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4 Best Small Equipment Rental Franchises [Cost, Fees]

Do you want to start an equipment rental business by buying a franchise? If YES, here are 4 best small equipment rental franchise opportunities for sale and their cost. Small tool and equipment rental business is one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States of America. This is one of the great family businesses that has very low failure rate.

It is an all cash business, with a minimal number of employees. This is a recession-proof opportunity. Statistics show that the general tool rental industry is a $12 billion per year business in North America. In today’s shifting economy, homeowners and contractors have turned to renting instead of owning. The rental industry is growing about 18 percent annually and it is open to entrepreneurs who are interested in the industry and franchising is one of the sure routes to follow.

Franchising is not a business per say, but rather a way of doing business. It’s a unique and highly effective method of distribution for all kinds of products, goods, and services. It’s also an industry that generates direct and indirect capital, over $2.3 trillion in annual sales.

Franchised businesses demand products and services from other businesses and provide income to their workers and owners, who then spend their income and create still more income for other parties. Franchising has become one of the most popular ways to grow a business in the United States and here are some of the best small equipment rental franchises to buy in the United States of America.

4 Best Small Equipment Rental Franchise Opportunities for Sale and Their Cost

  1. Sun Mobility Scooters

Sun Mobility serves the aging, baby boomers, physically challenged, and those who choose to live out their twilight years at home, versus an assisted living facility or retirement home. They provide sales, rentals, installation, and follow-up services that simply cannot be matched by smaller independent dealers and installers.

The huge increase in the number of people choosing to stay at home during their later years is corresponding to incredible opportunities in the market for Sun Mobility. Sun Mobility Holdings, Inc. works in partnership with the largest shopping mall operator in the USA and Canada.

The company has access to over 364 Shopping Mall locations which enjoy Millions of visitors each year, and unmatched marketing exposure for a franchisee with a mall in their marketing area. The Sun Mobility business model is a strong, effective, and time-tested one that stands out in a fragmented industry. They supply high quality, in-demand products, with access to top suppliers.

Financial Requirements and Info

  • Cash Investment – $9,950
  • Investment Range – $9,950 – $9,950
  • Franchise Fees – $9,950
  • Financing Available – Yes
  1. Cinelease – A Hertz Company

For over 35 years, Cinelease has been the leading name for small equipment such as lighting and grip equipment rental in the country. Now, backed by Hertz, they have gone global. Get the most trusted, reliable service for any type of shoot, anywhere in the world.

Since its inception in 1977, Cinelease has supplied thousands of feature film and television productions with the best lighting and grip equipment in the industry. They have what you need for any kind of shoot. And now, as a Hertz company, they are anywhere you need them to be.

From the small indie films to the biggest motion picture productions, they have the experience, expertise and equipment to facilitate the job. Cinelease – A Hertz Company reputation has been built on over 35 years of exceptional service, and with the added excellence of Hertz, they have only become stronger.

Financial Requirements and Info

  • Cash Investment – $50,000
  • Investment Range – $50,000 – $50,000
  • Franchise Fees – $50,000
  • Financing Available – Yes
  • Franchise Units – 500
  1. The Rental Guys (TheRentalGuys.Ca/HardHatRentals.Com)

The Rental Guys are a provider of high quality well maintained small and large construction equipment to the rental market. Most of their customers are small to medium sized contractors that rent equipment on a regular basis, but they also serve the residential market.

The Rental Guys offer their customers the ability to book and pay for their rental online through their proprietary website. This also significantly reduces overhead costs and streamlines the business process for their franchisees. If you are interested in this franchise, the range of investment will depend on a few factors, but mostly the investment consists of what your territory will require in equipment to service your area effectively.

The Rental Guys recommend that their Franchisees lease or finance their equipment so that they can easily exchange or update their equipment inventory quickly as their business grows. The Rental Guys also require their Franchisees to obtain a white truck with a large towing capacity and trailer.

To get the process started, you are required to fill out their online application form to start a dialogue between you and them. You can also give their office a call at 403-829-9724. The Rental Guys can supply you with additional information packages about the industry and their company to help you make an informed decision.

  1. L2 Rental Inc.

L2 Rental Inc. is your exclusive small and large equipment, consumables and accessories provider for all your rental business requirements. L2 Rental Inc. leverages their national purchasing power to ensure their franchisees get the best equipment at the best price, while maintaining their brand image and quality. Homeowners and contractors trust L2 Rental Inc. depots for their equipment and tool rental needs in towns and cities across Ontario.

An L2 Rental Inc. franchise is an excellent addition to an existing business, and a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs to turn a profit. They have all the equipment, accessories and consumables you need to finish your project. L2 Rental Inc. equipment is high-quality, safe, clean, regularly serviced – and always ready and available for the job at hand.

The initial investment varies depending on franchise location including territory size and population. In any case, you’re getting one of the lowest costs to engage in a $12 Billion growing industry. If you are interested in buying the franchise of L2 Rental Inc., then feel free to visit their site to fill the franchise enquiry form and you will be contacted.