Windows

Clean & Happy Windows has been serving Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area for over 29 years providing reliable quality window cleaning, gutters, and pressure washing at great prices.

Unlike starting a novelty shop or restaurant, cleaning services are always a necessity. The seasons always come and go, gutters fill up, windows get dirty, moss grows and grime grows. Clean & Happy Windows addresses all these basic residential and small commercial needs that assure a constant stream of customers.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $500 – $2,000

28. Grave Groomers

Like the name implies, Grave Groomers is a business that specializes in taking care of grave stones and surrounding areas. When you join this team, you will be joining one of the most respected cemetery care businesses in the United States.

Once you build a quality customer base, you can make a very nice profit from providing this services. Grave Groomers will always be here to help you with your business and one of the best things about joining their team, is you will be listed on their high ranking website.

This is one of the areas where you will gain many customers. These days, people browse the web for just about everything and if your company is not listed high on Google… well, you will be losing many customers.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $100 – $2,000
  • Royalty fee: $100 each month

29. N2 Publishing

N2 Publishing is the industry leader and one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States, securing a spot on the Inc. 5000 list for seven consecutive years. They have come this far thanks to their unique sales culture – one based on camaraderie, humility, and respect.

The N2 Publishing team is made up of people who decided they no longer wanted to do business as usual. They want to make a difference in their community and earn an income they deserve without sacrificing time with friends and family. They currently have hundreds of franchisees who can testify to the veracity of their claim.

N2 Publishing creates custom publications that connect neighbors to neighbors and business owners to hard-to-reach customers. Though they are passionate about turning neighborhoods into communities, N2 is really in the business of creating cool opportunities for their team members to work with people they actually like.

Finance Information

  • Investments: $975 – $5,650
  • Franchise fee: $570
  • Royalty fee: 15%