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Best Software Development Franchises [Cost, Fees]

Do you want to start a start a software development business but you lack ideas? If YES, here are the top software development franchise opportunities for sale and their cost. The software development industry includes businesses that develop, maintain and publish software. They typically use different business models, mainly either license/maintenance based or Cloud based, to develop workable software for various intents.

Software companies are really gaining prominence in the United States because of the role they play in business development. This industry is yet still new and any smart entrepreneur would do well to hedge in now. Because of the technicalities involved in the industry, quite a number of companies in it do not offer franchise, they are mostly still growing their business.

If you still want to buy a franchise in the software development industry, here is a good franchise to consider.

Top Software Development Franchise Opportunities for Sale and Their Cost

  • Tender Software

For decades now, Tender Software provides highly skilled software development resources to U.S. business IT departments, software companies, and design studios.

The company which was founded in india maintains a network of professional software development offices in India which allow their clients access to the world’s largest market for IT skills, at incredibly attractive rates unavailable anywhere else in the world.

The company operates by having local agents in the United States that cater to the US market. Their rates for the majority of common IT skills is quite reasonable and has been pegged at just $14.99 per hour, and new clients receive 25 hours free with no obligation, to try out their services.

Tender Software is looking for franchises that have some understanding of software development or outsourcing processes and a general knowledge of common programming languages. The person must also be willing to travel down to India for the mandatory training after which the person comes back to the United States to set up his or her business.

Tender Software Franchisees are required to find new clients, introduce the client to the offshore offices via teleconferencing, then maintain the business relationship and help facilitate communication in return for a 25% commission of all work from their clients.

They generally do not need to be involved in project management as that aspect is taken care of by the home office. Most importantly, this business can be done from home or any other ideal location and it can be combined with a day job.

Financial requirements

  • Liquid Capital Required – $8,400 to $50,200
  • Net Worth Required – $8,400 to $50,200
  • Total Investment – $8,400 to $50,200