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7 Best Sewing Business Franchises [Cost, Fees]

Do you want to start a sewing business by buying a franchise? If YES, here are 7 best profitable sewing franchise opportunities for sale and their cost. Sewing, alterations, tailoring and of course home crafts are under the Home Organization industry and the industry has grown to 6.9 billion dollars and is projected to reach 7.5 billion (estimated as of 2009).

Sewing is continuously gaining popularity in the United States of America and all across the globe. Sewing has a broad range of appeal to individuals wanting to reconnect with the idea of working with their hands. You can actually start this business via franchising and a franchise is a “business in a box” and it generally includes everything you need to start a business tomorrow.

You will benefit from the franchisors business experience, market knowledge, business acumen, processes, branding, reputation etc. The truth is that the chances of success when you buy a franchise are significantly higher than the chances of success with starting your own sewing related business from the scratch. Franchisors have years of experience, business contacts, and a lot of lessons learned under their belt that you will immediately benefit from.

So, if you choose to start your own sewing business in the United States of America, here are some of the best sewing franchises you can buy in the country.

7 Best Sewing Business Franchise Opportunities for Sale and Their Cost

  1. Sew Fun Studios

After graduating from Syracuse and spending more than five years as a 2nd grade teacher, Wendy Orenstein-Berglass and her family decided to leave behind the fast-paced lifestyle of New York, and move to North Carolina.

As a mother of three, she found herself attending countless generic birthday parties, noticing that each one was essentially the same. It was time for a change. She thought back to the numerous occasions when her daughters and their friends would spend hours in her sewing room creating things they could be proud of.

Utilizing her teaching skills, Wendy was able to create structured lesson plans helping children to learn basic sewing techniques, “I thought that if I could think of simple seamed projects that can be completed in 90 minutes, I’d be onto something.” Through doing so, she was able to lay the foundation of Sew Fun Studios® and a new, unique kind of party was born.

Sew Fun Studios® was founded in 2009 and they have their corporate head office: at 701 Market St., Suite 113 St. Augustine, FL 32095.

Franchise Initial Investment

  • Franchise Fee – $22,500
  • Technology Fee – $975 – $1,975
  • Office & Professional Fees – $900 – $4,400
  • Grand Opening/Marketing Fees – $1,500 – $6,000
  • Training/Travel Expenses – $500 – $2,000
  • Additional Funds – $6,000 – $13,000
  • Total Estimated Initial Investment – 32,425 – $49,875
  1. Made Sewing

Seven years ago, Carisa Brunner had a vision — to introduce the fine art of sewing to children and adults. Knowing that this skill is no longer taught in the schools but believing that children and adults would want to learn such a skill, she launched Made sewing in Seattle, WA.

Carisa brought her passion and expertise for sewing directly into the public and private school system and was an immediate success. Parents were registering their kids for her after school classes. Soon, she started running summer and holiday camps in schools, churches, community centers and other locations, and even offered (sewing) birthday parties.

Today, Carisa offers her after-school classes in 35 schools and other locations and has thousands of kids participating in her classes, camps and birthday parties. They are now expanding to bring their exciting opportunity to markets across the United States of America.

Financial Requirements and Info

  • Minimum Cash Required – $50,000
  • Franchise Fee – $29,000
  • Total Investment Range – $44,100 – $64,450
  • Net Worth Required – $100,000
  • Veterans – 10% discount off the franchise fee.
  1. Materialistic Sewing

Helen Cooksley has been sewing for over 20 years but was working in a completely different field for many years before she established Materialistic in 2015. Helen has a dregree in Leadership & Management and is a qualified tutor who teaches sewing and upholstery.

Helen helps each franchise set up their business with visits, help with sewing techniques, manuals to grow your business and ongoing direct support.

If you decide to start your own sewing business under the brand of Materialistic, then you can expect nothing but excellence, professionalism & guidance every step of the way. You can contact them via their website for more information on their franchise details.

  1. Fully Promoted Franchise

Fully Promoted started out as EmbroidMe, the embroidery franchise that provided custom apparel to businesses and other organizations across the world, so they know a thing or two about the embroidery business.

Many of Fully Promoted franchisees come to them wanting to use their creativity and eye for design to build a custom embroidery business, and Fully Promoted help them with the outstanding training and industry know – how that they need to thrive.

The perks of joining the Fully Promoted team as a franchise owner are virtually endless. Fully Promoted embroidery franchise opportunity is designed to help people of all backgrounds and experience levels own their own businesses. If you are interested in buying the franchise of Fully Promoted, then you can contact them via their website.

  1. Closet Tailors Franchise

Currently based in Orange, California, Closet Tailors is a subdivision of Home Franchise Concepts. Independently owned and operated franchises offer homeowners and businesses alike professional storage solutions and even provide estimates, consultation and professional measurements and installments.

Developed by Home Franchise Concepts, Inc. in 2010, Closet Tailors began offering buying power, cutting edge technology, franchise support and an enormous national advertising campaign to interested business partners. Franchise locations provide free in – home high-tech design consultation, measuring and installation of a wide array of semi-custom closet, pantry, garage and home office organization systems.

Closet Tailors provides free in-home, high-tech design consultation to ensure the best usage of space while still addressing the visual impact of the space in question.

Financial Requirements and Info

  • Initial Franchise Fee – $24,950
  • Total Initial Investment – $197,995
  • Minimum Net Worth – $150,000
  • Minimum Liquid Assets – $70,680
  1. Alterations Plus

Alterations Plus is the only professional shop that specializes in repair and alterations in clothes and other garments. Alterations Plus provide services at full customer satisfaction. From simple shortening of length to extensive adjustments involving the body, waist, shoulders, and sleeves; fixing of hemlines, button holes, and other special problems.

Alterations Plus apply sophisticated sewing techniques such as invisible hemming and utilize a special 5-thread machine that can handle even the most delicate fabrics.

Alterations Plus can also put together made-to-order clothes, costumes, school and corporate uniforms, and wedding packages, all at affordable rates and well within your budget. They even have an in-house designer who will be more than willing to render sketches and discuss designs suited to your specific needs.

To complete the whole experience, they added a few perks: laundry services that include stain removal and dry cleaning, same day service, and to cap it all off, pick – up and delivery. If you are interested in buying the franchise of Alterations Plus, then you can contact them via their website.

  1. Tailor Made

Tailor Made is a highly successful brand, offering tailoring services in high street stores across the country. The business was established in 1995 in Harborne, Birmingham, and the brand has become synonymous with excellent service and dedication to its customers.

While an interest in tailoring would be advantageous, no experience in the industry is necessary as all training is provided as part of the franchise fee. If you are interested in buying the franchise of Tailor Made, then you can contact them via their website.