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35 Best Franchise Opportunities for Sale Under $25k

Do you want to start a business by buying a franchise that cost less than $25k? If YES, here are 35 best franchise opportunities for sale under $25k. Entrepreneurs who don’t want to go through the rigors of starting their own business from the scratch find solace in the fact that they can own a business by buying the franchise of an already established business.

Buying the franchise of an already established business gives you leverage if you want to own a business of your own. If you intend owning a business in the United States of America and you don’t want to start it from the scratch yourself, you can successfully buy a business franchise from an already established and time tested brand in your country.

There are several companies whose franchise is up for sale and it is your responsibility to do your research to be sure you are buying a franchise that will serve your business purpose. Once you have made up your mind to go the way of franchising, here are some good franchises in the United States of America that cost between $21k to $25k that you should consider.

35 Best Franchise Opportunities for Sale Under $25k and Their Cost

  1. Dave’s the Doghouse LLC

Dave’s the Doghouse LLC is a company in the United States of America that is also into franchising. Dave’s the Doghouse LLC was founded in 2002 and they have been franchising since 2014, about 5 years ago. They have their corporate head office at 37003 N. 109th Wy. Scottsdale, AZ 85262 and the current CEO of the company is David Charen.

Dave’s the Doghouse LLC is seeking new franchise units from interested investors from all across the United States of America.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial Investment – $25,000 and above
  • Ongoing Fees (Initial Franchise Fee) – $25,000 – $25,000
  • Ongoing Royalty Fee – 6.5%
  • Veteran Incentives – Reduced royalty
  1. Sitter4Paws

Sitter4Paws is a standard pet-sitting, and dog-walking company in the United States that was founded in 2009 and have been franchising since 2014 (5 Years). They have their corporate head office at 1329 N.E. 13th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304 and the current CEO of the company is Andres De Oliveira. Sitter4Paws is seeking new franchise units from interested investors from all across the United States of America.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial Investment – $21,275 and above
  • Net-worth Requirement – $20,000
  • Liquid Cash Requirement – $7,625
  • Ongoing Fees (Initial Franchise Fee) – $6,800 – $6,800
  • Ongoing Royalty Fee – 6%
  1. AEV Unlimited Inc.

AEV Unlimited Inc. is one of the leading real-estate photography and marketing collateral companies in the United States of America. AEV Unlimited Inc. was founded in 2013 and they have bee franchising since 2015, about 4 years ago.

They have their corporate head office at 812 S. Todd Wichita, KS 67207 and the current CEO of the company is Anthony Litton. AEV Unlimited seeking new franchise units from interested investors from all across the United States of America.

Financial Requirements

  • Initial Investment – $23,610 and above
  • Ongoing Fees (Initial Franchise Fee) – $12,500 – $12,500
  • Ongoing Royalty Fee – 4% +
  • Ad Royalty Fee – 1% +
  1. Cannabis Store Amsterdam

Cannabis Store Amsterdam is the first worldwide brand totally dedicated to the cannabis industry producing an incredible range of cannabis items. They stock a selected line of high quality products that are tested and fine-tuned to ensure only the best is given to the end users.

In their stores, in adding to the clothes, accessories, food and beverage (lollipop, chewing gums, candies, muffins, chocolate, beers, energy drinks, relaxing lemon drinks…), there are also non budding seeds to add in a collection and as a latest novelty they have the exploding « Cannabismile», such as a selected cannabis Sativa L (marijuana) and solid CBD (hash).

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – $24,990 and above
  • Franchise Fees – $24,900
  1. DVDNow Rental Kiosks

DVDNow is the world’s largest network of independently owned and operated DVD rental kiosks. Since 2006 they have helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs from around the world get started on the road to success and financial independence through business ownership.

They are currently seeking independent Owner Operators for select markets both internationally and throughout the United States. With DVDNow Kiosks, you can be in your own business in less than 45 days for under $25K.

DVDNow provides their kiosk operators with a complete affordable turnkey Business Solution designed to generate income right away. DVDNow Rental Kiosks Program includes all equipment, training, professional installation, along with continuous sales and marketing support essential for achieving maximum results.

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment – $22,995
  • Investment Range – $22,995 – $22,995
  • Financing Available – Yes
  • Franchise Units – 1000
  1. Dollar Stores by Liberty Opportunities Inc.

Dollar stores remain one of the hottest growth sectors in retailing, and for the last 20 years Liberty Opportunities has been helping people who want to drive their own success, become independent Dollar Store and Dollar Value Store owners. A Liberty Dollar Store is not a franchise. With Liberty you own your own Dollar Store.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range: $25,000 +
  1. Commercial Capital Training Group

The Commercial Capital Training Group has been a leader in the commercial finance industry for individuals to successfully own their own commercial finance business. They developed a one-of-a-kind opportunity that allows current or aspiring entrepreneurs to successfully learn and enter into the lucrative world of commercial financing by providing loans to businesses.

The best aspect of the low overhead business model is that you have the ability to work wherever you want, whenever you want, and earn the kind of income that most people only dream of.

With over 75 years of combined commercial finance experience, the Commercial Capital Training Group developed a comprehensive, easy system to learn how to provide many different types of commercial finance products to businesses of all types.

The Commercial Capital Training Group practice what they preach as their board of directors are owners of a national commercial finance company so you are getting time tested principles and knowledge that works successfully.

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment – $25,000
  • Investment Range – $25,000 – $25,000
  • Franchise Fees – $25,000
  1. First Florida Insurance

Are you a professional independent agent or a captive agency owner with a minimum of three to five years’ experience? If you are looking to become part of a successful team of full-line insurance professionals, First Florida Insurance would like to speak to you.

Grow your business by partnering with a proven leader in the insurance industry. As an insurance professional, you have a choice. Either you can work to build your business alone, or can you partner with them. First Florida Insurance offer excellent insurance franchise opportunities. First Florida Insurance network gives you the tools, support, and guidance you need to succeed in today’s demanding marketplace.

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment – $25,000
  • Investment Range -$25,000 and above
  1. Credit Expert Pro

Credit Expert Pro has one of the fastest ROI’s among business opportunities. Start your recession proof business today! At Credit Expert Pro, they will teach you to become the Credit Expert at Credit Repair.

“Credit Repair” is a generic term used to describe the industry, but they are not all created equally. You can become a professional with them and enjoy referrals from other professionals in mortgage banking and real estate. Credit Expert Pro will teach you to become a Credit Expert by understanding the hidden secrets of FICO

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment – $25,000
  • Investment Range – $25,000 – $35,800
  1. 770 HARD CASH

770 HARD CASH is a leader in providing time-sensitive financing to real estate investors for the purchase and rehab of residential and commercial properties.

Real estate investors/rehabbers need “hard” money to do business! No real estate license required; no mortgage experience is required. Use their lenders’ money (not yours!) to create a significant six-figure income working from home.

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment – $24,200
  • Investment Range – $24,200 – $39,450
  1. ActionCOACH Business Coaching

ActionCOACH Business Coaches and Trainers teach business owners how to rapidly increase their profits while systematizing their business so they work fewer hours.

Since 1997, ActionCOACH has served thousands of businesses and their owners around the world and in every industry imaginable. This is done by showing owners how to get more time, improve their team and add more money on their bottom-line.

Over the past two decades, ActionCOACH has served tens of thousands of businesses and their owners around the world. ActionCOACH is known around the globe for improving local communities by increasing income, creating jobs and giving their clients the lifestyle they have always wanted.

ActionCOACH has thousands of offices and franchises in over 70 countries with a mission to have “A Coach in Every Business”.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – Averagely $25,000
  • Franchise Fees – $12,500
  1. Property Management Inc.

Property Management Inc. has developed a system for establishing, operating, and marketing a property management company, which no one else can match. Property management is always in constant demand. You could go it alone, but a franchise provides branding and name recognition plus business and marketing systems.

Real estate can be a rollercoaster ride with high highs and low lows; however, property management provides consistent revenue and profit. With a Property Management Inc. (PMI) franchise, you get a quick start in the very competitive, growing residential and commercial management market.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – $22,750 +
  • Franchise Fees – $25,000
  1. Green Fuel Technologies

Green Fuel Technologies are committed to creating products that not only deliver savings to customers but also positively impact the environment. With energy costs continuing to soar worldwide and growing concerns for the fragile environment, they believe it is imperative to empower customers with good options for relief against rising energy costs.

Green Fuel Technologies offers a complete line of product that can make a difference by reducing the amount of harmful green house gasses produced by incomplete burning of fossil fuels. So, whether the application is transportation, vehicle fleets, cargo shipping, automotive, industrial or commercial, they can help reduce operation costs for energy while significantly reducing our global carbon footprint.

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment – $24,000
  • Investment Range – $24,000 and above
  • Franchise Fees – $24,000
  1. Caliber Patient Care

Caliber Patient Care is forward thinking company that utilizes the newest technologies to provide services for all their elderly, handicapped, and disabled clientele. Caliber Patient Care locations are a part of your community, and they are committed to helping neighborhoods thrive wherever they do business.

Caliber patient Care, as an EOE (Equal Opportunity Employer), grows in line with their franchisees. They support your region by hiring local and working local, providing jobs for all walks of life.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – $25,000
  1. Detail Garage

An automobile is one of the largest investments an individual will make. With the average age of a vehicle being 11.4 years; maintaining, enhancing and protecting an investment is on everyone’s mind. A detail Garage Store is the destination for all car care needs.

Detail Garage was founded with the goal of providing auto enthusiasts with the highest quality car care products available in the market today. Throughout the years, they have remained dedicated to providing only the best car care products, accessories and knowledge.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – $25,000 and above
  • Franchise Fees – $25,000
  1. Mobility Plus

Mobility Plus provides a variety of products to help Americans aged 65+ and those with disabilities. The number of Americans aged 65+ is set to double by 2030 and there are 17.1 million Americans who have difficulty walking and navigating stairs.

Become a Mobility Consultant, offering stair lifts, ramps, scooters, and other mobility related products to the booming senior market.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – $25,000 (Average)
  1. Dental Fix Rx

DentalFix Rx is an affordable and successful franchise where their owners provide equipment and hand piece sales, service and repair.

Dentists and dental specialists hold roughly 170,000 jobs in the USA. Employment of dentists is projected to grow nine percent through 2016. The demand for dental services is expected to continue to increase. The growth in both orthodontics and cosmetic services will greatly increase the need for their services.

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment – $25,000
  • Investment Range – $25,000 and above
  • Franchise Fees – $25,000
  1. U-Turn Vending

U-Turn has been providing quality vending machine products for over 20 years. U-Turn Vending are dedicated to helping independent vending machine owner operators gain huge success in this billion dollar industry. U-Turn vending business opportunities exist almost anywhere for entrepreneurs to make excellent money without spending a lot of time.

The mission of the company is to offer the very best vending equipment, the finest service, prompt delivery, to give service beyond what is expected, and to make your new venture one of enjoyment and prosperity.

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment – $21,000
  • Investment Range – $21,000 and above
  1. The Grout Medic

The Grout Medic is the leading grout & tile restoration franchise with over 40 locations across the US. The Grout Medic™ franchise owners come from all walks of life but they all have the same common goals; to gain control over their future and provide a better lifestyle and opportunity for themselves and their families.

At The Grout Medic™ their goal is simple – To create an opportunity to allow motivated, hardworking, business-minded individuals a low cost, high margin path to success. In doing so, The Grout Medic™ has become a leading grout and tile repair service with a cost effective, highly profitable, operating system offering a valuable service to customers with very little competition.

The Company’s foundation is based on solid business principles, extensive training, post operating support and most of all their experienced and dedicated staff.

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment – $25,000
  • Investment Range – $24,675 – $57,950
  1. The Grout Doctor

Recently rated one of the top franchises in North America by Franchise Business Review, The Grout Doctor® is an award-winning franchise proud to be the largest, most experienced and recognized brand in the industry. The Grout Doctor® specializes in renewing existing tile, grout and natural stone to its original beauty for residential customers.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – Up to $22,405
  1. Color World HousePainting

Color World provides a unique opportunity for franchisees to own five types of business for one franchise fee. Provide home and business owners with the services they need to maintain their exterior and interior surfaces, saving them time and money.

For a $25,000 franchise fee, you can experience all the benefits of owning a franchise. If you are looking for a painting franchise, this is the opportunity for you. You will receive your own local, custom website, local business listing, reputation management software to help you manage your online leads, and social media. Because you will offer more than just painting, you will sell more jobs than competing painting services in your area.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – $25,000 and above
  • Franchise Fees – $25,000
  1. Water Station Technology

Join the market leader in technology integration into the Water Vending Industry and be the catalyst that provides reliable, clean, mineral based water to your community. WaterStation Technology is revolutionizing water vending machines. Water Station Technology is growing rapidly across the US with demand coming from major retailers nation wide.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – from $25,000
  • Franchise Fees – $25,000
  1. The Patch Boys

When you join the Patch Boys family, you will instantly become a part of an energetic and entrepreneurial community that works together to advance the brand, coupled with the most dynamic structure in the field. You will join a family-oriented group of professionals with a proven record of success, bundled with a professional atmosphere of credibility.

By joining the Patch Boys team, you rapidly position yourself in a unique niche market that is widely needed across the nation. The Patch Boys fills a gap that is not only sought by home owners, but multiple craftsmen in the construction field are searching for exactly what they are doing.

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment – $25,000
  • Investment Range – $25,000 and above
  • Franchise Fees – $25,000
  1. Healthier 4U Vending

Healthier 4U Vending is the premier delivery system for healthier eating choices for people on the go. With several levels of investment available, you can become an independent owner/operator of these artfully nationally branded machines.

Healthier 4U Vending, a subsidiary of 21st Century Technologies Group, was launched to be the premier healthy vending company in the world. Taking advantage of their expertise in manufacturing, distribution and product sourcing with top notch customer service, they have quickly become the leader in the vending industry.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – Up to $22,000
  1. N-Compass TV

You dont need a tech or marketing background to be successful in this industry. You do, however, have to be motivated and excited to build your own business. N-Compass TV partners with entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to succeed. N-Compass TV is a completely turn-key operation.

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment – $25,000
  • Investment Range – $25,000 and above
  • Franchise Fees – $25,000
  1. HydroDog Mobile Pet Grooming

HydroDog Mobile Pet Grooming has been operating in Australia since 1994. There are now more than 200 HydroDog salons on the continent. HydroDog’s popularity stems from their commitment to their clients’ total satisfaction and their pets’ total well-being.

HydroDog Mobile Pet groomers are carefully chosen for their certification in pet grooming, their professionalism and dependability, their proven skills, and of course, for their love of animals.

As a HydroDog franchise owner, you will benefit from a business model with low overhead, one that is easily expandable, the ability to go to your customer and no accounts receivables. Corporate Training Systems are in place to guide your start-up and growth so you can realize your potential as a HydroDog owner.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – $21,000 and above
  1. Skyhawks Sports Academy

Skyhawks is the nation’s leader in sports programs for children. Since 1979, over one million children in 27 states have participated in the Skyhawks program. Skyhawks is a brand with national exposure and appeal and with the recent purchase of SuperTots, has multiple ways to offer you a dependable and rewarding business to own. Skyhawks and SuperTots teache children and young adults meaningful life lessons through sports.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – $24,300 and above
  1. Sports Thread

Sports Thread is the leading social media-based network that connects student athletes with team members, coaches, parents and fans. This allows them to network and promote themselves to colleges across the nation. A driving force behind their success is the communication aspect of the app. Tournament and league organizations nationwide have endorsed Sports Thread as their go-to communications platform.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – Up to $21,000
  1. Street Corner Convenience Store

Street Corner Franchise is the Boutique Convenience Store” and offers the convenience & specialty foods and sundries that office workers, mall goers, and students want and need.

Street Corner convenience stores are located in more than 40 of the largest, most popular shopping malls and other high traffic areas–hospitals, office buildings and college campuses around the country, providing an easy and affordable opportunity to be a part of the fast-moving, faster growing convenience store industry.

Unlike many franchise offers, joining Street Corner’s family requires no previous experience. Street Corner Convenience Store provide full training and support for starting and operating your Street Corner business.

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment – $25,000
  • Franchise Fees – $24,900
  1. Lil’ Bubba Curb Machines

The curbing business is booming. Decorative concrete curbs are in style and in demand. This is great news for you, mighty entrepreneur. Seize the opportunity to own your piece of an industry estimated at tens of millions of dollars per year and growing. You could be a seasoned business owner or seeking a fresh start — it doesn’t matter.

Lil’ Bubba is made for those who like to roll up their sleeves and get it done, taking their financial future into their own hands. Start-up costs are low, the skills you need to learn are easy and getting started making money is fast. Some owners work part time on weekends as this business requires no store front.

Others have a Full Time Lil Bubba Decorative curbing business – often making more money in one day than they used to make in a whole week! You will reap the benefits of the curbing business with daily revenues and help from a company with the best expertise in the business.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – $24,900 and above
  1. Piranha Vending

Piranha Vending is one of the oldest vending machines manufactured on the internet.  Piranha Vending manufactures combo vending machines and sell them all over the U.S. and Canada.

Visit Piranha Vending training center and see how you can make money from a vending machine route. Part time to full time routes are available. You get 5- G432 fresh & fit combos from the piranha product line. You will also get 5 awesome locations to put your machines in.

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment – $22,500
  • Investment Range – $22,500 – $22,500
  1. Locker Soccer Franchise

If you have a passion for soccer and love working with children, this proven 15 year old business plan, owned, operated and developed by soccer professionals who not only love the sport but know how to teach others to love it too is the winning team for you. Be a part of the excitement.

Founder, Steve Locker, has over 35 year coaching experience, and 45+ years coaching and game experience. The programs they offer at Locker Soccer span a broad range of ages and abilities. Locker Soccer Franchise’s mission is to provide a dynamic environment where children can develop soccer skills, social skills, coordination, confidence, and self-esteem, all while having FUN.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – Up to $25,000
  1. Superior Mosquito Defense

Superior Mosquito Defense mosquito barrier shield program kills adult mosquitoes on contact and acts as a barrier for up to 25 days. Superior Mosquito Defense also utilizes a variety of innovative pest-control techniques that will keep the mosquito population on your property at a minimum, and their service professional will return every 21 to 25 days to reapply the barrier. Superior Mosquito Defense proudly service commercial clients, as well as residents.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – $23,800 and above
  1. Dog Guard®

As a Dog Guard® Dealer, you will be awarded an exclusive marketing territory, provided with training and resources, and assisted in developing marketing and sales plans to generate valuable leads from consumers in your area that are actively searching for your products and services.

Dog Guard® has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers that have used their equipment over the last 28+ years!

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – Up to $21,000
  1. Sure Step

Sure Step is the answer to wet dangerous floors that business owners are looking for. There is no better solution. Period. Sure Step is pleased to offer you the exciting and profitable Sure Step Distributorship Program. A Sure Step floor increases the coefficient of friction when a floor or surface gets wet. The result is that your foot will no longer slip out from under you.

The higher coefficient of friction makes it dramatically more slip-resistant – and therefore, safer. One of the greatest benefits of the Sure Step demonstration is that it sells the product every time. You will have 100 percent confidence in the performance and benefits of your product.

Financial Requirements

  • Investment Range – $25,000 – $25,000